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  1. I made my character, Stennin, a drummer. So if we could have a jazz night with Riker on the trombone, it would be amazing. Dax would be on the piano, undoubtly. And Kim would be on the clarinet to do some Jazz songs. I'd be incredible! In other news, I heard Data played the Guitar. So we could play Rock songs all night with the Doctor singing! There's just so much possibilities!
  2. I a most fascinating move, Stennin has also changed into a most splendid attire that according to humans are worn on 'Red Carpet Events'. Whatever that means...
  3. Hi Jos! Looks like we got another Dutchie! Good luck on your training, if you're starting shortly, and see you around. Yay! Nederland!
  4. Stennin, 185 cm. 45 years. Full Vulcan Stennin looked out the window when Starbase 118 came into view. Although he had seen multiple starbases before in his life, this one seemed to be teeming with life and commerce. Stennin looked at his application form one more time. He had applied to the Academy for a position in the Science division. He had graduated of the Vulcan Science Academy only six months prior, however felt a position in Starfleet was more promising. His family had a long history in Starfleet. Stennin's father, Otokha, had been a Astronomy Science officer for most of his
  5. Hello Trekkies, What's your real first name? Yoerik. (It's Russian, but I'm Dutch) Where do you live? (General area! City or state, even!) Breda, North-Brabant, the Netherlands (no, not near Amsterdam) How did you find our group? FallFest18, weird enough. I was part of the Fednewsservice before applying here. What kind of work do you do? I'm currently studying a Bachelor in Chemistry, freshman year. In Enschede, which is a long way from Breda, actually.
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