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  1. Kasun: I have a PhD and an MD! I’ve written and published countless papers for over 65 years in neuroscience and psychiatry, fields that are far more fraught with potential ethical issues and vulnerable subjects than your field ever would. Do you really think that yours would be far more accepting of blood stained research than mine? Yeah!! Take THAT Mr. Macarina!!
  2. What did I say about letting Rustyy alone in Engineering?!
  3. Rustyy and Flynn will get along just fine.
  4. If that witch of a Bolian bombs my Sickbay, I'm taking her down with my bare hands.
  5. Martantathru: Let me stop you right there, ::he spoke tiredly to Mirra.:: I understand how easy it is to become infatuated with… someone like myself, but honestly. ::he set his hand on his chest..:: You don’t have to worry about my safety. ....I'm sorry Captain, I have no idea HOW he got shoved into the warp core...must have been a terrible accident....
  6. Come on in!! Just...uh...avoid Flynn's room for...obvious reasons....
  7. Martantathru: Good! ::he barked out.:: I hope Chennel finds us. Then I wouldn't have to deal with you and I could go back to work. That's it. I'm punching him. Out an airlock.
  8. ::Rustyy scrunched up his nose. He didn’t mind much, but ugly ladies feeling up his girlfriend was something he did mind. Those were his engines! Well property of Starfleet, commanded by Sally, and he was just maintenance man but still - that was his lady friend. Not that he’d slept with her or anything… Yet.:: Um...no one let Rustyy be alone in engineering...ever.
  9. Ezo: ::grumbling:: Hate coffee...never again..::grimacing slightly:: You're beard is scratchy. How do you live with scratchy hair all over...? Nijil: ::completely deadpan.:: It’s grown on me. ::the painful tongue-in-cheek comment was to much to pass up.::
  10. Chennel: This station is now under new management. Can we file a complaint against that...like...forever?
  11. Step One: Drink your weight in Romulan Ale Step Two:...I don't really remember....
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