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  1. Classic Starfleet approach. 😎🖖
  2. Please let them have the old red uniforms. Those were cool. 😎
  3. I'd go for Quark haha He always had the worst of luck, especially when it comes to business opportunities. 😄
  4. I love the technical stuff. Seriously good stuff here.
  5. Or the Excelsior Class. Love me some NX-2000 haha I liked the idea of the Nebula Class with the interchangeable modules it could equip. Shame it looks like a Nebula Class though haha
  6. An expedition to another Galaxy would be awesome.
  7. Wow thanks I'm really happy at how this one turned out too. It was a nice sort of conclusion for Raven.
  8. Some really helpful info here for a budding Stellar Cartographer like me
  9. This one will stick with Raven for a while. Some awesome tough love there
  10. I love it. It really is like an evolution of the uniform from Ent era to TOS. DSC is now the missing link.
  11. On Voyager wasn't it stated that the Mk 1 holograms like the Doctor had been assigned to menial cleaning jobs? Possibly all the awful jobs are non-human/alien based such as robots and the like. That might explain that away?
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