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  1. Iza was tired after the shuttle trip. He ran his hand through his short black hair and sighed. He decided that all he wanted to do was get a nap in. After that he would try to eat and work out. He ran He arrived in his room but couldn't sleep. He's too excited to sleep. After laying there for half an hour he decided to go work out. After a little searching he found the gym. Along the way he met a few other cadets and they exchanged nods or pleasantries. While working out he thought about his upcoming assignment. A mix of excitement and nervousness. Would he be good enough? Self-doubt has always been a problem for Iza but he has always surprised himself. Hopefully that streak continues. After his workout he ate and finally felt like he could sleep. He made his way back to his quarters and immediately collapsed in to the bed and passed out. Name: Jicheld Iza Species: Bajoran Age: 23 Gender: Male Origin: Jalanda City, Bajor Height: 180 cm (5' 11") Hair: black and wiry. He keeps it short but long enough on top to style it. Build: athletic, work's out regularly Desired Duty: Security Family: Father: Jicheld Zapas, Cafe owner and proprietor Mother: Jicheld Inea, Barrister Only child
  2. Hello, My name is Derek Peterson. I live near Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the US. I found the group through Reddit. I've never done anything like this before but I like to think that I'm a creative guy so hopefully I will be able to stoke those flames. I'm a tabletop RPGer on a weekly basis so I am somewhat experienced with storytelling. I work in the trucking industry as a dispatcher. I've been in my current job for over 15 years. I look forward to interacting with everyone. See you out there!
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