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  1. T'Pol and Odo are the only true aliens on this list. Spock is half human, Data is a creation of a human designed to be as human as possible. The Doctor is a program made by humans and Seven IS a human so their studies of humanity is a bit bias considering they are all products of humanity.

  2. 14 hours ago, RaWolf said:

    Wow to quote a quote from another quote :P

    So back to my review :P Saw it today!

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    There a few things I did not like about the movie:

    Things that I do like about the movie:

    • It give a new perspective in starbases for sure, but the Yorktown was a whole new level that both my brother and I made twitch our eyes. I was stunned on the size and the way it interacted with ships. Maybe something for simming?
    • The interaction of the characters, I like the struggle with emotions, thoughts and reactions on certain factors.
    • The respect of bringing the NX era in the end of the movie made me smile, as a huge fan of the NX serie I was glad to see that the new movie told something about it.
    • The USS Franklin and its crew, love the design and seeing Spock in the uniform did it for me!
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    I'd call the Franklin a post NX era ship because it lacks a lot of the designs that the NX-01 had. It's more of a step before this alternate timeline type of ship or this universe's interpretation of what the NX era is like...which is weird because if we take continuity into effect, the deviation in timeline would have happened when after the destruction of the Kelvin. Scotty also called the Franklin Earth's first warp 4 vessel but the serial number was NX-(3 digit number), meaning there has been a hilarious amount of ships since NX-01 and the fact that they are using the NX prefix even now means it's either a prototype ship that uses NX or they just retcon the continuity even further. Then again, they mentioned the weapons were spatial torpedoes and plasma/particle cannons...which predates the NX-01 level of weapons, yet the bridge design is more advanced than the NX-01 style. If it was Earth's first Warp 4 vessel and the level of tech i consistent with pre-NX-01 Enterprise (Being warp 5), then it shouldn't have a high serial number count as the NX-01 is the first of its kind to use the NX prefix.


    I think Bones said it best about the Yorktown. It's like a snow globe in space. Other than how cool it looks, it seemed more impractical than anything. Also how structures are built over the corridors that ships enter and leave seems very dangerous as what happened if there was an accident and a ship went out of control or had a meltdown or exploded. They even proved that a small enough ship can go right through the corridor on purpose and fly inside the station.

    I also found the doomsday weapon the villain used to be hilariously ineffective even as a biological agent. What was his plan?












  3. Spoiler


    I had a fun time watching the movie but the villain was very weak sauce. They didn't explain what happened to his crew, if those other aliens are his crew transformed as well, or how he came across this tech that changed him. His whole motivation that the Federation abandoned him was really really weak as well and he's been around for over a hundred years or more. He can obviously get out of the nebula with his swarm ships. It doesn't explain how long it took him or why he couldn't have just left when he needed to and then there's the whole "I want to kill everybody" plot...seen it. Not impressed.

    I really wanted to see more space exploration. The whole destroy the Enterprise in the opening act seemed like they wanted to save budget so they can be mostly on a setting on the planet.


    It was also weird to me that they wanted to promote Kirk to Vice Admiral, 2 ranks above Captain if you exclude Commadore



    What I do like is how they didn't tack on a romance between Kirk and Jaylah or remind us he's Captain Kirk by having him in bed with some hot chick. There's actually more chemistry between her an Scotty. Love the banter between Spock and Bones.




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  4. I just wished when they rebooted the series, they didn't have to actually create an alternate universe to the prime universe. I mean...the prime universe established so much of the future with an agency of Temporary agents who's sole job is to protect the time line. They might let something like Voyager slip a bit...or a few times...and Kirk, but then there's a complete reboot like this. It would have been easier to just establish a new series that is just a simple reboot without the time BS to go with it.

  5. I've read Takei's response and he doesn't like it. He actually wanted them to make a new character that can be gay, not gay his character for this.

    My personal opinion is open mindedness but also to be creative when it comes to works for fiction. They didn't magically made the entire cast even less white for the sake of diversity. It was already there. Changing an iconic character to be gay for the sake of pandering is not the right way to go. Now I agree with Takei. Make a character that is gay but ONLY if the story requires attention be drawn to it. If the story doesn't involve the gay person liking the same sex like presenting us with a same sex couple or bring it up in conversation, than it is distracting. It's the same with in the future nobody cares about races. They stopped caring about blacks, whites, Asians, etc and it was never really brought up because there is no racism in the human race of Star Trek...shouldn't the same apply to gays of the future in this story? If the story doesn't bring it up...then why bother?

    I remember an episode of DS9 where Dax was confronted with her previous life when she was a man and had a child through an affair and met the same woman and there were hints she still had romantic feelings despite being a different gender now, showing us the openness of sexual orientation. A previous Trill character in TNG that had Riker temporary accept a Trill who had feelings for Crusher, who ultimately didn't pursue a relationship because the Trill was then put into a body that is same sex with Crusher. People thought it was homophobic, but it didn't seem like the case behind the scenes.

    I am opened to having characters that are gay in fiction...but only if it is brought up. If it isn't brought up...why does it matter? If there isn't a story arc about the new Sulu having a same sex relationship then why bother? Other than because George Takei is gay...who has always played straight people throughout his career and has never let it bothered him.



  6. Stepping off the transport, Amuro check his padd for any updates. He was supposed to report in for training. Scrolling through the list of things to do, names of people to report to, etc. He looked up to behold the base from the nearby window.

    "Big station." He said to himself, then pulling up a map of the area to see where he needs to go. "But first, lunch."

    He changed course to the nearest restaurant to grab a bite to eat before starting his training op.

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