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  1. Well, I guess I overworked my character. When it said write, I wrote it from a different point of view. The problem is that the instructions never said you can only write your character's entrance only once. So like a crazed woman, I wrote my character from different ideas. Sorry
  2. HMMM its something to contemplate making captain. I have an idea for a ship, and a crew that goes back to the days of the "Perimeter Action Ships", and the Akyazi, Arbitur, class ships. Small 70 man ships able to warp at more than WF 15, included is a Cloaking devices (yes they had them)....And being a Elasian/Human now in charge of her own ship, the possibilities of doing more things begins to intrigue me....
  3. "Maayong adlaw - (have) a nice day), I'd like to say Hello. I recently joined SB118 and read up on what to do and now that I'm now accepted for training as a cadet, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Cameron, but you can call me Cam. The Monterey Peninsula is my home, but currently living in the City of Marina. I'm married with three grown sons, and three grandchildren. I've never played any of the games, HALO, GOW, COD, Battlefield or whatever there is for you guys to play. But recently I decided to join Starfleet International, and play the part of a Security Officer. Its ki
  4. News spreads fast on SB118, and when it involved another Starfleet officer a Cadet no doub, it didn't take long before Assistant Chief of Security; Lt Hamilton Burger arrived at the transporter station to await their rather very different and difficult new cadet to SB118. There were stories on the cadet, most of them glowing with very satisfactory marks on her tests, but her psychological test, and her Brigs Meyer Diagnostic test for interpersonal relationships were dismal, but as the psychologist at Starfleets Mental Health division said, her interpersonal relationships would in time get b
  5. How many times can we write the sceanario? Can you take your character and do multiple scenarios and ideas using your idea?
  6. Even though space was the same, the lighting system inside SB118 had been programmed to change to simulate an earth-like 24 hour day clock. For the 200 or so Cadets in their 4th year of training, they had been given the opportunity to actually pilot a starship to Starbase 118 for their final space flight exam. Now with a job well done, the Cadets had been granted eight hours of liberty to visit, and see a massive starbase at work. For T'Mir and ten of her classmates from College of Starfleet Security, their visit would be with the Chief of Starbase Security, Vice Admiral Janet Logan, who w
  7. For T'Mir it had been a long time in coming, Max Billard, had before he had his unfortunate accident at the hands of T'Mir had been on a Hit List on the Department of Diplomatic Security. Long known throughout the many inner circles of the DDS as the one man who had attempted to kill the Andorian Ambassador while in the company of the Federation Ambassador to Elas. With the aborted assassination attempt which left UFP Ambassadors seriously wounded, section 56 a little known but much feared section had been alerted. "Known in some circles as bounty hunters", they were even much powerful than
  8. For the Transporter Chief, today was a typical Monday morning in the office. Running one of the personnal transporters on Starbase 118, he had been at work for the last three hours, transporting people to and from various destinations on SB118. From people beaming over who had been to one of the several thousands of weekend parties all over Starbase 118, and were now nursing one hell of a hangover, to regular workers using the transporters to quickly head for their work stations, the day was going to be very interesting. During times when there wasn’t anything to do, Mr. Runyon
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