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  1. An eloquently written intimate scene between two characters that just survived a near death experience and discovered a little something more along the way. Well done @Wes Greaves & @Alora DeVeau! ============================================ ((Main Sickbay, Deck 9, USS Thor)) It was never completely quiet on a ship. Everything was still, all the people around had left, and she was alone in the darkness. Surgery had been successful, and after a brief stay in ICU, Peri had been moved to a regular biobed for monitoring. In all honesty, she would have preferred her ow
  2. I want to thank @Alieth, along with @Roshanara Rahman & @Quen Deena, for making this entire arc absolutely incredible to explore. I've said this on Discord, but I'll reiterate it here because I think it's important - generally speaking I find it difficult to explore my own character, or to make them the 'center' of a narrative arc. I'm always concerned it's self-indulgent or exclusionary so I rarely go to these stories, excepting with the help of the writers I've most come to respect and trust. I'm glad I did, because what @Alieth did in this last sim is an incredible reflection o
  3. With shows like Picard and Discovery Season 3 contributing surprising new material to the Star Trek canon, new opportunities exist for creative storytelling in our universe and I think this beautiful JP is a perfect example. Here, @Sirok & @Alieth artfully begin construction of a story development that will take ~500 ic years, but that links to the 'future history' found in Disco S3 about the reunited Vulcan & Romulan peoples. Even without this connection to the new canon I think this is a great piece and can't wait to see more from these two and the emergent Ni'Var civilization!
  4. I have the rare pleasure of writing a guest character during the Resolutions current mission and I am continually impressed with the incredible quality and rich humor of the prose from the whole crew. @Yalu has already done some fantastic work exploring this new alien race and his place within it and I can't wait to see more as the mission continues on. Well done!
  5. Exploring the relationships that define a character are some of the most difficult sims to do well but Lieutenant @Alieth & Ensign Saja Jehe make this heartfelt and poignant moment between two characters come alive. From the characterizations to the small details in their signatures, this little window on the private lives of those lovably logical Vulcans is a real delight. =============================================================== [[Flat complex 26, first floor, Chi-ree, Xial, Vulcan]] Alieth stared at the door for a while, so long that she could have melted it simp
  6. Our normally reserved Ensign Peri Katsim may not say much, but she certainly expresses herself through some inner dialogue that's very well used in the scene. It's a dynamic moment but we still get an insight into what the character really thinks! Thanks for taking the leap! Great job @Alora DeVeau ======================================= ((Yacht Outside 99th Floor Domicile Administrative Center, SalCorp Cohousing Unit 34556)) Alieth: Peri, what were you thinking, you almost… What was she thinking? Shock registered over the young woman’s face. What else should she
  7. I really enjoy this sim and I think it beautifully demonstrates that in our world, there are no 'small' characters. NPC's like this are not meant for everyday simming, but they add a wonderful depth and texture to life aboard ship when used delicately. @Alieth has a sly, warm humor that makes her characterizations wonderfully engaging and I'm glad to see this small moment featured here. Cause Cheesecake is a good dog.
  8. I'll try not to hold that against the good counselor It's a fantastic sim and I'm once again reminded of just how many talented people I'm fortunate to write with. Great job @Alex Brodie!
  9. You beat me to it! I wanted to feature this sim because I think it's a great example of 'how to get started,' which I know can be daunting for all of us. Wes does a great job of performing the most critical part of being a team leader in a new scene - providing rich, useful context that his colleagues can build on to carry the narrative forward. Taking cues from the whole of the mission so far and contextual information in our Act 2 starter, Wes has articulated his take on this new setting very clearly. Within the space of a few lines in a log entry and some dialogue on the ground, he has
  10. This sim is great on its own merits, but the fact that @Tony, aka Kells & @Alex Brodie explored these difficult topics in the midst of a tremendous amount of real world stress makes it especially personal and touching to me. Bravo to you both.
  11. Really fantastic work on this one, especially from our newest member Ens. Jehe Saja. Excited to see your name already showing up over here in Appreciations, I'm certain it won't be the last time!
  12. OOC: I've really enjoyed exploring the line between the serious side of Teller's character against his more jokey nature, and Alieth has been an absolute pleasure to write with. It's also allowed me to revisit some of Teller's early antics and the impact other officers have had on him. Been a real pleasure - thanks @Alieth! =========================================== ((XO's office, Deck 1, USS Thor)) Alieth: Sir... I am truly sorry for what happened. And I will strive not to disgrace this uniform again... nor the ideas and people it represents. Commander
  13. For all our advancements in technology and medicine, the loss of a friend is still keenly felt by all that knew and served with them. Here, Lt. Jg. Wilde beautifully commemorates the rich service of one such comfy colleague, speeding it upon it's way to Valhalla's basement rec-room. Great job, @Regan Wilde! Funny and touching in equal measure. ============================ ((OOC : You wanted a sofa funeral, you've got a sofa funeral...)) ((USS Arrow - Deck 3; Main Engineering)) {{One Week into Shore Leave}} It was a truly so
  14. @Wes Greaves - you continue to paint a vivid and engaging picture of Marine life in Starfleet, and it's details like an amusing running cadence that bring such rich depth to Marine culture. Well done!
  15. Everyone's a critic Great scene guys, I'm glad everyone is having as much fun with it as I am!
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