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  1. Hello, my name is Caleb Richardson, I'm from Deep East Texas but currently live a little ways outta Little Rock, AR. I discovered UFOP after googling a few roleplay sites. I am currently a high school senior, I am unemployed, and roleplay on multiple website. I you want to know which ones just message me.
  2. Carter Hall looked out the window of Starbase 118, and stared at Earth, a place he wouldn't visit for a long time, perhaps never(some Starfleet members never returned to Earth, either dying in the line of duty, or chose to retire to an alien or colony world). Carter pulled out a photograph of his late girlfriend, Jade, and their daughter, Naomi. "Naomi.," Carter thought. "I'll come back... some day." He turned around and made his way out of the hanger with all the other cadets. He stopped when he realized people were starring. How could they not? He had a reputation that wouldn't go away. In h
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