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  1. I was in shock and didn't believe he was gone until Picard began to talk to B4. I think it was probably the last character I thought would die.
  2. Hello all! My name is Calvin and I live Texas. I am a behavior specialist at a public middle school. Star Trek was something I started watching when I began college in 2003. I would stay awake late at night and watch Voyager re-runs while I did my economics homework. I am married and have a son who will be turning 2 in July. Attached is a picture of my wife and I with 2 people you may recognize.
  3. ((Transport Agrippa)) ::Aquila was born into a patrician family which meant from the moment he was born it was expected of him to join Starfleet. This he did as he knew he would when his father had told him. ((Flashback)) ::Little Aquila stood beside the wooden table, and was directly in front of his father who was sitting in a wooden chair. He was in his family’s kitchen in their spring villa on Magna Roma.:: AENEAS: You are a descendent of the Marius family. You will bring honor to you and your family by joining Starfleet and achieving greatness. When you return home you will have the influence to be consul. AQUILA: Yes, father. ::Aquila’s voice squeaked as he stared into his father’s eyes. His 10 year old vocal chords didn’t produce the large and booming voice it does now.:: ((End Flashback)) ::The 22 year old Magna Roman sat on a 2 foot high, 6 foot wide cold steel bench at the back of the transport ship. Ahead of him were similar benches perpendicular to his on both sides of the transport. Aquila viewed three Magna Romans on each bench.:: ::Aquila wore his cadet Starfleet uniform, but the other Magna Romans were wearing their traditional roman togas. Each person wore their respected and allowed colors to represent their different family class and roman position.:: ::The Magna Roman tradition was etched in history and continued to this day. For each Magna Roman that finished their first part of their academy and was en route to their more practical studies the cadet would receive a mini celebration from current Magna Roman Starfleet Officers. It was considered a great honor and achievement. The celebration is known as Cantus Educatus.:: ::Aquila stood his full length of 6 feet. The other Manga Romans did the same. Aquila began his short walk through the six Starfleet officers. As he passed each of them he kissed their outstretch hands. When he reached the front of the transport he stepped on the transporter pad and was beamed away to StarBase 118 where he would begin his long career in Starfleet.:: Aquila Marius Cadet SB118
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