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  1. I feel that while the "no intervention" idea is probably the responsible one... you already let the wee beasty out of its cave, so you've already interfered. Technically. Scare the predator off and if it wants so come back and eat the fish, I guess that's the way it must be.
  2. While warp drive and transporters was really appealing, I decided to go with artificial gravity. The best thing about that is, you don't necessarily have to have the gravity flowing in a "downward" direction. Depending on what sort of space craft you build, you can have 4 different floors for people to walk on in the same room if you properly manipulate the gravity simulator. On top of that, I think our biggest issue in space (as of this moment) is dealing with the lack of gravity. Yeah, it makes moving large and heavy objects much easier, but we have a large number of health issues that humans experience without that force pulling down on you, thank to research done by NASA. Without gravity, there's an excessive amount of blood flow to the eyes, decreases in bone density from the lack of use, muscle mass decrease, and etc. If we were to have artificial gravity at our fingertips, I think that space would be more of an accessible frontier.
  3. Also a quick recognition for Wyn Foster, who set up the scene!
  4. ((USS Conny - Engineering)) ::A new song hummed in the seemingly never ending path; Jackal, Lumberjack. The rev of a chain saw presented its uniqueness in time with the vocals. One of their more dynamic titles. Rustyy flopped, more like fell due to gravity being stronger than him, onto his butt. He was really tired now, so much so that with engineering being closer, it looked like he would be crashing there for the night. That he would complain, he felt safer there, surrounded by non judgemental things. People could be judgy, equipment went unbiased. It took a few more breaths before he could breath without sounding like an asthmatic kid in gym class.:: Hael: ::looking up.:: You know wha's? ::he asked innocently.:: We is perdy .... Odd. I was tha' way no matter wha's, but I'm'a glad I ain' alone. ::he smiled softly.:: ::And he meant it. His shoulders sagged, as his body gave up trying to hold him up with good posture. Little beads of sweat rolled down from curly bangs.:: Foster: Yeah... odd... ::trailing off, he looked Rustyy dead on, blue eyes searching.:: Really? Hael: Real’y, real’y ::he spoke softly and comforting, like a boyfriend comforting his girlfriend, assuring her she looked good no matter what. Because - beauty was in the eye of the beholder. He gave Wyn a crooked boyish smile.:: Foster: Hey, I hate being alone, too. ::He admitted evenly.:: I'm glad you're here, even if you don't like running. ::Light groan. Correction, he hated running. But he like Wyn, so here he was, spending a sleepless night on a holodeck, running. He was going to sleep for the rest of shoreleave at this rate.:: Hael: I’m’a sure there be a few folks you’d be happier runnin’ with. ::light chuckle.:: ::He didn’t move when Wyn brought his face in closer to his. Just looked further into those blue eyes. He couldn’t help it, he had a soft spot for the pools that reflected depth and emotion. :: Foster: Nope, no one else on the ship that I'd rather be running through a holodeck with while deliriously tired. Hael: ::it was his turn to turn colors, red tinging his cheeks and ear tips.:: Me too. ::Well he could do without the running in general, but as it stands it wasn’t the worst thing. He smiled, eyelids just started to drop a little when suddenly he was being embraced by something warm. A hug. He froze for a micron of a second, before returning ten fold. He was surprised at the warmth that came from Wyn, and the strength he projected in the hug. There was a sudden swell building up just behind his eyes. Not from lack of hugs, he had a family that was all about that. And he’d hug just about anyone. No, they came from a dark, dusty, forgotten part of his mind. From an area that had been under lock and key and threatened to be burned down if it ever came out to bother him. Saved by the awkward bell, the black abyss retracted as the hold did. Rustyy joined in a coughing game. The only time running had done him any good, he was already flush from the physical activity so it was harder to tell he had been so close to tears. It was like a [...] being broken, both past issues and current stress and exhaustion compiled and compacted, finally given a chance to let loss. Foster: I, uh, think we should go to bed. ::cough, cough, he turned bright navy.:: Hael: ::pause.:: Yea’... You won’ tell no one’s ‘bout me sleepin’ ‘round righ’? ::he smirked and giggled a little. Is was a blessing and curse to have such an easy going, goldfish brain.:: Foster: Nope, I won't even tell anyone that you tuck in by the warp core. ::He pulled himself up, with a hefty grunt, groan, moan, huff, puff and sigh. His legs had turned to noodles, lower back stiffened, and eyes burned from unshed tears and being to dry. He stumble out after Wyn towards the exit of the holdeck.:: Hael: Eh, ::he shrugged on second thought.:: I reckon them’s couldn’ think any less of me. Foster: Get some sleep, Rustyy - I'll see you... like tomorrow morning. ::a fond wave:: Hael: You too’s Wynnie. ::he returned the wave.:: ::He stood still for a moment, watching after the Andorian. His legs were uncooperative and his brain functions minimal. There was just enough to get him back to his room, into the shower, and to the couch. A table top would have been just as comfortable. Emptiness consumed him, pulling him down into a dreamless sleep.:: ~~ Lieutenant Commander Rustyy Hael Chief Engineer USS Conny A239202RH0
  5. Uhura has always been an empowering figure in the Star Trek series, and as much as I love Spock and Data, I feel like they wouldn't be able to sympathize with their crowd! Uhura is very strong willed and kind towards other in all regards. She wouldn't take no for an answer, but she'd probably do it in a polite way lol
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