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  1. Thanks, I'm glad the hybrid idea will play. I was a little concerned that it might come off as some kind of mary-sue type character, but the intention was to have a more rogue type character like Dax, but with a bit more unpredictability with their heritage. Thanks for the heads up that there is already an el-aurian/human hybrid. I'll check out their posts, so my take doesn't contract theirs too much. Separate question, any tips on which ships/postings have a quieter pace. I have a baby on the way so I might not be able to consistenty make the 3 posts a week every week.
  2. Hugh Hunter 5'9" Mixed heritage (half human, half El-Aurian) Stocky build, black hair, brown eyes, mocha skin. Cheeky grin almost permanently fixed to his face. Hugh was finally ready. He'd done his research, made friends with the right people (senior classmates who could give him an inside scoop), and mentally rehearsed dozens of just in case scenarios. He was ready for his cadet cruise. But more importantly he was ready to become a part of galaxy proper. Hugh had spent so many years watching from the side-lines, not wanting to get too involved, or give too much of himself away. But all those years had told him that he had a lot more to offer. He knew there's always be a reckless streak in him, but he now knew he could tame that energy and channel it to something productive. Well...at least he could when his cadet cruise actually started. For now he'd be indulging that streak looking for a poker table or dabo wheel, as tomorrow was always a new day.
  3. Hi, My name is Colin, and my character's name is Hugh Hunter. I live in London (UK), and have been a star trek fan since my dad bought me 'encounter at farpoint' (on video/VHS). Although DS9 was by far my favourite series. My character is half human and half El-Aurian, as I thought this would be great to have someone who remembers the 20th/21st century, but also to have them different enough from the archetypal el-aurian so they were more involved in events.
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