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  1. Gender-wise I tend to play whichever one suits the character concept better. I don't generally give it much more thought than "does this archetype work better as a male or female?" I haven't really run into any difficulties writing for a non-male character, and I don't personally find their to be much difference in style between the two. This is pretty much the same as me, writing characters experiencing feelings I can't empathise with is very difficult, and being asexual that applies to any sort of romantic or sexual desires. I have written for a character in a lesbian relation
  2. I just have to say it...your name still amuses me due seeing:



    Gorn liked a post in a topic:

    And my imagination goes wild seeing a Gorn trying to like a post and getting frustrated over it xD

    1. Gorn


      I've used the username Gorncaptain for so long I usually forget how inconvenient it is in Star Trek communities. But the image of a big rubber lizard monster trying to use a keyboard amuses me greatly.

  3. Crowds. Phrik hated crowds. He had only just arrived on the station, and already he was regretting his decision to find something to drink. The Edosian watched from a corner as gaggles of cadets and officers strode past, civilians jostling their way through the thick soup of sentients. The noise was intolerable, and the occasional glance of curiosity directed towards him only exacerbated the issue. Edosians were rarely seen outside their home planet, and their unusual tripedal biology made it very difficult to not stand out. His eye then caught a small, mostly empty cafe some distance aw
  4. Hello everyone, my name's Dan, I live just outside Birmingham in the UK. I've been a Trek fan for about as long as I can remember, some of my earliest memories are watching a collection of every TNG episode on old video tapes that didn't work half the time. I'm still in school (few years behind due to health complications), and have spent the past few months improving my writing style from dire to acceptable through role playing on reddit and discord. I'm really looking forward to trying a different format of rp from what I'm used to. I start my training on Monday, hopefully I won't make a com
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