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  1. The time is 0630" the computer chirp with a monotonous voice, groaning the young cadet shifted uncomfortably in his bed before assuming a new position. "The time is 0630 and 5 seconds" the computer said this continued for several more times before he gave up. "Alright alright I'm up." the cadet said as he got up and attempted to straighten his misshapen hair which in its natural state, refused his sense of order and went back to it's puffy state. After his daily morning routine, the boy dragged his feet along to the classroom. 'Just one more day, one more day of this and I'll never have to sit through another one of professor Vassbinder's famous lectures again,' he thought 'tomorrow is the day I get a posting to one of those top of the line starships. I'll be free to explore the universe!' The moments of joy were short lived however when his mind started contradicting it's previous happy thoughts. "Mr Ronsten!" Superintendent Vykriss said with patience straining in his cold Vulcan voice, breaking the cadets daydreamy thoughts. "Yes sir!" Ronsten called out as he snapped to attention. "Pay attention will You?" The Vulcan said "Sorry sir" Ronsten said as his classmates snicker at his expense. "As I said, you are assigned to a tactical position on the U.S.S Avalon, Under captain Augustus Brave. There's a shuttle leaving for starbase 118 where the ship is dock at 1245 hours tomorrow is that understood?" "Tactical?" Ronsten asked in confusion "But I major in theoretical astrophysics, and temporal mechanics. Besides, I'm terrible with a gun." "I'm sorry cadet but that's the posting you were given," the superintendent said calmly "now please sit down, you're making a scene." As Vykriss continued to list down the names of other cadets and their posting, Ronsten say down with his hands in his head. 'Only with my kind of luck I would get a position where my capabilities are useless and where I'm literally useless.' With the ring of the bell Ronsten bounded out of his seat and stopped Vykriss at the door. "Look sir, please check again, I'm sure that there must be some sort of mistake, I mean I'm more suited to bring in a science lab then shoving a torpedo into a launch tube, I mean come on, there are still people who's trying to figure out how did a real explosion end up in the holodeck when I dropped that simulation of a torpedo!" "Cadet Ronsten, there is no mistake in your posting," Vykriss assures "I have been teaching in this academy before you were born and we have never made a mistake." "But it's not possible!" Ronsten cries "how did I get a position of Tactical? I was terrible, even admiral Tuvok said I wasn't suited to be in it!" "I believe that particular question can be answered by captain Brave, after all he made the request for you."
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