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  1. <quote>Ops’s crew needed that perfect harmony of someone who was strong, experienced and trusted. That was a diamond in the rough. A diamond that Sal Taybrim was looking directly at.</quote> helloooooo new XO!
  2. Congratulations to all winners! But let me specifically shout out @Sal Taybrim for the MOUNTAINS of work they put in for the health and happiness of SB118 on the whole and OPS on the specific. I don't know how you find the time! Thank you! @Groznin Smith for introducing me and many others (clearly) to SB118 @Jo Marshall on a well deserved award for extensive work with cadets- having been one of those cadets, I can safely say richly deserved!
  3. Honestly Reema is just glad that a nice dress means she doesn't have to try and accessorize. WHAT IS FASHION?
  4. Congratulations everyone! Without all of us working together the world would be a more boring place. Love you all. 🥰
  5. What's up? My name's Sabrina, I am in California, I'm an actor, found this place through the promo team in a facebook group and now I'm here. I'm extremely detail oriented, I'm one of those annoying people who come up with explanations for why weird [...] can happen in trek instead of suspending disbelief and moving on, and I'm excited to write some Bad Things Happening and working together on creating solutions.
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