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  1. I think the only biological ship I've ever really liked was Moya, from Farscape, but honestly, I think just liked the idea of Pilot. But as to serving on one, I think it could certainly be an interesting experience, with all kinds of various avenues for character development in ways that the normal, technological ship might not have. Especially for someone in engineering.
  2. With the now familiar ear splitting whine, and the tingly feeling of reintegration, Torak began to materialize on the transporter pad of Starbase 118. Having been transferring from a much larger ship, to a small scout vessel, he had chosen to not make them go through the hassle of docking just to drop him off. He stepped down off the padd, his duffel back slung over his left shoulder and approached the console. He was not in uniform yet, wanting to make sure he showed up in one that still looked perfect, and not creased, or wrinkled from sitting. As such he was wearing a pair of jeans, some ol
  3. Hi there! My name is Carl, I live in Marshall, TX, near the Louisiana border, with my long time partner, Brandon, and our three dogs. I have been a Trek RPGer for many years now, though this will be my first PBeM, and found this place through one of the sites I write on, the USS Elysium over at Obsidian Fleet. I work from home as a tech support agent, and have lots of free time, so looking forward to getting to know you guys, and writing some awesome stories with you all!
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