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  1. I actually think Kayla would make a very capable counselor.
  2. Kayla loves coffee, but recently the CMO on the Eagle (Dr. Foster) advised her to cut back her intake. Still though, her idol is Janeway, and what better way to get into one's idol's head than indulge in the same pick-me-up? ❤️ K
  3. Holy. Moly! Thank you so much! I'm extremely honored by this award, and in my characters words, I won't let you down, sirs. Also, a VERY heartfelt congratulations to the other winners. I'm humbled to have been counted among such excellent writers/players.
  4. Very well done, everyone! Congratulations are indeed appropriate. Your hard work, dedication, and unique flavors are much appreciated. 😁
  5. WOW, Congratulations everyone! I love seeing how many and varied contributions are being made. I'm truly honored to be part of this amazing undertaking. TIME TO PARTY!!!!!
  6. Think I'd have to say Vulcans ftw for me. The use of pure logic to science the heck out of things would be amazing, but you know Kayla would be geeking out the whole time. I'd probably annoy the heck out of them - not that they'd show it. 😉
  7. I have an idea for a future poll: You have an opportunity to take part in an officer exchange program. Where would you like to serve? 1. Klingons 2. Vulcans 3. Tamarian 4. Jem'Hadar 5. Bolians
  8. Decided to change my outfit last-minute. (It's called a woman's prerogative. Deal.) What do you think?
  9. Well sure, but the ceremony happened in June. We're not all outside the flow of time and space, you know, Admiral.
  10. Also @Oddas Aria to Captain! (USS Eagle)
  11. It's vintage Prada! From the 21st Century! Really hope I don't spill bean dip on it....
  12. I'm such a sap. I get all squirmy and excited when I think about this. Real-life happy tears have been shed over this IC news. ❤️ K
  13. Aww, thanks Shayne. I'd say, "Glad you enjoyed it," but that doesn't seem to fit ... 🤔 Writing a character based on one's self allows for beautiful catharsis though. Don't worry, happy times are coming again. ❤️ K
  14. Maybe it's tooting my own horn, but I giggled more than I should've done at "Look Ma! I'm a Lightning Bug!" https://groups.google.com/d/msg/sb118-eagle/cotPvw80QMU/F14BokSFBQAJ ❤️ K
  15. That's because we haven't technically simmed it yet, @German Galven. ... we should.
  16. Thank you, @Sotak. It was fun to write with @Maddi Hyden. I'm sure we'll write more in the future.
  17. I 100% heard the canned audience reactions. That was fun, Galven. Thanks for including me!
  18. In case anybody wants to be crazy like me and have a physical copy of this calendar, I made a .pdf of the calendar images. Enjoy! 😊 SB118 2396 calendar.pdf
  19. One phrase clinched this for me: "Today is a good day to die." Honor, duty, and loyalty would keep Worf at your back until the bitter end. Victory or death!
  20. tl;dr stats at a glance: Name: Kayla Drex Species: Human Age: 23 Earth years Gender: Female Orientation: bisexual Origin: Inlet, New York, Earth (Adirondack Mountains region) Height: 160 cm (5' 3") Hair: light brown, usually pulled back into a short ponytail Build: runner's build, clearly athletic Desired Duty: Science, Temporal and Quantum research and practical applications development Family: Father: Dr. Gulliver Drex, quantum theoretical physicist Mother: Leanna Marsh-Drex, artist (paint, sculpture) Siblings: 4 older brothers (from oldest: Braden, Phillip, Michael, David) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Holy cow, this place is bigger than I thought, Kayla thought as she stepped from the shuttle onto Starbase 118. She took a steadying breath, ran a hand over her light brown hair to make sure her short ponytail was still within regulation guidelines, and tried her hardest to make 160 cm look tall. Since she was 10 years old - 13 years ago, this is what she wanted: to be aboard a starbase, destined for a ship where she could pursue her ambitions of developing a way to visually represent intangible phenomena. "Hey, can you pick a side?" A voice from behind Kayla snapped her out of her reflections. "What? Oh, I'm sorry," Kayla blushed as she stepped aside allowing an Andorian engineer to pass. She hated being in the way. It meant she wasn't contributing to the situation. She hitched up her bag on her shoulder and set off down the corridor. Having some time to kill, Kayla decided to check out the main dome. She'd only seen the promo materials, and was anxious to see it first-hand. On the way however, she couldn't help looking over the shoulder of an ensign who was having particular difficulty with his tricorder. "This stupid thing," the ensign muttered under his breath. "WHY can't they just make a setting that checks for decay rate and energy flow?" "It's because they're running in contradicting flows. If you isolate the readout to the net flow, then account for decay, you'll get the same result." The words were out of her mouth before she realized she was speaking. The blank look the ensign gave her was one of complete surprise. "Sorry, never mind," Kayla blurted and walked quickly away. Around a bend, and about 10 meters on, she found an alcove into which she slumped. Her face still burned with embarrassment. She'd been on the station less than ten minutes, and already made a fool of herself in front of two officers. "Excuse me?" Kayla looked up. The ensign from before was standing there looking down at her. His tricorder still in hand. "I'm really sorry, I shouldn't have butted in I-" "No, I came to thank you," the ensign interrupted. "You just saved my butt. That would've taken me the better part of the morning to do manually." "Oh ... um, no problem." Kayla stood up from the floor where she was sitting. "I'm Brandon, by the way." "Kayla. Kayla Drex." She shook the ensign's proffered hand. "This your first time on 118?" "On any starbase actually. I've spent most of my life on Earth." "Oh man. You're in for some good times. See you 'round, Kayla Drex, and thanks again."
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