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  1. https://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/Chythar_Skyfire Chythar Force
  2. Frankie Ryan was a dock rat! Born on the back of the Federations need for vessel's, and a waitress from the colony's commercial district. Now he was among them. The completed ships, the finest examples of engineering and science, as an officer of its fleet. He wandered of the ramp slowly, the anxiety of the moment weighted heavily in the pit of his stomach, and he wondered. Wondered if after all the training, and the growing up he had to endure, would he meet the growing expectations of the finest and far more experienced members, that he work alongside. Had they to, felt this fear flowing between their fingers. He took in a deep breath and let the encouraging words of anyone who questioned what the unknown would bring. "Only time will tell." Until then, the dock rat, would wear the proudly the uniform he had come this far to bear, and join the others to celebrating with a Tycho sunset in hand. Tomorrow the game would begin.
  3. Hey guys! Some if you may have already chatted to me on Discord last night but just a general introduction to me,before I start a write up I'm my character on the other forum page. My name is Ryan,I'm 21 and I'm from the UK! I've done a lot of world travelling with my parents who are in the military,who first introduced me to ST and anything else you can consider nerdsy at a very young age. I'm a writer a poet,who tours and performs in local venues and gigs while writing a book alongside and have only taken a break while I take a newly diagnosed condition in to perspective and recover,taking time and home to this. I found this community accidently and as a lover of star trek,just appealed to me to try something new and have fun while I recover ,while developing a new network of friends..hopefully! I'll be playing as Francis Ryan, a Human Male and very excited to start training on Tuesday.I hope I fit in to the fleet well! Thanks for listening x
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