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  1. Omg that Lorca twist! My family says I mutter in my sleep about it. Lol I’m still shook
  2. Maybe it’s cause I’m very into art aesthetics but I totally love the Klingons in discovery. I’ve never seen so much actual Klingon language being used and as the actors get used to it the emotion comes through. Maybe I just like this because I’ve always liked when they did this is LOTR. Another thing I really like is their uniforms and architecture! My goodness, no wonder Klingons through the series sometimes lament nostalgicly. Those ships are gorgeous. It’s aggressively beautiful. The only thing I don’t like is the lack of hair. I miss the Klingons’ glorious manes.
  3. I liked the shiny blue suits, it seemed the logical upgrade from Enterpise’s oil rig blue suit. Humanity has always used too much chrome to seem modern. But I am happy to see the timeline smooth out with this look. Both is good.
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