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  1. @Kaijin445 I wanted to post this sim of yours here for a few reasons. 1. I just love how much of a gentleman Dune is towards Sheila/in general. He is really the perfect sort of man in my opinion. 2. I also love the descriptions you provided on Dune's background. It definitely helped me get a deeper understanding of the type of person Dune is. I can't wait to see where the scene goes from here. ❤️ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ((Sheila’s Quarters, Starbase 118)) Well, the good doctor did seem happy to be talking to him, at any rate, which he was pleased with. The reddening of her cheeks, the smile that seemed to never stop growing across her face and making it positively glow – all good signs, he took them as. Perhaps she didn’t often get visitors and he was a rare exception to that norm; in which case he was still glad to provide her the company she wanted. Dune: ::blushing lightly:: Well, I suppose. I did earn the top score of the cadet’s command and control course at Starfleet Academy – but book learning does not substitute for actual empirical experience, does it? Holodeck simulations are quite close but they still cannot compare to the unpredictability of real-life circumstance, can it. Then she seemed to stumble and fall, even in the lowish gravity that they were currently floating in – in response to which he surged forward, catching her in his arms and providing support. He must’ve felt like a tree, strong, tall and sturdy as most of his people tended to be. The perfect steadying pillar. Bailey: You could say that again. ::Sheila gave a low laugh, relating her current experience to Dune’s statement:: Dune: Does this happen often? Bailey: Oh, no. I don’t fall often but it’s not unusual. My left hip is weaker and it must have had a twinge suddenly. ::Here Sheila blushed not out of fondness but embarrassment for her fall as well as her rambling:: Dune: That’s alright. Does this affect you badly? Bailey: Well I’m not sure if you have experienced this but being a minority species comes with certain disadvantages within Federation space and Starfleet. That gave him pause. He too was of a minority species, in fact, a species that’d only just come into the Federation – and he felt the pressures all the same. He’d scared children his age for looking different and felt daily the pressure to represent the best of his people, to perform in the best arenas possible and show that there was plenty the Kelpien race had to offer. Dune: As a matter of fact… I have, somewhat. ::glancing towards the sofa:: Would you like me to help you back to your seat? I can handle our drinks if you’d like. Bailey: Oh, that would be great thanks. ::Though she sounded less enthusiastic than when she had replied to his opinion on the gravity situation:: Gripping her hand he floated over, gently easing her into a sitting position upon the presumably much more comfortable sofa, and off he went again towards the kitchen counter. He’d been scalded a few times in his life from careless hot water handling and poured many, many drinks; he could presumably handle himself around two cups of tea. He could sense the drop in enthusiasm in her voice, however. It was plain to see: the doctor valued her autonomy greatly and offering to take this simple task from her likely made her feel a little worse than she let on. Nonetheless she’d accepted, perhaps feeling that it’d be best that she not ruin their talk by spilling boiling hot liquid on herself, and so he would gladly offer his assistance, but he’d have to keep that in mind from now on. Dune: Growing up on a Federation vessel of humanoid children was not easy. I was a scrawny, hoof-footed bald boy with large yellow eyes at age six and you can imagine how my class of humanoid, hairy-headed peers felt about that. It is easier for young humanoids to accept other young humanoids, I feel, ignoring even the color of one’s skin, extra bodily features and so on. So I did not have very many friends and continued to do despite my parents’ best efforts. Bailey: ? Dune: I had some very persistent friends who took my hand and ran the journey in part with me. Indeed Qltlha and Julien had helped in spades; the former was adamant about dragging him from the cosy confines of his textbook and dorm room to attend the wild party that cadet Strauss three doors down sometimes held; not for the purpose of partying, but to get him to mix with people. It was a life skill, she’d said with utmost certainty, to be able to at the utter least be able to spend time in crowds and seem less like a shut-in, especially for someone with the ambitions that he held. Oh, it’d been nerve-wracking at first and he bemoaned silently each and every time, but slowly but surely he’d learned. Julien was a different story. The human took it upon himself to hone his crush’s person to person skill; behind many of their interactions (yes, including the badly veiled attempts to win his affections) was a lesson to be learned about the nuances of face to face relations. Again it had not been easy for the then much younger man that Dunamis had been then; making eye contact, reading body language, catching tone and so on was a supremely difficult affair for someone who’d been deprived of it for a great portion of his life. But he’d learned. Slowly but surely. He in fact continued to attribute his success in the Academy’s command modules to Julien’s efforts back then and this he did without a single sliver of shame. But that being said this conversation was not about himself. This conversation, this visit in its entirety, was about Sheila, and his purpose in seeing her was to offer her support, be it the starbase’s – or his own. He brought the steaming cups of tea over, placing them delicately on the table between them. Bailey: ? Dune: Would you be comfortable in sharing with me how you feel in that regard? Bailey: ? Ensign Dunamis Tactical Officer as simmed by Ensign Drevas Matthel Security Officer Starbase 118 - USS Narendra O239706DM0
  2. @German Galven I wanted to post this sim here because it shows a great deal of willingness to improve and translate others descriptions and actions into those of your own, from your own character's point of view. Keep up the great work, always love reading sims from German. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ((Pirate Ship Drowning Band - Captain Farrow’s Quarters)) Bailey: Now about that plan. I was thinking we could use our own momentum to knock this container over and pop the lid off. Unless you actually wanted to stay. Galven: I think not staying would be ideal. A. Harper: Could not agree more, I don’t see any other option. Galven: Would it be better if I stood here and then I can lift one of you on my shoulders, then the other climbs up the two of us? A. Harper: That makes sense, hitting the top of the cage should have more of the effect we want. Galven: ::glancing upward to survey the situation:: The top of the box is still pretty high up there. ::sets his hands on both sides of himself:: I'm not sure if the three of us would still be able to make it up there. Bailey: Response A Harper: Galven I think you’re strongest, you think you can climb on us? Galven: ::scratches his ridged chin:: Perhaps, but there's still a lot of distance from where I'd be. A Harper: Shiela do you think can help hold his weight, we don’t want to cause you any injury. Bailey: Response German was so focused on the task at hand and listening to the others when all of a sudden the cage they were in rattled a bit. Falling over the force of the small quake, German expected the worst as he turned towards his attention over the direction of a faint sound. Galven: What was that? Did anyone else hear something? Bailey/A. Harper: Response Another sound came from outside the box. He didn't know what or who it might’ve belonged to, but it was very animalistic. Galven: Such a strange animal. Bailey/A. Harper: Response What happened next was so random that even German was caught by bewilderment and surprise since he was usually the most random person in the science department. Something launched itself at beneath the box, then darted back as the box only settled right side up once more. As all this was happening, German grabbed Sheila and put her over his shoulder awkwardly, then held out his other hand for Alex to take, and ran to the other side of the box to grab hold of anything sturdy. When the bottom was lifted among the commotion, the box tumbled onto its side. German wrapped both arms around Sheila and Alex, falling on his back so they wouldn't get hurt. Galven: Yo ho! A pirate’s life for us in these crazy waters! Bailey/A. Harper: Response Once the fiasco settled down, German let go of the others and tried to regain control, noticing movement again to the other side of the box. He was worried whatever was happening might do more harm to them. He saw a head push through a gap, causing the lid to finally fall off the box. Sachiko sat down and curled her tail around her, the tip slowly lifting then dropping, her eyes closed into thin slits, and purred. Galven: Well, looks like we don't have to climb out the top now. Are you guys okay? Bailey/A. Harper: Response Galven: ::to Sachiko:: Could you give us a warning next time you're about to do something like that again? Sachiko: Response Galven: You've got to be kitten me right meow. ::smirks:: Bailey/A. Harper: Response Galven: Let's get out of this box now. I'm not sure if we should ride Sachiko again or not. Who knows what she'll do. Bailey/A. Harper/Sachiko: Response ---- Ensign German Galven Science Officer StarBase Ops V239507GG0
  3. A little late to the party but I have to agree with @German Galven. @Alora DeVeau is a talented writer who must have had an excellent previous life as a cat. Loved the sim. ❤️
  4. @German Galven Learning from each other is the best. Cheers!
  5. German Galven, If I could have I would have nominated you for the Xalor Clan Xifilis Award this year. You certainly have grown so much since you started and I then joined you a few months later on the Montreal and then the Astraeus. And even with everything that happened OOC last year, you powered through it will amazing grace. I can't say it enough how much of an fantastic writer you are. Love getting to write with you. Here's to another fantastic year of writing. 🥳
  6. @Alora DeVeau You cruel fantastic mistress have a way with emotion. This was a beautiful read. ❤️ ((Starbase 118 Ops - Hospital - Private Room)) There was no outward sign in his change of status, though the word had come two days prior. For a Cardassian, the uniform never changed. Officially, however, his status had. No longer was he simply a Dalin. It was Ambassador Lukin Zorkal now. With that change had come orders,and Lukin wasted no time in fulfilling them. There had been three Cardassians pulled from the wreckage of the USS Nimitz. All three had been brought to the hospital. The third name had been a shock. It wasthe last one he visited. Stepping into the room, the lights had been dimmed, much like the rooms where he had visited the other two of his ‘rescued’ people. There was enough to see so the nurses and doctors could do what they felt they needed to do, but it was not quite so harsh on the eyes, particularly Cardassian eyes. Upon the bed, a figure lay prone, wires connected in various places, the soft hush of noise from the machinery inset in the wall behind the bed. For a moment, Lukin hovered just inside the door, hands clenching and unclenching, his jaw joining in the tense choreography. Finally, he stepped forward, slowly. One foot. Then another. And another. The trek from door to bed seemed like an eon to traverse, but he came to the side and gazed down upon the figure. She had changed. Though he had expected that, to be face to face with such stark alterations set his gut aflame, and once more his jaw clenched, teeth grinding against one another. Her hair, once long and luxurious, a vanity that she had cared for with painstaking attention was gone. Her skin, once a normal, warm grey had dulled into a sickly hue. An eye had been removed along with her left arm and her right leg. She was half gone, gutted inside and out. Zorkal: Teje. From his lips, her name passed half whispered, a bare tremor hardly noticeable, an undercurrent to his tone. The one eye that remained snapped open. Distant and dim, it stared upward at the ceiling, then shifted slowly to focus upon the man that hovered over her. There was a blink. One. Two. Three. Her mouth parted, the voice that pushed through a shadow of its former self. The pleasant, melodic resonance had been replaced with a crackling pulse that stuttered haltingly from her lips. Teje: Lu - kin. He clasped her hand within his much larger one, and felt her fingers curl around his own, weak, yet with a sense of desperation in her touch. As her sight cleared, it shimmered even in the low luminescence. Her chest rose and fell, and she gasped in an attempt to say more, but he shushed her gently, freeing her from any responsibility to converse. . His free hand reached up, drawing along the ridge of her remaining eye, then traced a trail over the smooth head that had once been enshrouded with ebony tresses, now devoid of its veil. Zorkal: It is good to see you. There was no lie in his words, no attempt to be coy or diplomatic. The simple statement was blunt, sincere. What he regretted was not that he could see her, but that she was in such a state. On Cardassia, she would have never been allowed to linger in that way, a husk of a person, tortured by her continued existence. Her mouth worked open and closed, and finally flitted into a semblance of a smile. Nodding slightly, she managed to crackle out more words,every one punctuated with a painful breath. Teje: I’ve...missed...you. Zorkal: And I, you. More than the woman could fathom. He had long ago let her go, long ago given up on ever seeing her again. With the appearance of the Nimitz, he had one last opportunity. He had a chance to say farewell. Zorkal: You have a choice. But Lukin knew what she would choose. Very few, if any, Cardassians would ever make a different one. Relief flooded over the scarred and maimed face and her grip on him tightened with a sudden strength, welling up from a semblance of hope that she now had in her grasp. Zorkal: I will leave it with you. To make your decision. Teje: You...know...my….choice. Despite the energy that had coursed through her briefly at his revelation, every syllable wracked with effort, puffed with feverish agony. What suffering she endured was not simply physical in nature, and here he offered relief from it. Eternal respite. Zorkal: Then I leave you to that choice. He’d lost her so long ago, and yet he found his grip unwavering. Suddenly, he didn’t want to release her, didn’t want to leave, didn’t want to lose her once again now that she had been found. Except Teje was no longer Teje. She was a ghost, a wraith, and a shell of what she once was. Her soul was trapped in a mortal coil that had faded into an abomination, one that she could not and would not withstand. She would release her essence from the cage in which it was trapped, whether it was now or later only determined by what opportunities were presented for her. To force her to linger when she simply wanted to be free of her prison was cruel. Lukin would not allow her or any of his people to suffer any longer. He had to let her go. His hand slipped from hers, and her fingers furled around the tiny object that he had passed on. For one last moment he lingered, leaning forward to place a gentle kiss upon the gnarled forehead, his breath one last caress before he finally and completely pulled away. With one last, long look, one last whisper of a smile, one last fond gaze, Lukin turned. As he strode to the door, the panels parted, leaving the woman behind with one last token, one last thing he could do for her. Five minutes after his departure, the alarm in Teje’s room sounded, alerting the medical personnel of her dire condition. Yet, despite their efforts, no matter how hard they attempted to hold on to her, those attempts were fruitless. They had failed. But Teje was free. -- Dalin Lukin Zorkal Cardassian Ambassador Starbase 118 Ops alora@blar.net M239008AD0
  7. @Alora DeVeau @Nalni Love the character development and emotion of the piece. Lovely to see a more vulnerable side of German ❤️ ((Docking Station, Denobula)) German and Naylin were getting their personal items after the Denobulan scientist had spoken with the planet's ambassador to the Federation. Apparently he was expected because right when the shuttle landed, several security officers, a doctor, and the ambassador were waiting for them. It wasn't much of a surprise given his situation and that the information about him was considered a flight risk given his actions during the last mission. What was different about the security officers to those who he served with was that they weren't armed. They all were cautious, but German was welcomed with open arms and smiles. The last time he was on Denobula was when he was an infant, but from the stories over his species, he had learned that Denobulans were always a positive and helpful bunch of people. German figured that was the case because that had been him before his sister had been abducted by the Borg. And even then, he still remained optimistic. Once he and his son left the shuttle, they followed the other Denobulans towards a fairly low level security facility. He wanted to remember exactly how everything played out so he grabbed his personal PADD out of his duffel bag and before he could type out any notes, he noticed that he had a notification from his mother. Aza stayed behind on Ops so she would still work on his projects, but it looked like she was giving him updates on how the crew were doing. He read that they had just celebrated the crew's accomplishments at a Halloween themed awards ceremony. Galven: Would it be possible if I could make a call to StarBase 118, please? I just got some exciting news. Denobulan Ambassador: As long as we're all in the room with you, I don't see a problem with it. Naylin: What's going on? Galven: The crew just had their awards ceremony. Remember Alora? Naylin: ::nods:: Yeah, the nice lady who came to visit you before we left. Why? Galven: Well, she and another officer I've served with for a while had just been made department heads. ::grins:: I need to call them to wish them congratulations. Denobulan Ambassador: Only one call. We have a lot of work to do. We've made an itinerary for you, Dr. Galven. German nodded and turned away to decide if he wanted to make a video call or just a simple email. A video call would be better suited because he missed seeing their faces even though he had been gone for a few days now. As he pushed the command, he waited in anticipation and excitement while the call was being placed. Naylin walked over beside German and smirked, knowing how much enthusiasm was radiating off of his father. He didn't even have to channel his Betazoid hybridity to know that. DeVeau: =/\=Alora here.=/\= As soon as she saw the face, however, Alora’s own immediately brightened. DeVeau: =/\=German!=/\= Seeing Alora again after all that he had been though and not knowing what the crew were up to caused his own features to glow just as bright as Alora's. Galven: =/\= Hey. =/\= DeVeau: =/\=Hey! How are you? Oh man, I’ve missed you! It’s not the same without you here!=/\= Galven: =/\= I've missed you too, Alora. ::smiles softly:: Naylin and I just landed. =/\= Really? Had it taken that long to get to Denobula? Had German gone elsewhere first? Weeks had passed - what had he been doing? Well, Alora decided not to ask. If he wanted to tell her, he would. She’d just give him an open door to do so. DeVeau: =/\=Everything go all right getting there? =/\= Galven: =/\= The ride was pretty uneventful, but that's not why I wanted to call you. =/\= A single eyebrow arched upward and Alora laced her fingers together, then rested her chin upon her hands. DeVeau: =/\=Oh?=/\= Galven: =/\= I see that you got the vacant chief of science position. Congratulations, Alora. You certainly deserved it. ::dons his signature Denobulan wide smile:: =/\= DeVeau: =/\=Thanks German. =/\= Alora’s own smile was not quite so wide - it was tinted with some sadness. Oh yes, she’d gotten her dream position, but only because German was gone. If she could have made things turn out differently, she would have. DeVeau: =/\=I appreciate it.=/\= ::She paused a moment. =/\=You doing okay? I mean...really, are you doing okay?=/\= That was the ultimate question of the century. German already had a lot to think about on the ride to Denobula. That's what he liked about Alora however. She was always one to ask him how he was like a big sister would. Galven: =/\= I'm alive. ::chuckles:: Does that count? =/\= DeVeau: =/\= Partially. I mean, that’s definitely a /good/ thing. But are you more than alive? Are you well? =/\= Galven: =/\= I'm in safe hands and ::feels someone's hand on his arm, turning to see Naylin:: Someone else would like to say hello. =/\= DeVeau: =/\= Oh? =/\= Naylin: =/\= Hi Miss Alora ::waves:: =/\= Alora’s smile grew again at the sight of the young man. DeVeau: =/\= Hey Naylin! How are you hon? Doing okay? Keeping an eye on your dad? =/\= Naylin: =/\= Oh don't you worry, Miss Alora. I'll keep an eye on him for sure. ::smirks:: =/\= German noticed that the officials in the room were looking back at him as if their patience was wearing thin. He nodded and gave them an open palm, spreading his fingers out asking for at least a few more minutes. After a moment, they reluctantly agreed. Galven: =/\= You two are too much. ::laughs:: So I don't have much time, but I have something else to tell you. =/\= DeVeau: What’s that? Galven: =/\= Well, before I left, Lieutenant Munger came up to me and said there's somewhat of an issue with my brain patterns. Specifically the pituitary gland. =/\= An issue with his brain patterns? His pituitary gland? That didn’t sound good at all, and despite the lighthearted way German was opening that part of the conversation with, she expected the news he was about to deliver wasn’t good. The other Denobulans in the room walked over towards him to hear what he was about to say. Andrea only told him about the situation and didn't put it in her report. Which meant that they'd be hearing it for the first time as well. Galven: Apparently in the short time that I had been assimilated in the shuttle at the end of the mission affected the way my body ages. The theory is that until it's corrected, every day will be a year if that makes sense? DeVeau: Unfortunately, it does. Alora had her own issues with aging. Hers was caused by a different thing, and her aging wasn’t so restricted when she had an attack. In one spell, she could lose years. In fact, in only a few months, she’d lost several years. If left untreated, she’d be dead within a few days. For German, his condition was only slightly less intense - but with him, he didn’t have any treatment at all. DeVeau: They can put you in cryostasis. That would prevent aging until they find a way to stabilize you. Why hadn’t they done so already? It seemed like it would be such an obvious way to prevent the aging. Galven: ::grimaces:: =/\= I'd rather not partake in such primitive practices. I'm on a top level scientific research planetoid institution now. We'll be exploring every possible avenue. =/\= DeVeau: =/\= Such primitive practises? It could help preserve your life. =/\= German heard someone clear their throat behind him which made him realize that his call was past due. He needed to get started with his recovery. Galven: =/\= I know, but what may seem obvious to you doesn't necessarily mean that it's the best solution. Would you do a favor for me, please? =/\= DeVeau: =/\= Of course, if I can. =/\= Galven: =/\= Don't tell the crew about my condition. Give them my best and let them know I said congratulations and I miss them. =/\= Alora nodded. It wasn’t her place to tell, and if he didn’t want that information passed along, she certainly wouldn’t. That was private. When he was ready, he’d let them know. She had only let a select few know about her own DeVeau: =/\= I shan’t. Though...do you want me to tell the Captain? I know he’s worried about you. =/\= Galven: ::nods:: =/\= That's fine. He'd find out sooner or later. =/\= DeVeau: All right then. You have my word. Galven: =/\= Thanks Alora. ::smiles:: Listen, I have to go now, but I'll let you know of any progress. =/\= DeVeau: =/\= Please do. Please stay in touch. There are a lot of people over here who care about you, you know. =/\= Alora let her voice go a little softer. DeVeau: =/\= Romyana seemed particularly upset. Make sure you call her, okay? =/\= Romyana? He hadn't talked or even seen her since during the beginning of the mission. German started to remember how he was starting to grow fond of her so it was quite possible that she might've had a connection with him. Galven: =/\= I'll make a note of it. Thank you. =/\= DeVeau: =/\= Take care German. Call when you can. =/\= Galven: =/\= Of course, Alora. And congratulations again. =/\= With that, the screen went dark. Alora sighed softly. She really hoped they would be able to help him on Denobula, both mentally and physically. She didn’t envy him his condition, and knew full well the feeling that kind of news brought. Hopefully, his had an easier solution than her own. ---- Lieutenant German Galven Science Officer StarBase 118 - USS Narendra V239507GG0 & Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau Chief Science Officer Starbase 118 Ops M239008AD0
  8. Love how advancing one characters personal plot can in turn assist another player with a character of their own. <3.
  9. @Ashley Yael I thoroughly enjoyed writing this scene with you and can't wait to continue the character development. The ending of this sim was perfect giving the two characters room for further development and exploration. _ _ _ ((Starbase 118 Ops - Medical Bay)) There was a haze. People speaking, but just beyond his hearing. It was difficult to make sense of it, though his sleeping mind tried. It felt as if only a few moments passed, but some time actually had. A couple hours for the surgery he slept through. Then, a short while in recovery. He thought he heard voices, familiar but impossible ones. One deep and stern voice threatened to drown out the more pleasant ones. A Denobulan voice much like his own, but without the good humor or veneer of civility. It took him some time to come out of the medicated fog, but he was glad when he did, as he realized the voices were far away and a product of his subconscious, or of stress. He felt so heavy. Had to take a few deep breaths with purpose to help him realize he was genuinely awake. Eyes opened, but just barely. Doctor Bailey. The last he recalled seeing her was only a short while ago, though it felt a long way away. Her golden blond hair had been spilling over her shoulders as his vision narrowed, and she’d seemed quite angelic in that moment when she’d come to save him. Bailey: Hey, welcome back sleepy head. ::now she was starting to talk like she did to her two sisters as a way to comfort them:: Everything was good. Successful. You’re on some pain medication but I suspect you might not need them for much longer. Yael: ::heavily:: … Bailey… can I... ::he paused, trying to collect his senses:: I can breathe... I can talk? Sudden concern he might undo her good work, but she put him at ease with her words and glowing bedside manner. Bailey: Yes you may talk, just be careful. We are keeping you here under observation for at least 24 hours. Yael: ::coming through the fog somewhat:: Everything’s ok then? Bailey: ::air whizzed out of her lungs:: You need to be careful. Had me scared to death. I was in pain too. I couldn’t stop imagining walking away…. ::Sharp intake of breath:: Walking away? He wasn’t sure how to process that. Was it because she couldn’t stay due to the gravity? Had she put herself at risk to help perform his surgery? He tried to look at her more closely but he was just not clear headed enough. He tried to smile, though it was small. Yael: I’m glad you stayed. Where would I be without you? He hoped it would come out encouraging, but he didn’t have much energy to put behind it. Bailey: I’m sorry. I should leave you to rest. Yael: I’ll try not to scare you again. In fact, this is the last I want of my bones going array. Far too bothersome... He was going to say how tired and heavy he felt, but he ended up thinking it instead as he let out a heavy breath. He let his eyes slip shut and his breathing to steady. Recuperative sleep sounded so very nice right about now. But he knew even as he slipped into blissful rest that he would need to seek Bailey out again, if for no other reason than to thank her for descending out of the air and saving him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ensign Ashley Yael Counselor Starbase 118 Ops C238211TZ0
  10. @Alora DeVeau and @Nalni Thank you so much for the kind words. ❤️
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