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  1. Sepek walked into Yem-tukh, and he couldnt help feeling nostalgic. It reminded him of home back on Vulcan. As he looked around for a place to sit he was reminded he wasn't a "true" Vulcan. His father was a human named Ryan while his mother a Vulcan named T'pri. He was shorter than the average Vulcan standing at 1.75 meters (5'9"). He had strawberry blonde hair, hazel eyes, and of course the pointed ears. Because of his strange appearance it was difficult to form connections with other Vulcan children. He felt like the outcast, and the other children teased him relentlessly. As he aged he learned to control and suppress his emotions like every other child, and eventually the other kids just accepted him as is. He sat down on the tan carpet at an empty table. There was no need to glance at the menu he already knew what he was going to order. It was his favorite meal since he was 12, and he was 29 at this moment. Pla-savas, a sweet blueish-black fruit, with Theris-masu, a herbal tea, to drink. The Vulcan waiter walked over and took his order quietly as not to disturb the other guests. After finishing his meal he decided to go to the holodeck where he would being his training at. After all, he spent years at the Academy to finally get to this point. It would be illogical and unacceptable to be late.
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