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  1. Rozera: Affirmative, bacon is on the grill. ::The sound of her knuckles popping made it over the communicator.:: And the grill is hot. Nnnoooo!!!
  2. I TOLD you he would make a dashing pirate!!
  3. Aitas: Doctor Ezo? Your drink is ready. Anyone else have a request? New plan: see Mirra? Hand her alcohol.
  4. Tatash: Then I officially declare war on the Republic of Chair. Get up and come and have some bacon. death to the ottoman empire!!!....wait.
  5. Phrik: ::Dryly:: Good, though in this case I suppose I can turn a blind eye to it. did Dr. Grumpypants just make a joke?? 😮
  6. This description from Tatash: Look for the perpetually un-amused Vulcan. Is there any other Vulcan expression....?
  7. T'Jem: Your protests are noted and duly ignored ::T'Jem replied, shutting down the force-field and gripping him with a vice like grasp by the arm:: =/\= T'Jem to Columbia, two to beam to the brig. Vulcan efficiency at its finest.
  8. Ambassador Kalianna Nicholotti - Footfalls on Deckplates and Dangerous Missions; These are a Few of My Favorite Things... And I thought it would be hot coco. This is why she is a badass and I am not
  9. Tula: Drop the weap-::She was cut off by the discharge of Tyler's phaser. He was beyond verbal warnings. The stream of full-stun energy arced out of his Type 2 hand phaser and struck her squarely in the torso, obviously wounding her, but amazingly she managed to keep her feet. Whether she had some kind of armor, or her augmented body was just more powerful than he had anticipated, he couldn't be sure. But as she brought up her weapon and began to move, he dropped into cover behind a pillar.:: Hostage negotiations=Tyler Kelly style.
  10. Major Tatash: "Raskor Rating: 0/10, bad food, nearly assassinated, wouldn't go again" Trip reviews from real Gorn who have been there.
  11. Well I mean, he has THREE sleeves! He's gotta be hiding SOMETHING...right?
  12. MSNPC Commodore Kinney - I Hate Diplomats Pretty sure they hate you right back.
  13. Dal: =/\= I wanted you to know, if you can break away or send a team - Duchess has been in the area of the Bajoran temple fountain recently. It seems she was... bathing... there. =/\= Did...they just baptize a teacup Targ in a Bajoran fountain...?
  14. Ensign Aitas - Still Alive Always the goal!
  15. He swallowed dryly, starting to sense a hint of the bigger picture. In some ways he was impressed. It was clear that the crew of StarBase 118 had not just been sticking their noses into his business. They had been sticking their noses into everything like some crazed group of detective vigilantes one would read about in a holonovel. Kinney supposed they fancied themselves the heroes of their own little story. We like to think of ourselves as unfortunate bystanders in the worst luck competition ever.
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