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  1. Kathryn was looking around anxiously amazed that she had actually got to the starbase earlier than planned. A soft smile played her features while her eyes remained with the gray to them. She would head to reception area to find out where she would need to go. She looks around softly trying to keep to herself and focus on the days ahead. She was excited but also nervous to see what this new life would bring. She held tightly to her necklace which was a family tree with five birthstones in it. She couldn't let it go as she approached the desk. "Hello. I'm Kathryn Kingsley. I'm reporting in." She would smile softly. "Welcome to StarBase 118, Miss Kingsley. We are please you are here and made it safely." The receptionist would smile. "Here is your info packet, training will come soon." Kathryn nodded and walked towards the outside to start to explore.
  2. Hi! I'm Jessi, my character is "Kathryn Kingsley". She is a betazoid. I also play her in a game called Second Life. I'm from Georgia, USA. I found Starbase 118 by the wiki. In real life, I do daycare work for four hours during the week but I do have my A.A. and B.A. in Psychology and wanting my master's here soon.
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