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  1. Hey everyone! Name's Paul but I'll be playing Oriana Whedon, and no I've never heard of FemShep Seriously though, Mass Effect is legit one of my favourite franchises and being able to meld Shepard with Star Trek was too much of a thrill for me to not even try. I have a post up in the Arrival at Starbase 118 thread that goes into a little bit of what Oriana is going through and what she wants to do with her life in Starfleet. I'd love some feedback, positive or negative and I'd be happy to chat Star Trek or Mass Effect or even Star Wars with you all. I'm 30 years old living in the UK, I'm fairly fit, six foot exactly, got shaggy brown hair and blue eyes. I currently work in a supermarket but in the future I've love to be a novelist. So, I figured before I sign off, I'd do some of those Top five things you see floating around Twitter and Facebook and stuff. Top 5 favorite horror villains: 5. Leatherface 4. Hannibal Lecter/Buffalo Bill 3. Jason Voorhees 2. Freddy Krueger 1. Michael Myers Top 5 comics: 5. Mockingbird (2016 Chelsea Cain run) 4. Ant-Man: Second Chance Man 3. Captain Marvel: Higher, Further, Faster, More 2. Doctor Strange: The most entire run by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo 1. Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do Top 5 movies: 5. Blade Runner 2049 4. Serenity 3. Airplane 2. Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan 1. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back Top 5 podcasts 5. I'm still right 4. The Big Loop 3. The Complete Guide to Everything. 2. Wolf 359 1. Last Podcast On The Left Top 5 video games 5. Rebel Galaxy 4. Uncharted 4 3. Red Dead Redemption 2. Uncharted 2 1. Mass Effect 3 (Yes, even with the ending. I will fight anyone on this.) Top 5 Star Trek Episodes 5. Fistful of Datas 4. The Drumhead 3. In The Pale Moonlight 2. The Measure of a Man 1. Best of Both Worlds 1 & 2 Bottom 5 Star Trek Episodes 5. Sub Rosa 4. Shades of Grey 3. The Muse 2. Valiant 1. Spock's Brain Top 5 Star Trek Movies 5. Generations 4. Undiscovered Country 3. Star Trek (2009) 2. First Contact 1. Wrath of Khan Bottom 5 Star Trek Movies 5. Insurrection 4. Nemesis 3. Star Trek: The Motion Picture 2. Beyond 1. The Final Frontier So there we go! Inbox is ready for fighting on some of my choices for episodes
  2. Full name: Oriana Whedon Date of birth (Age): 23 Species: Human Gender: Female Hair color: Red Eye color: Green Height: 5’8 FAMILY: Parents: Keri Whedon (Deceased) Jack Whedon (Alive, living in San Francisco) Siblings: None Spouse: None Children: None Oriana’s eyes narrowed as she looked down the scope of her phaser rifle and her feet slowly carried the woman forward. A bead of sweat was threatening to drop down the side of her head as she inched her way forward down the corridor complete with ominous red flashing lights. The red-headed woman couldn’t afford to look behind her and at her already fallen comrades, she had something to do. Her tongue came out and flicked against her top lip, temporarily smoothing out her cracked lip as she slowly continued to move forward. The woman stopped halfway in the corridor and her ears perked up as she heard something down the corridor. Her eyes narrowed and she watched the door at the end of the corridor carefully. Her stomach had become a ball of knots as she knew something was happening. Looking from side to side, the red-headed woman knew that she didn’t exactly have much cover here and if the Klingons were going to appear down the corridor, she’d need to be laser sharp and her aim would have to be true. The doors rolled open and the red bolts of Klingon disruptors filled the hallway. Oriana dropped to a prone position and instantly brought her own rifle up to return fire. The butt of her rifle came up to her shoulder and the viewscope was already up so she was going to be able to take them down. Moving from left to right, Oriana squeezed the trigger three times, short bursts came from the tip of the rifle and hit against the three Klingons in the middle of the chest, their shoulders and then one last shot in the stomach of the last one. Moving the scope from the left to the right, she furrowed her brow and slowly made her way up to a kneeling position. Her eyes looked over the corridor and the knot in her stomach seemed to get just a little bit tighter. Moving up to a standing position, Oriana started to move forward, her memory was clear on the layout of the Bird of Prey the away team had boarded and she knew she was two doors away from the bridge and accomplishing the task. Bringing her rifle down, she wiped at her forehead with the back of her uniformed sleeve before bringing the rifle back up to a suitable firing position. Walking up to the door, Oriana pressed her hand against the door and had her rifle up and ready to fire. The doors rolled open and Oriana walked forward. There was nothing in this corridor either and it was even shorter. Sighing softly, Oriana winked a bead of sweat out of her vision and moved forward another quick couple of steps. Her feet seemed so much heavier on the grated flooring of the Klingon vessel and with every step on the floor, Oriana could hear her heart beating louder and louder in her own mind. Moving up to the final door, Oriana hit the panel with the bottom of her fist and as the door opened, a volley of disruptor bolts rained down on the inside of the corridor. Oriana was quick to move though, ducking into the inside of the corridor and hiding just behind the bulkhead. Bringing her phaser up and poking the rifle on the outside, Oriana squeezed her finger against the trigger and started to blindly fire into the bridge. Hearing at least one go down, Oriana poked her head out of cover briefly hoping to find somewhere for her to rush to. There was a computer panel which had already exploded during the earlier scrap with her own starship and she knew she could use that as a decent firing position. Moving down to a crouching position, Oriana rushed forward, sprinting as best as she could do while crouched down and then she slid along the floor before she found herself relatively safe. Lifting her head up over the edge of the panel, Oriana counted at least four more Klingons left. “Federation dog! Your bodies will be strapped to my hull!” The Captain of the Klingon vessel called out to her as she bit down on her bottom lip and then threw her body up. Standing up with her lower body obscured by the destroyed panel, Oriana launched three phaser bolts, taking down the three other Klingons but left the Captain alone. Dropping down to cover, she called out to him. “Captain, surrender and we can accept you as a prisoner of war. The Federation will treat you very well in exchange for information on the Klingon Empire.” “Ha! Pitiful-” The Captain didn’t have chance to finish his thoughts as Oriana appeared mid-sentence and blasted the Captain clean between the eyes. Watching the last Klingon go down, Oriana took a deep breath of air and stood up straight as the details of the Bird of Prey faded away and she was greeted to the usual cubes of the Starfleet Academy holodeck. Biting down on her bottom lip, Oriana turned around and looked over to her training instructor, a Vulcan male called Volok, who slowly walked over to her, his eyes burning into her soul as he stepped over to her. “Cadet Whedon, another impressive test.” “Thank you Sir.” The Cadet said, nodding her head and still standing to attention. “At ease Cadet.” Volok paused for a moment before continuing. “What do I need to say to make you stop taking these tests?” “I… I need to be in the top five percent Sir.” Volok studied the human woman. Stars, sometimes she hated being graded by a Vulcan! Oriana believed in the egalitarian views of Starfleet but with those Vulcans… They were just impossible to tell what they were thinking! Volok looked her up and down before shaking his head. “You achieved 93.9%. When O’Reily and Kim went down, you failed to see the original attacker to instantly return fire.” Damn it… DAMN IT! Oriana cursed to herself before nodding her head. “I understand Sir.” “Return to your dormitories Cadet. Overthinking this will not be beneficial so close to the end of your time here.” Volok said, nodding his head before turning to leave the woman alone. Oriana watched the man walk away and every single bad thought she had gone through when she was filling out the Starfleet application form came back. Could she really beat her mother’s record? Rubbing at the back of her neck, Oriana collected herself and left the holodeck. Walking the long way round and back to her dormitory, she saw her roommate, a female Andorian, Shar, who was training in the medical field popped her blue head over the edge of the bed with a big smile on her face. “How’d it go!?” She enquired eagerly. Oriana didn’t answer. Instead she walked over to her bed and brought her right foot up. Unzipping her long boot, she mirrored the movement by lifting her left foot up and unzipping the other boot. Placing them down on the side of the bed, Oriana looked at her bare feet and then at her boots before she picked them up and threw them clean across the room in frustration. “That good huh?” “Just… Maybe later Shar okay?” Oriana sighed, wriggling herself up onto the bed and grabbing her pillow and throwing it on her face. Staring at the vast expanse of her Starfleet pillow, a voice message came into her dorm room from her combadge. Lifting her pillow up, Oriana’s ears perked up. “Cadet Whedon report to the shuttle bays for assignment to Starbase 118.” That made the red-headed woman bolt upright in bed as Shar leapt off of her own bed as well. The two women eagerly exchanged a hug before Oriana snapped into business. Grabbing a fresh pair of tights, Oriana was quick to dress herself before slipping her boots back on and grabbing a very small travel pack of her clothing and some toiletries as well. Hoisting the back up over her shoulder, the red-headed Cadet was positively bounding down the hallway and over towards the shuttle bays when she saw a familiar face. “Ah, Cadet Whedon, I had hoped to see you before you left.” Volok nodded his head briefly, looking her over, he seemed to measure his words before he spoke again. “I am sure that your mother would be proud of you.” The Vulcan then brought his hand up in the traditional salute. “Live long and prosper Cadet, I look forward to hearing about you.” And with that, Oriana Whedon felt like she could personally arm wrestle a Gorn. Walking down the halls to the shuttle bays, Oriana was soon sitting on a shuttlebay and looking at the inside of it with all manner of equally nervous cadets who were going to be everywhere in Starfleet. Looking over at the faces inside of the shuttle, she had to wonder whether there was going to be anyone who she would be serving with. Nervously drumming her index fingers against her knee, Oriana looked out of the windows of the small shuttle and watched as the stars whizzed past them until the large blob of metal, Starbase 118 appeared on the port side. With barely any sort of notion that the shuttle was even changing direction, the Starbase slowly rolled away from the window. The shuttle had soon slipped through the gravitational field of the Starbase and the shuttle had docked. Oriana checked in with the necessary people and she soon found herself just looking up at the details of the Starbase. She still had that knot in her stomach but right now? That knot was going to be very fun to undo though, and as the cadet walked forward, she felt like she was walking on air.
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