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  1. Hello everyone, my name is Michael and I'm from New Zealand. I found Sb118 through Google and I'm currently unemployed looking for work but have had experience in Information Technology, Law and NZ Government sectors. I will talk at great lengths about Star Trek, Star Wars, SeaQuest, U-Boats, Submarines, Video Games and Information Technology or Technology in general. I look forward to simming with you alll.
  2. Scene Starbase 118 docking module The 30ish looking blonde Terran female Security Officer had just finished recording the embarkation of the previous shuttle passenger when she looked up and saw a tall man before her, she felt a bit unsettled as she looked up to see a person standing approximately 1.9 to 2 meters tall tall compared to her own height of rougly 5.6meters. She thought he had a boyish look with a heartbreaking smile and one of those beards that always looked like five--O'clock shadow. His eyes were a piercing cerulean blue and his black hair though regulation length, was still wild and appeared untamed with locks flowing over the sides. "I," she stammered for a moment but quickly recovered, "Identification?" she said with as much authority as she could muster after being so painfully caught off guard by his appearance. Roy's smile faded in puzzlement, "Identification?" he said, "Shouldn't the stations bio-scanner," he was cut off. "The system is undergoing maintenance cadet, we're doing this the old fashioned way." she said as she held out her hand for his identification card. Roy rummaged through his bag and handed it over, "I'm here on assignment from Starfleet Academy, I'm going on my Cadet Cruise!!" he said excitedly with a smile, his enthusiasm was almost infectious. She felt excited for him. She looked down at her station, looking away from him in an effort to prevent him from effecting her any further as she keyed in the information on his card into her terminal. "Name, Cadet?" she said as she readied her LCARs system to cross check what info he gave. "Robert R, Mustang," he said in clipped military practices fashion. "You don't look 21?" she challenged him. "I get that a lot, how old do you think I am?" Roy said flirtatiously, leaning on her terminal stand. "Early thirties, late twenties but not early 20s." she said plainly. "I get that a lot" he answered. The Security Officer proceeded on with through the standard checks with him and finally settled on checking if his physical records matched. ____________________________________________________________________________________ / ________________________________| PERSONNEL FILE: ROBERT 'ROY' MUSTANG |________) |_____| Species: Human Age: 20 Height: 192.04 cm Weight: 90kg Hair: Black Eyes: Blue Pigmentation: Caucasian Rank: Cadet 4th Class Assignment: Transfer from primary Academy Campus: Earth to SB 118 - Cadet Cruise assignment. Administrative Note: Immediately Upon Arrival to report to Holodeck 2. _____ | |_____________________________________________________________________ ________ \__________________________________________________________________________| |________) The Security Officer, proceed to check that all the rest of his credentials were in order. "Welcome to Starbase One-One-Eight Cadet, do you know where to go from here?" she said while making the mistake of looking into his deep blue eyes. "Yes ma'am, but I'm not meant to report in for another few hours." he said as he became anxious to go and explore the base. She coughed to ground herself a little, "Plans have changed, you're too report to Holodeck 2 immediately." she said, thankful those orders were there, allowing her to assume a more authoritative stance, "Take Turbolift Four," she gestured in a direction to her right, "to Deck Five Hundred and Sixty Four and you should be in the right block." she then handed him back his identification along with her personal contact information. Roy looked at her with surprise but an award winning grin spread across his lips, baring a perfect set of white teeth. He went to say something more but she stopped him. "You best be on your way, cadet" she said, dismissively. "Y-yes ma'am," Roy was stammering now, he didn't want to be late for his first day, "Thank you ma'am" he said as he hefted his bag over his shoulder and left.
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