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  1. Well the unicorn is our National animal. And I'll be happy to interact with her about Scotland, our culture, history and future. I plan on using my own childhood with my character. In terms of religion and Scottish independence.
  2. Hi all, My real name is Allan (character name is Jori Nyseth). And I'm from Edinburgh, Scotland. I discovered Starbase 118 on Reddit. Now I am sort of unemployed at the moment. But I'm going back to being a pensions administer shortly (next month) for a major European Pension Company having been a Team Manager at a well-known British bank for the last few years. I used to watch Star Trek TNG and Voyager when I was young but since Star Trek came on Netflix, I've became a massive fan of Deep Space Nine (and I love Disco, sorry I don't understand all the hate.) I was a bit of a
  3. “Party Time!” As I fell off the transport drunk, I knew where I was meant to be heading. Straight for the Dungeon and straight to The Playhouse. I’ve been told all about it. The music, the laughter, the people and the drink. I should be getting ready for my first day of the training program. But I’m still on party mood. I’m just back from my honeymoon from the beautiful Risa after my wedding to my husband, Thavan. A random Andorian guy I met on Deep Space Nine. I was drunk. And I thought he was Trill. And he thought I was a woman and human. I have long golden hair, s
  4. Hiya everyone, My name is Jori Nyseth, as per the title, and I'm happy to have been accepted into the Starfleet Academy. And it's so good to see so many fellow Bajorans here. I am hoping to be accepted as a Science Officer. I've always be a massive fan of Ensign Ro, she was one of the first Bajorans to join Starfleet and escape the prison which is Bajor. I believe her Pah was always clean, despite what the media at home have said. Is there any other Bajorans joining on September 18th? Anyone planning on seeing the sights of San Francisco afterwards and show these humans how
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