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     Hey Cody here, I am just a guy from Arkansas who likes Star Trek enough to play a Play-by-Email RPG. IRL I am a 20 y/o cook at a decent Italian Resturant. I have a wonderful girlfriend who unfortunately doesn't understand my love for sci-fi, but hey, what can you do?

     Other than loving sci-fi I also have love for real science, more accurately an obsession, I am constantly attempting to learn more about astronomy and space physics. I hope to be attending college soon and getting a degree in theoretical physics, and maybe (doubtful, but i'm still hoping) I could help NASA complete the Warp Theory. Until then, I'm happy with exploring the Galaxy with my fellow Starfleet Graduates. With that I will end this "about me".

:: Cody raises his hand in the Vulcan Salute ::

"Live long and prosper".

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