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  1. How to write messages in the chat room? It says I'm not permitted to do that.
  2. Hi, my actual name is Roy. I've done tabletop are gpg's like Dungeons and Dragons. I've also played if you drive me to PG's such as Guild Wars. My favorite characters I start track I've always been the support characters such as Quork, Neelix, Kes, but my favorite is Guinan. Who was the inspiration for my character doctor Olen Daniels.
  3. <Starbase 118> Oz had finally made it to Starbase 118 and had been shown to guest quarters. As he went to enter his temporary quarters a fleet officer walked up to him. "Doctor Olen Daniels", asked the officer. Oz turned to look at the man. He was holding a pad in one hand. "Yeah, I'm Doctor Olen Daniels", Oz replied The officer handed the pad to Oz. He accepted it looking both curious and puzzled. "This is for you, an invitation, sir.", the officer stated before being on his way. An invitation to what? Oz thought to himself as he slid through the doors. He placed his luggage on the floor by the bed. He started examing the pad he had just received. : To Doctor Daniels, You've been invited to partake in a cadet training exercise on the holodeck. The location, as well as time, are listed below. : Looking at the provided information, then though Oz thought why not. Holodeck simulations could be fun. If it also helped the cadets with their training it was a win-win situation in his book. He took care of his luggage, and then cleaned up from his long trip. There was still spare time before the exercise was to begin. He decided the best way to spent it was to see more of the station. Character Summary Olen Zackan "OZ" Daniels, PhD Age: 500 Terran years Species: El-Aurian Eyes: Grey Hair: Brown Height: 6'6" Weight: 240 lbs Build: Athletic, Muscle Birthdate: 071895.04 (7/4/1895) Birthplace: San Francisco. California; Earth Orientation: Homosexual Parents: El-Aurian scientists studying Terrans Education: Over his 500 lifespan he has earned Ph.D.'s in Anthropology, Archaeology, Linguistics, and Psychology. True to his species he is a natural at diplomacy, as well as having an eidetic memory
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