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  1. After arrival Sorel just did not really know what to do. He was not prepared for free time. Finally being here, he realised he did not feel prepared for anything. He started wandering, his feet taking him to crowded areas he'd rather not be at. His black eyes sought the crowd for any other cadets, but they seemed to have left the area without him. He licked his eternally dry lips, trying to find something a little more quiet to stop his sensitive Vulcan ears from overloading him with unneeded conversations brought over as jumbled up words in too many languages. The hybrid went with the flow of the crowd, just walking until his eyes fell on a small café unlike the many shops he found in this area. He went inside, sighing contently as the lack of a crowd inside the café. Before he even took two steps inside, a maid had appeared before him. She was unsurprisingly towering over him. Sadly, Sorel had inherited no apparent height from his parents and stood at a little 166cm. He estimated the female, who seemed to be human, to stand at least 20 centimeters taller. "Table for one, sir?" She spoke as if he was a little child, entering a café for the first time without his mother, which would be an illogical conclusion, given Sorel was 21 by now. "Yes please", he answered with a raised eyebrow as he concentrated on the woman in front of him. He could sense annoyance, exhaustion and irritation from her. He continued making observations as he followed her to a table in the corner. Over-worked, became a mother at a young age, works double shifts to sustain her child. By the time he sat down, he understood her belittling attitude, though he saw no logic as in why her situation would evoke such behaviour. "What shall it be?" Her smile was forced. "Green tea with some honey and a teaspoon of respect, if that is not too much to ask for." His expression was blank except for the hint of a smug grin on his lips. The woman huffed, simply trying to act polite again even though her scowl gave her unfriendliness away. Satisfied with his little display, he sat more relaxed in his seat, feeling the tension leave his shoulders. He tried to remember the last time he slept properly. He knew Vulcans could easily do with the one hour sleep per night he had been getting the past two weeks, but he tended to forget he was only half-Vulcan. The exhaustion got to him and he felt his control over his body falter as the nervousness and exhaustion made him loose his grip on his pain management. He winced almost inaudibly when he started feeling the pain in his neck. It was just chronic pain and therefore manageable, but when he was under pressure, his body management wore thin and he needed something to help him along in functioning. The woman returned with a steaming cup of tea and he immediately asked for a glass of water too. She walked back with visible annoyance. If his half-brother Sonn was here, he would have given her a piece of his mind. Actually, mother would have too. She would've blatantly announced that whole woman's life to whoever was in the café. Father would probably just mutter insults under his breath. In that way Sorel was a little more like his father. - no proper ending, but it is 1:30am and I am too tired to continue T_T-
  2. Hello everyone! I'm Sorel Kaidun (just my character name, since I see no purpose in knowing my real name.) I am from space the Netherlands. I was looking up information for a fanfiction I'm writing (just a story in the Star Trek universe, nothing really interesting) and came across the wiki page. Curiosity got the best of me and here I am. I am currently in my senior year in high school and will (hopefully) graduate this year. Next year I will be going to the University of Amsterdam and study artificial intelligence there. If that does not work out for me, I'll try med-school, because my second best interest is medicine.
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