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  1. Flynn: ::Continuing to pace.:: No, I wont calm down. First he sends us to our death. Our death! But we come out on top, we handle the situation, we save lives, and this is the appreciation were shown?! ::He punched the wall, hard. A grimace crosses his features as pain shot through his already sore hand. Defeated and angry, he slammed himself down on the bench between his friends.:: and now my hand REALLY hurts. When Risians get mad...
  2. Whittaker: =/\= The security offices are just lovely. Well then.
  3. :Phrik wrapped his fingers around the final piece of glass, he’d left the largest one for last. He’d never really considered how cathartic extracting foreign objects by hand could be. This was what doctoring was all about. Highly focused transporters and scanners were all well and good, but there was nothing quite like feeling the flesh for yourself. You never truly understood biology until you’d dug around in someones guts with your hands. Felt the exact fleshy texture of the organs, watched how the fluids spurted and oozed, heard the satisfying sounds of an organic machine at work. These days it was all holograms, and display screens. Such a shame. He gave the piece a sharp tug, a jet of blood spurted outwards, staining his hands and cuffs before it was quelled by the regenerator. Now to move on to his hands:: A. Love Phrik. For real. B. ....yeah he's next for Ishani's forced therapy.
  4. Kasun: :: Kindly :: Sir, it’s not a personal weakness to be traumatized by what you went through. It is one to stubbornly refuse treatment that you know you need. Mic Dropped.
  5. ((Morty's Italian Eaterie - Ashalla Section, StarBase 118 Commercial Sector))(about thirty minutes ago)::It was the dawning calm just before the lunch rush at Morty's Italian Eaterie in the Ashalla District. It was also a beautiful day and the St. Mort family was expecting a fine turnout of customers ready to dine in the simulated sunshine.::Vivain St. Mort: Morty.... Morty... ::She called in a wavering tone while her hands were full of racks of freshly cut pasta:: Come here sweetie.Mortimer St. Mort: What is it sugarcakes? I'm trying to finish the pesto...Vivian: The wine cellar... it's... leaking...Mortimer: Leaking? ::The chopping stopped suddenly:: What do you mean leaking?::The broad shouldered, barrel chested form of Mortimer St. Mort appeared in the archway, his eyes full of careful curiosity at his wife's rather cryptic proclamation.::Vivian: ::She indicated the direction of the cellar floor with a thrust of her elbow:: Look for yourself!::Mortimer gasped. What he found exonerated his wife from being cryptic, but didn't bode well for his wine. A large spreading red stain leaked out from under the doorway. That probably mean something smashed or tipped over - but how? None of the staff were back there...::Mortimer: Who was back there?Vivian: Nobody I could see...::He picked up his big cast iron frying pan and stalked forward, grabbing the door and swinging it open in one mighty heave, baring the intruder to the light of the sun.::Duchess: ::Hiccup::Vivian: What IS that thing?::Mortimer narrowed his eyes. That was a very good question. It was a pig...dog...thing... It rather looked like a targ, but it was tiny and bright pink. And it had chewed open a cask of wine and from the red-stained snout it had been drinking heavily.::Mortimer: It DRANK MY WINE! ::He roared.::::Duchess perked her head up, saw the frypan and sensed danger. In another moment she made a mad dash directly through Mortimer St. Mort's legs and out into the street and towards freedom, leaving only a trail of wine soaked hoof prints behind...::~*~((Jumja Smiles Candy Shop - Ashalla District- StarBase 118 Commercial Center))(about twenty five minutes ago)::Little Sandy Waller loved the Jumja Smiles shop. It wasn't just because her best friend Geno Jinda's family owned the place. It was because it will filled with some of the most colorful, delicious and wonderful candies on the Starbase.She kicked her legs as she and Jinda sat on the picnic table outside the shop giggling about their latest holodeck adventure in the Forest of Imagination when an absolutely adorable little pink doggy wandered up::Sandy: Hello doggy! ::She waved a chubby hand at Duchess::Duchess: ::Gave an adorable little whine and sat down, looking up at the children with big, adorable, begging eyes.::Jinda: It's pink!::Sandy leaned down to pat the mane and Duchess reached forward. She was gentle, but determined to steal the girl's cotton candy::Sandy: Oh! ::She laughed a bit at the melting candy fluff on the targ's snout:: Do you like cotton candy, doggy?::Duchess grunted as if to say 'yes, she liked cotton candy very much.'::Sandy: So cute!::She held her stick downwards, letting Duchess greedily gulp at the fluffy confection.::Jinda: She really likes it! ::Hopping off the picnic table, trying to be oh-so-helpful:: I'll get more!Sandy: Hurry! It's almost gone!::Jinda rushed into the shop, nabbing a massive bag of multi-colored cotton candy from a store room shelf and running back.::Jinda: Here, here! This should keep her busy for a while!::If it kept their cute new pink friend occupied, Jinda would keep on bringing cotton candy until the shop ran out... or her parents noticed...::~*~((Alleyway - Ashalla District - StarBase 118 Ops))(about ten minutes ago)::Fun science fact! A targ's digestive system cannot process sucrose. The common Terran sugar is not present in Klingon habitats and therefore targs never encountered the substance in their natural diets. Sucrose passes directly through the digestive tract in a largely undigested state.::Kimmy: Look, Mommy, Unicorn poop!::Kimmy Kagiso looked up to her mother, waving her hand with delight at the large, fresh pile of rainbow colored dookie.Makena Kagiso stopped dead in her tracks, getting a whiff of the horrendous decomposing scent::Kagiso: Ugh! Kimmy, don't touch that! ::She waved her hand over her nose::Kimmy: But it's magical!Kagiso: Not the kind of magic you want to play with, Kimmy. ::She took a step forward to scoop the little girl up::Kimmy: But, unicorns, Mommy!Kagiso: Kimmy... ::She sighed:: Even the stuff that comes out the bottom end of unicorns isn't something we touch, OK?Kimmy: ::Big wide, innocent eyes:: But unicorns are real, right?Kagiso: Yes, Kimmy ::She sighed, giving in:: Yes they are...~*~((Golden Favor Pawn Shop - Ashalla District - StarBase 118))(five minutes ago)Lenk: Tog, get over here! Check this out!::The lanky young Ferengi nephew of Tog, the owner of the Golden Favor waved his favorite uncle over. Actually, Tog was the only family Lenk had left - his parents had been killed when he was just a child - they had been freighter owners killed on route to Bajor during the Dominion war. Lenk never knew them, but Tog had taught him all the rules of acquisition and how to hear profit in the breeze. And right now Lenk was listening to the silver bells of profit chiming in the wind.::Tog: ::He ambled over to where his nephew was gesticulating:: What? ::Looking down into the small green space behind the shop, he peered at a curiously snoring pink beasty:: Hey, that looks like a tasty dinner!Lenk: Uncle Tog! ::Lenk protested:: Don't you know what that is?Tog: ::Wondering if this was a trick question:: ...Bacon?::Which was quite possibly the best thing to come off of earth. It paired deliciously with beetle paste.::Lenk: ::Sighing:: No, uncle, it's a teacup targ. People pay a fortune for these things...Tog: ::He stopped and his massive ears perked up:: A fortune you say?Lenk: I do say. To the right buyers.Tog: ::Chuckling with good fortune:: Oh, my nephew, I have the right buyers. ::He looked back out into the yard.:: But you, son, you have to get the critter into a cage...::Of course Tog gave him the hard part, but Lenk had always risen to the challenge. He was smart for a Ferengi, and clever for a teenager. He was sure he could figure something out::Lenk: Ok, Uncle... watch this!~*~tbc...~*~Various NPCsCommercial SectorStarBase 118Simmed by: Sal Taybrim
  6. I never knew how much I needed this to be a thing, until it was a thing. Thank you Sal.
  7. ::The Doctor raised his third leg upwards, extending it into the path of the now fleeing officer. The man’s reactions were a second too slow, as he made to jump the offending appendage he was snagged by the foot, causing him to tumble face first onto the table in front of him. There was a tumultuous crash as glasses smashed and the table upended itself, depositing the man on the floor, accompanied by an audible snap of bone followed by a soft thud.:: Phrik. Totally my hero.
  8. Nix: I assure you, this will even put your Dinobot down. ::he nodded towards Tatash:: Not our Dinobot! 😮
  9. Flynn: Oh, uh...Look I didn't know she was your sister. Anyone else feel like this is foreshadowing of Flynn's legit last words..?
  10. Kinney: Her? ::That snapped him out of his reverie.:: Don't tell me it was my ex-wife. That makes SO much sense.
  11. Don't you eat my teacup Duchess!!! Shadonna goin' cut someone!
  12. Anyone check the local distilleries...? No...? Ok....
  13. This just keeps getting better and better. Fai's assessment of Kelly's appearance:
  14. ::He might've smiled at the careful way they had danced around saying that he looked like re-constituted targ-crap, but all he managed was a slight furrowing of his brow. :: Re-constituted Targ crap. Classic.
  15. Taybrim: Yes, there is more. Doctor Ezo, according to the Raskor rumor mill, is an incompetent surgeon who uses fiery bluster to cover up her lack of medical skills; He's onto me!!! 😮
  16. ::He finally let out the breath he had been holding, a sigh of frustration and pent up aggression. Sal was not a violent man, but he admitted to having lucid fantasies of punching Allan Kinney square in the jaw.:: Oh please let this be a thing....
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