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    I like to read and write (I guess one would hope so given the nature of this site), hiking, running, shooting, playing with Legos (I don't care about the age guidance on the box)

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  1. Wrader ducked out from the lift quickly, grey eyes darting. He gripped the strap of his shoulder bag tightly in an olive-toned hand while he used the other to scout out a path through the crush of bodies moving out into the main thoroughfare of the station. When it finally thinned out enough for him to extricate himself, he pulled off to one of the outwardly sloping walls that opened up into the broad, circular shape of the main promenade. So... He thought to himself, This is 118. He looked at the bustling crowd and the shops with practiced indifference on his squarish face. Subconsciously, he tugged on his misshapen left ear and then traced a white scar from the bottom of his ear to where it tapered off between his nose and top lip. His eyes roved over the placards and signs as his mind roved over the possibilities for those few hours he had to spare before this cadet cruise began. I suppose it would be frowned upon if I were to go to the Qo'noS sector and find a decent brawl, he mused. I doubt I have the time, in any case. With a mildly discontented sigh, he squared his shoulders and wandered down the promenade in search of diversion. For a moment, he paused outside the Night Garden, just to sample the smells. As he was about to move along, a demure voice from behind interrupted him. "I don't think any of those flowers work with your hair," a woman with flowing red locks of her own said. Wrader, almost unconsciously, ran a hand through his martially-styled black hair. "None of them?" he asked the woman, matching her tone with feigned seriousness in his own. She shook her head. "And I thought black went with everything." "Yes, but yours just has something wrong about it," she answered. "And you'd look something silly if you combined flowers with that uniform of yours. Brand new, here for your cadet cruise?" "Indeed...What do you mean by wrong?" She shrugged. "That's for you to figure out," she said in a matter-of-fact tone that struck Wrader as very much at odds with the cryptic nonsense she was spouting. He didn't quite know how to respond to that and the pause after her words lengthened with increasing awkwardness. "I've a few hours left before my cruise," Wrader finally said, mostly because he couldn't think of anything else to say. "Is there anything you recommend to pass the time?" "I would go and stare at the clouds in the main dome," the woman replied. "Sometimes they are quite... Interesting." With that, she turned around and swiftly disappeared into the crowd. The hell....? Wrader stared at the spot at which she had merged into the mess of people wordlessly for several moments. Then, somewhat perturbed by his own actions, he decided he would go and stare at the clouds. Several hours later, he stood up from the bench he had sat at and wondered just why he had listened to that strange woman. Unable to find an answer, he headed off for his cruise.
  2. Hey there, So I'm Abbas, brand new to this style of RPG in general as we as to this particular one. Currently in North Carolina but I've lived in Montana, Mexico, New Orleans and Virginia. Found the group via Facebook ads. I suppose some bot out there ID'd my interests and sent Starbase 118 my way and I bit. Really excited for an excuse to write as well as play. My character's name is Marcus Wrader, Magna Roman. Still jamming the details for his back story and all before training kicks off. As for work... I work for the government but I promise I'm not here to spy
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