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  1. Having just finished TNG, and Entered my second season of DS9, I can honestly now say, I love Star Trek. I started looking into it initially to satisfy a badgering family member, but I can freely admit I've gotten engrossed with the universe itself. I'm really eager to start participating in (2~) Days when training starts. I hope there will be a few others going through training too, and that I'm not the only one there
  2. Rev'ya was nervous. At least, she assumed she was nervous, it was hard to tell really. Ironic, half of her was meant to be incredibly empathetic, able to easily detect and act upon the emotions and even thoughts of others. The other half of her had one of humanity's cruelest flaws, the lack of feelings about oneself. She usually found herself perched at one of either extremes. Either extremely high, or unable to tell where her true feelings even lay. Someone she could not control what she said from the sheer joy of experiencing another culture, of meeting another being, of making a new friend. At other times she could not control what she said do to the fact that she could not judge her own mood. Thanks Mom. She thought to herself sarcastically. Indeed, it was from her mother's side that she had inherited this flaw. For a moment she mused on how her father, a Betazoid, had fallen for her Mother, an emotionally damaged human. Perhaps it was a case of opposites attract. Someone who could feel everything, attracted to someone who could feel nothing. And Vice Versa. It mattered little now, or maybe it did? How could she know. Who was she to know? She felt herself growing inexplicably angry for a moment, almost fracturing the screen of the padd in her hand. She closed her eyes and breathed for a moment, trying to relax herself. She stood up, walked around a little, loosed up her tense muscles. She was tense. Definitely nervous. She realized she'd been sitting in the reception area of the Starbase for over an hour, lost in her own thoughts. If someone was watching, that certainly wouldn't inspire confidence. She realized the receptionist had been warily eyeing her for some time now. She didn't blush, walking up to her as if she had just stepped off the shuttle a second ago, rather than sat there for over an hour without comment. "Cadet T'vete." She stated. Her voice sound so shaky to her, like it always did the first time she spoke to someone. Focus Girl, Focus. Get through the day, and when they give you a bunk, you can curl up in that and write out your problems. Things always make more sense on paper. Besides, did you really get this far only to give up? "I'm reporting to Starbase 118 for Completion of my Cadet Phase, Training, as a Cadet" She said, fumbling over her words. She closed her eyes for a second, before realizing she was still in a conversation, opening them again to focus on the receptionist, a Vulcan. Great. A Vulcan. Someone who'd be happy to belittle you for your emotional fumblings. You're making a resounding Impression, Revvy. The Vulcan said nothing, updating her padd remotely with new instructions. Nodding curly, Rev'ya realized she was being sent on her way. Fine with me. She thought, following along the path directed to her in the instructions, entering into Starbase 118.
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