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  1. I joined it because when i first saw the facebook add video thingy i was like OMG I CAN STOP PLAYING WITH MY LEGO STARSHIPS lol so I immediately jumped onto Starbase118.net and signed up. Also Ive always wanted to do this kind of role playing but couldnt find and in these other games like on xbox or computer, but the best part about alllllllll this is that its based off my favorite TV series which theres 5 of them which is STARTREK YES! I watched every series and every movie that had the name of startrek on it, and startrek online was ehhh ok but a more in depth role playing like this is in my opinion better then a video game, where responses are from actual people and its not all program and best of all you get to make up anything in here (well not anything but i think you know what i mean) so yeah i was excited and still am excited to do this and go through training and get station on a starship!!!
  2. I dont know if this helps but my dad being the star trek fan as I, back then he bought a blue prints of the Enterprise D deck for deck showing everything its very detailed it shows everything from quaters turbolifts, craw spaces. As i said I dont know if this would help.
  3. I was wonderding how long is cadet training??? And a weird question is it okay to say hell or damn like they did in the actual star trek series??? (I know very cheesy but i wants to know) o_O
  4. "MOVE UP THE BEACH!" As I swing my arm rushing up the beach with my 20th century replicated uniform and equipment. I know what everyone thinks of me that im a bit violent because i have quite the holo novels, but also it helps in tatical situations simce I am stiving to become a security officer, and, well it was part of earths history centuries back and it has fascinated me and now im reenacting it. I run up rhe beach and hit the hill and the bunkers were firing supressive fire only barb wire was in our way to cut through enemy lines and explosions every where. I yell "Sargeant plant those explosives, we need to punch a hole through!" And then ducking after a close call with a motor shell. "Yes sir on it!" As he starts calling for his assistant and and starts setting up. "LT!" I turn to see that corporal Charles waving his hand. "Bucks been hit" as he holds him from falling into the sand. Im thinking to myself why didnt he call the medic by now i guess its a small glitch in the holo novel. "Call the medic!" As I yell at him. Then the most unexpected thing happens i hear the captain of the ship tell over the comm that we are about to arrive at Starbase 118, I was shocked. "My god, I lost track of time!" As i jumped up and almost grtting shot at the same time. "COMPUTER END PROGRAM... Great i dont have time to take all this off, to hell with it ill face the consequences." As i bolted out the door and ran as fast as i could to my quarters to get my things and also frightening the other crew and cadets heading for the transporter room. "EXCUSE ME... Out of the way move, move, move, excuse me" as I dart pass people and finally got to my quarters and grabbed my bag full of my personal things and bolted to the transporter room to beam onto Starbase 118. As i entered the transporter room some people gave me a wierd face, as to what im wearing and I step on to the transporter pad. One of the crew said which was a vulcan. "Cadet, that is not of dress code. Where is your starfleet uniform?" "Well, I uh ran out of time, and couldnt change into my starfleet uniform." "well for future reference it would be logical to plan more wisely and manage your time." Im thinking to myself are all vulcans like this guy over here. Then we started transport onto Starbase 118 and im over here all eager and excited to start my training and then we dematerialized onto the transporter pad of Starbase 118 and well im quite amazed of how much bigger it is then I imagined, i setp off the transporter pad and soak in the new career thats coming ahead well after I switch into my starfleet uniform ha ha. Well i guess this is where my new life begins. Hmmmm im supposed to go to the holodeck for the briefing on my pad. Hm simple enough. So many people, new races I haven't seen yet or only heard of, I cant wait to meet new people.
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