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  1. Hi guys, my name is David (go figure, lol) I currently work in IT and live in the Pensacola, FL area.
  2. Cadet David Martel stepped through the airlock into a busy open area. His was hardly the only transport arriving and the traffic in the arrival's section of the transportation hub was brisk. He blinked his green eyes to get adjusted to the noise of shouted questions and answers, the overhead loudspeaker booming arrival and departure information and the underlying buzz of conversation. Without any further ado, Martel got his bearings and headed towards the massive round desk that was the central hub of the arrival area. Several Starfleet crewmen and NCOs manned the desk. Though the blonde haired cadet was built like a bulldog, he slipped through the crowd easily, gracefully sidestepping and weaving his way instead of bulling his way through. In the chaos around the arrival desk, lines seemed to be more of a suggestion then an actual thing, so Cadet Martel continued weaving all the way to the desk, ignoring the annoyed squawk from an Aurelian Ensign he cut off who fluttered her wings in irritation while Martel pretended he didn't see. None of the personnel behind the circular station even looked in his direction, even when he cleared his throat and politely called out. After a few more attempts he finally put his fingers to his lips a blew a shrill whistle that caused several heads to turn his direction. This included a huge Borenite Chief Petty Officer. Standing well over 2 meters tall, heavily furred where his uniform didn't cover, the Chief looked like a massive, black haired bear, with all the muscles that entailed. He fixed Martel with a hard stare. As the massive Borenite stalked towards him, Martel kept a respectful expression on his face. While technically Martel outranked the huge Chief, he was well aware that as a cadet he really didn't have any pull. Not to mention he didn't want to alienate anyone on the Starbase. They might come in handy later. "What in the Frozen Wastes is your problem?" The massive Chief snarled. Looking as apologetic as possible Martel replied, "I'm really sorry Chief, but my transport ran a bit late and I have less then an hour to check in and report to my in processing brief. I don't want to make a bad impression on my first day, ya' know?" Martel flashed a friendly smile. "Well you made a rough first impression on me", the Chief grumbled, but his tone had softened a bit and he bent over a terminal, asking Martel his name and service number. " Well kid, you need to go over to Holodeck 3 after you're done here. Oh, and if you ever whistle at me again I will make sure you regret it." "Roger that, Chief.", Martel said looking properly subdued as the the Chief droned on about living assignments and requisition protocols. Martel was listening with only half an ear as he looked around the busy arrival terminal feeling a growing surge of excitement in his chest. Hoping to become a Tactical Officer, David had put in the work and had excelled at the Academy, particularly in the courses with a martial bent. He was tough, determined and showed leadership potential. He just hoped he could show it here. Martel refocused on the Chief just in time to hear the massive NCO ask him if he had any questions. " Negative Chief, thank you", the cadet answered and with that he turned and quickly brushed past the still annoyed Aurelian Ensign as he headed towards the turbolifts. 'Let's do this', Martel thought to himself as the lift doors shut and he headed towards the next chapter in his life.
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