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  1. Majel Barrett Roddenberry also springs to mind. While I'm more familiar with her in the role of Lwaxana Troi (or lending her voice to Starfleet computers far and wide), she also played Christine Chapel and Christopher Pike's unnamed Number One in TOS before that.
  2. ((Federation Transport Bohr)) After nine years, the day when he would receive his first posting had finally come. While hardly fond of superstition, Akeen couldn't help but recall several old Guardsmen emphatically stating that the first ship they served on had defined them in more ways than they were willing to name back when they had been his teachers at the Academy on Andor. Even though he had left his homeworld behind to start anew on Earth, for the full eight semesters, he still carried a great deal of his old life with him - including one peculiar bit of wisdom from the man he had b
  3. Greetings, everyone. My name's Radu and I hail from Bucharest, Romania (that's GMT + 2, as far as timezones go). In real life, I'm a shrink. Trek has been with me ever since my early days, I must admit, having been fortunate enough to catch TNG on national television since before starting kindergarten; while my favourite, nowadays, is DS9 (with Voyager and TOS on the other side of the spectrum), that tale and the crew behind it will always have a special place in my heart. This is my first PBEM experience, but, as far as collaborative writing goes, I have a good few years of forum-based role-p
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