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  1. Both @Lephi and @Toryn Raga have done such a beautiful job at developing this culture from an idea on paper into a living, breathing complexity of life. Yet another fine example of the deepening of who these people are by @Lephi. Keep up the amazing work!


    ((ooc: Warning, this sim deals with some difficult subjects of oppression and colonialism. Read at your own preference.))


    ((Mosh’ka Alet Camp, Eladar IV (Fari), Deep underground)) 


    Qalipu’fari had walked the visiting aliens out of the main cavern. The caves all around him filled with screams of despair, most of which came from his own people. He offered little in the way of goodbyes to the released prisoners beyond a simple ruffling of his feathers. The man had tried to speak, but found his voice choked in a sob and only a light gasp escaped.


    He turned and headed back to the main cavern, beginning what felt like a slow march to his death. Tears welled in his eyes as he contemplated the life that had brought him here. He had never known freedom, not really. From a young age he was expected to answer to the Feladoni, or face the consequences. It hadn’t always been easy, and his political success within the Awane settlement had an unintended impact on her family who faced increased isolation from the Mekra’fari who judged his borderline fe’jit behaviour. 


    Stepped on from one side, shunned and cast out from the other for his increasing volatility, Qalipu had no real choice in the matter when word had come from deep within the caves with talks of rebellion. The sounds of weapons firing jarred him back to the present moment, and the ever growing threat of danger. As he neared the gathered avians again, he heard Katnar’fari making an impassioned plea.



    Katnar’fari: Steady. These fe’jit (honorless) mean to take from Fari’s heart. Slain those born of her womb. We are Mekra’fari (Children of Mother), and we will not let them harm this sacred place. This is our day. Or honored death. 



    As Qalipu made his way through the gathered Mekra’fari, he made eye contact for a brief moment with Katnar’fari. He picked up his rifle and thought back to the pledge he had made to her when he had first come to the caves.


    Fari is strong. We are strong.

    Fari is resilient. We are resilient.

    Together the children save the Mother.


    (She Has Faith)


    The words reverberated in his head, the only sound he could hear. Everyone was watching the tunnel, waiting for whatever evil was headed their way. He positioned himself behind a stalagmite and aimed the barrel of his own weapon at the opening as well. Having seen the damage that the intruder’s weapons could do, he wasn’t sure the rock he stood behind would do much to save him. Sudden beams of light cut through the darkness of the cave and his throat tensed up. First one figure appeared and his finger hovered over the trigger. This was it. All these years of planning, plotting, and dreaming, and the fight to save Fari wasn’t even against the people who deserved it the most. He shook off the creeping self doubt and steadied his aim. Through the scope she could see two men standing in the entry and had just a brief moment to process it before the cavern filled with the sound of weapons fire once more. 


    A horrible stench filled the air, unlike anything Qalipu had ever smelled before and the colour drained from his face as he realised he was smelling his friends and colleagues being struck by the invader’s disrupter beams. His stomach turned and he doubled over, sliding into a sitting position against the stalagmite. Sounds of war filled his ears. He could hear his people bravely laying their lives on the line, and he was stuck here frozen from fear. All the planning in the world could not have prepared him for the harsh realities of the real thing. His cheeks glistened and he poked his shaking head out from behind the rock to survey the battlefield. 


    He was in a state of pure shock seeing all of the bodies strewn over the cave floor, and the air was thick with a smoke he had no desire to find the origin of. It had all happened so fast. 

    A loud bang echoed through the cave and before he had a chance to think about it, he found himself thrown up against the cave wall. A rocky outcrop pierced his wiing and he cried out, looking around to assess the damage.


    Qalipu’fari: Katnar! Are you okay? 


    Katnar’fari: I’ll be fine. We cannot stop...there are more. ::She winced, feeling her fur a bit singed:: 


    He did his best to free his wing from the wall and braced his legs as he fell the last foot or so to the floor. He was alert now, the pain had enraged him, allowing him to overcome his fear. He wasted little time, and after tucking his damaged wing in behind him, began fighting the nearest Caraadian. 



    Katnar’fari: The Song Shards!! ::She yelled to alert her kin to the danger and rushed to the sacred cave:: 


    The elder Mekra’fari’s words made his heart sink. The song shards were one of the things the Mekra’fari considered most sacred. It was bad enough that she had shown the peaceful outsiders, and now this invading scum was going to defile the sacred cave. As he rushed to the cave, he was outraged to see several of them attempting to rip sound shards from the walls. He fired several shots into the crowd to get their attention and noticed two of the beings drop to the floor, stunned. He had only hit one of them, and turned to find the source of the second shot just in time to see Katnar’fari struck and isolated. 

    Before he could make his way over to his troubled friend, two more Caraadians flanked him with their guns pointed right at him. He threw himself at the invader to his right first, swinging the butt of the barrel of the gun in an upwards motion causing him to stumble backwards. In the lull while the man regained his footing, Qalipu quickly pointed his rifle at the other man and pulled the trigger. He didn’t have a chance to refocus on the other man before an intense noise pierced the air. The armed invaders dropped to their knees and blood began leaking from their ears. Strange, he thought to himself, the song was quite beautiful today.


    He closed his eyes, and let the sound wash over him. In that moment, there was peace. Images of Kinikwejit’fari and others that had fallen not just today but everyday under the oppressive Feladoni regime floated in front of her eyes. The bodies of the last remaining Caraadians hit the dirt around her and the thump that each one made brought a name of the fallen to his lips.


    Qalipu’fari: ::Thud:: Kinikwejit’fari. ::Thud:: Aplekemu'fari ::Thud:: Sasqatu'fari. 


    There was a brief pause before he continued. He opened his eyes and looked to the ceiling, bringing his elbows together and extending his hand upwards in a V as he spoke.


    Qalipu’fari: Iga'lul, nigmaq. (I release you, my family)



    ((Small timeskip))


    He opened his eyes and wiped his tear-stained face. Looking around he noticed Katnar slumped over on the ground and ran over to help. As he got closer, he noticed that the more peaceful aliens had returned at some point. He had been too distracted to notice before, but found himself thankful they had decided to come back.


    Qalipu’fari: ::Resigned:: Please. I know I’ve no right to ask it, but she needs your help!



    Snow/Levinson/Rosek/Any: response



    He stood and watched as the visitors tended to his friend,, quietly praying as they worked. He breathed a big sigh of relief when she came too again.


    Katnar’fari: Fari…::She gasped:: What happened? 



    Qalipu’fari: I could ask you the same thing. Those Car-aad-eens have been dispatched for now. I have a feeling more will come now though.


    Katnar’fari: Response


    Snow/Levinson/Rosek/Any: response


    Qalipu’fari: I know you have a non-interference rule, but you never did answer our question. What if somebody from the world ::emphasizes word:: asks for your assistance.


    Snow/Levinson/Rosek/Katnar’fari/Any: response


    Qalipu’fari: I fear for Fari now. Our lives will never be the same, and now we have more hostiles to worry about.


    Snow/Levinson/Rosek/Katnar’fari/Any: response


    Qalipu’fari: Again, on behalf of my people. Wela'lin, na ta'n teliula'lin. (Thank you, I do well by you)


    Snow/Levinson/Rosek/Katnar’fari/Any: response


    Awane'jit Qalipu'fari
    Awane'jit Tribal Leader
    Mekra’fari Equality Movement
    As simmed by,


    Lieutenant JG Lephi
    Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
    Community History Team Member
    Chat Team Member
    Wiki Team Member
    USS Chin'toka NCC-97187
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  2. I just love the glimpse we get at the emotional rollercoaster Noa goes through as she works through what she's seeing and hearing. Such a beautifully complex character. Amazing, @Noa T'Nessa Levinson. Keep up the amazing writing. :)


    ((Ladonnik Nature Preserve, Eladar IV))


    Katnar’fari: This is why we have taken you. This is what my people have lived with for centuries since the Feladoni realized that if they do not openly attack us, we won’t resist. Because they know they cannot beat us in battle. They never have.


    Noa nodded once again. She believed she could understand the dynamics, at least from the Mekra’fari’s perspective. Yet, one piece of the puzzle still eluded her.


    Qalipu’fari: Doesn't stop them from trying though ::beat:: This will. Now they will have to listen.


    Snow: I still don't get it…


    Levinson: I see. Yet I am still puzzled as to how... taking us would be of help.


    Rosek: ::pauses and turns to Katnar’fari and Qalipu’fari:: If I’m correct, you believe that we are here to aid the Feladoni? That we are a threat and the means by which the Feladoni can completely overpower you?


    Qalipu’fari: The Feladoni will not want to risk angering your people. They know they cannot beat us, but nobody on Fari knows your capabilities. They'll take you seriously.


    Katnar’fari: You arrive on our world shortly after we reach into the stars and have already spoken to the Feladoni in charge of the test flight. You clearly have technology and understanding beyond our own and I know the Feladoni would not willingly include us in talks with such visitors. We have to be sure we can protect our people, even if they won’t raise a hand to protect themselves.


    Levinson: I see. ::Beat:: I suppose there is a logic in that.


    Snow: A few moments ago your people were complying with the Feladoni and wouldn’t resist. The Feladoni haven’t proceeded any differently, but you gave your people an order to fight back. Not that I disagree, it’s your world, but what changed?


    It certainly was a valid question. What did the Mekra’fari consider the border between peaceful cooperation and resistance? Looking at the two Mekra’fari, Noa waited patiently for the response.


    Qalipu’fari: ::curtly:: Your arrival, of course.


    Katnar’fari: The Mekra’fari you saw fighting back were those who’ve chosen to risk being marked with dishonor in order to bring about change to our people. We are willing to become pariahs, ‘jit,  in order to give our children, my children and others, a chance for a life where we are not viewed as lesser. Or as pets.


    Snow: And you didn’t fight back sooner because?


    Noa turned to face Snow after she asked that question. Was she… inciting them? Questioning who they were?


    Qalipu’fari: Mesgei' (I am sorry), Ma'am, we do things differently here.


    Katnar’fari: Because some of us have had enough. I want my children to be able to live alongside Feladoni without being marginalized, only able to do the work that the Feladoni tell them they can do because they aren’t seen as smart enough, capable enough. Even though the willing take the metals we create to build their cities and use our scientists and engineers to build their Spacefold ship and the satellites in orbit to provide global communication.


    Snow: Apparently we have different definitions of violence and self-defense.


    oO That is for sure. Oo


    Rosek: I admire you, Katnar’fari, for your integrity under duress. I cannot imagine it has been easy to hold to your beliefs given the circumstances. However, I hope you understand that it goes against the primary law governing myself and my officers to interfere in the natural development of a society.


    Rosek seemed to attempt to shift the conversation to a less charged subject. Perhaps it was not that bad of an idea.


    Qalipu’fari: ::under her breath:: That much is clear. ::turning to Rosek:: I think you'll find that you don't have much of a say in the matter this time.


    Katnar’fari: I have had to sacrifice some of my beliefs to try and change things. I accept this. The dishonor I bring is my own. All of us here are among the dishonored now. But we will not sacrifice everything that we are if there’s a better way. I do not wish us to become like the Feladoni. ::She sighed softly:: Are you not interfering just by being here on our world? 


    Levinson: Usually, when a civilization achieves faster than light travel, we perform first contact. Introduce ourselves.


    In this situation, however, that did not exactly go well. At all.


    Snow: Response


    While this was not Noa’s first close brush with the Prime Directive, it was certainly the most direct one she has had.


    Rosek: ::inclines her head:: It prevents officers from abusing their position for personal gain. The Prime Directive has served us well over the centuries since its inception.


    Indeed. Its very existence was not only beneficial for security purposes, but also for research - by studying pre-warp civilizations without interference, one learned about their own past.


    Katnar’fari: And if someone in that society asks for help?


    Qalipu’fari: Or demands it?


    Noa opted to remain silent on that one. Looking over to Commander Rosek, she hoped she had a better answer than herself.


    Snow/Rosek: Responses


    ((Mini Time Jump))


    Suddenly, the noise in the room beyond stopped. Immediately looking at the monitors, she saw a small group enter the main area. They were neither Feladoni nor Mekra’fari, that was for sure. They were not of their own either.


    Levinson: Who are these?


    Snow: Response


    Rosek: ::nods:: Caraadians. But what are they doing here?


    Caraadians. This region was close to their space, was it not? As for what they were doing here… there were multiple options. Considering her limited understanding of them, she did not assume they were exactly interested in first contact.


    Qalipu’fari: ::sounding the word out:: Car-aad-eens?


    Katnar’fari: You say that as if these are not from your own people. Are they not from your crew here to rescue you?


    Levinson: They are not.


    Snow: Response


    Qalipu’fari: More of your coalition?


    Katnar’fari: They are armed. If they are not here for you, then why have they come? 


    The weapons discharge that was heard echoed through the caves. Looking at the monitors again, she saw that Caraadians… simply disintegrating them. They definitely were not there for a first contact, that was for sure.


    Considering the system’s and planet’s properties, and the blatant disregard to local life, there was really only one explanation Noa could deem logical.


    Feeling a bit of feeling building up, she knew she had to take a moment to calm herself down again. What did she feel? Was it anger? Fear? Disgust? A combination of them? Whatever feelings she was experiencing, they just yearned to slip outside of her shell, escape her cover. That wasn’t something she was going to allow.


    Taking a long, deep breath of the cave air, she closed her eyes and focused her mind on remaining neutral, and saving those feelings for later. It was still not the time for emotions. Now was the time for logic. Logic and neutrality. Opening her eyes, she looked directly at the two bat-people. Her brow was slightly more furrowed than it was before.


    Levinson: They are not of our coalition. I believe the most likely reason for their presence is your world, not you.


    Snow / Rosek: Responses


    Qalipu’fari: What do they want with Fari and her people?


    Katnar’fari: Fari save us!!...they...they destroyed her. Her body...there’s nothing left for us to free her spirit. They destroyed her spirit. She can’t join our ancestors. 


    oO Without even a proper burial. Oo


    Levinson: My belief is that they are here for mining. Dilithium, the crystals you have shown us, is an important component for faster than light travel.


    oO Belief?! How is that even logical?! Focus, Noa! FOCUS! Oo


    Noa slightly shook her head sideways as she took another deep breath. It simply wasn’t helping. She needed to focus, and yelling at herself to focus was certainly not going to do that.


    Snow / Rosek: Responses


    Katnar’fari: Go, you’ve seen what the Feladoni don’t wish even their own kind to see. How they relocate us. You must survive to tell the truth..please. ::Her voice cracked slightly as she spoke, still in shock:: I know you said you cannot interfere, but please, if you die while under our care then it will bring even more destruction to our world. I would not wish to see Fari burn because your people might seek revenge or justice for your deaths.


    Noa looked at the bat-like woman directly in the eyes. She could see her desperation. Her acknowledgement of defeat. Facing death. All they went through - from forced relocation to kidnapping literal aliens - so they could have a chance for true, moral freedom. And just like that, it was just going to be blown away in mere moments by a group of supposed “miners” who saw the planet, the system, as nothing but a collection of molecules.


    Telling this story… would not be simple. As it stood, they didn’t really stand a chance. She had hoped for a better resolution, but with what she knew at the time, there wasn’t one. They stood no chance without phasers.


    Levinson: ::Without sound:: I will.


    Snow / Rosek: Responses


    Qalipu’fari: We can get you safely to the edge of our cave, if you need.


    Shaking her head slightly, Noa tried to shove her feelings to the side slightly.


    Levinson: I believe that would be adequate. ::Beat:: We still require our technology, however.


    It wasn’t exactly an easy request to make, but they couldn’t just go blind without their tricorders… Not with the danger of being shot to dust. Not to speak about their combadges...


    Snow / Rosek / Katnar’fari: Responses


    Qalipu’fari: We have caused you much harm, this is the least we can do.


    Levinson: ::Nodding:: I understand.


    Snow / Rosek / Katnar’fari: Responses


    Qalipu’fari: As Katnar'fari has said, please. Tell our story.


    Noa bowed slightly in the Mekra’fari’s direction. She couldn’t exactly bring herself to say a goodbye of some kind without breaking her cover down too much, so she opted to remain silent.


    Snow / Rosek: Responses


    With their technology back, the team was on its way back to the surface. Noa kept scanning for Caraadians consistently as they went, feeling a lot more comfortable with a scanning instrument and a torch to light the way.


    Levinson: The metals around us interfere with my scans. I cannot get a clear reading of lifesigns.


    Snow / Rosek: Responses


    Levinson: I do not believe it will take us long to reach the surface.


    Rosek: Response


    Levinson: ::Turning around:: Commander?


    Snow / Rosek: Responses


    Levinson: ::Still considering what Commander Rosek said:: I... see, Commander. Very well.


    Snow / Rosek: Responses


    Lieutenant JG Noa T'Nessa Levinson
    Science Officer
    USS Chin'toka
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  3. There has been some truly amazing writing for our current mission, but this was so beautifully written. It really hit me in the feels. 😢


    ((ooc: Warning, this sim deals with some difficult subjects of oppression and colonialism. Read at your own preference.))

    ((Mosh’ka Alet Camp, Eladar IV (Fari), Deep underground))


    She noted how their leader remained silent, likely just letting them slake their own curiosity rather than asking her own questions. The reserved nature of this woman further confirmed her belief that she must be some sort of Chief among her people. 


    Katnar’fari: This is quite...interesting but we know the Feladoni. They take from Fari without care most of the time. They do not respect her for what she provides all of us. 


    Qalipu’fari: Responses


    Rosek: ::smiles and nods:: I can appreciate the care you show for Fari. My mother’s people quite nearly destroyed our home through thoughtless actions. However, that changed centuries ago. We are much more enlightened and strive to take care of what we have been blessed with.


    Katnar’fari: The way you speak, you are of two different peoples? Born of two worlds and two different species? 


    She asked and looked to Qalipu’fari and the others. Such a thing would be the ultimate vision of equality. Where peoples could truly join together completely in every way. Such a thing must be a wonderful thing to live with. She hoped that one day her own kin could know such prosperity. 


    Qalipu’fari: Response


    Rosek: ::smiles and nods:: I am both Human and Al-Leyan. My mother is from Earth and my father is from a world called Leya-I. They met through her service in an organization called Starfleet.


    Snow: As am I. It’s quite common amongst our quadrant of the universe. 


    Qalipu’fari: Response


    Rosek: ::shakes her head:: Not at all. Our interest in your world is scientific in nature. But we wouldn’t dream of taking or harming your natural resources without your explicit consent. 


    Katnar’fari: Of this we only have your word, but that for now is all we can judge you on. Your future actions will show your true intent in time. 


    Qalipu’fari: Responses


    Levinson: ::Inclining her head:: Quite logical.


    Katnar’fari: I must ask, Lieutenant Commander Rosek. Your eyes. They are quite remarkable. They did not look like this outside, but here, they glow. Can you see better in the dark? 


    Rosek: It’s one of the perks, yes. The glow is especially prominent when the light makes contact, such as with fire or a handheld light source.


    The Mekra’fari woman smiled warmly and gestured for the group of prisoners to follow her a few steps. To the large cavern she had been meditating in before, with the hundreds if not thousands of crystals all gleaming in the light. Reflecting the lighting from the larger chamber where her people gathered in a dazzling array of colors. They called them star crystals for the way they twinkled like the stars in the sky when exposed to light. Others might call them by another name. Dilithium. 


    Kantar’fari: I think you will appreciate this then. 


    Qalipu’fari: Responses


    Snow: Wow.. ::she looked at it in awe::


    Rosek: ::whispers:: This is incredible.


    Levinson: Those are dilithium crystals…


    The wonder and surprise from the trio, as well as the recognition suggested that what they were seeing was known to them and also of some value potentially. She made note of this observation. 


    Katnar’fari: Dilithium? We do not know this word. What..


    She was interrupted by the sudden subharmonic vocalization that rang out in the chamber. A cry of alarm from one of her people. All the Makra’fari in the room suddenly looked to the younger one standing by a computer with rows of monitors. 


    Youth: Chief! They’ve begun the relocation early!


    Her heart sank when she heard the announcement and she rushed over to the male who had given her the alert. The larger monitor that was affixed to several stalactites descending from the ceiling. As it turned on Katnar shifted her view to the screen and the older Mekra’fari scowled. 


    As she watched the slightly static filled image shifted as if being held by someone moving. In it, dozens and dozens of Feladoni security personnel dragged Mekra’fari from their homes. Men, women and children. Some not even being permitted enough time to gather their things before being forced out of their caves and surface dwellings and into many, multiple wheeled vehicles for transport to the new ‘reservation’ that their oppressors had deemed a better place for them to live. None of the Mekra’fari seen did anything to resist. 


    Qalipu’fari: Responses


    Snow: They’re not even resisting.


    Rosek: ::murmurs:: Oppression can have unseen psychological impacts, Lieutenant.


    Katnar’fari: They will not resist. ::She said in a somber tone:: My people view any violent act not done out of self defense to be abhorrent. It’s why we here are shunned. 


    Qalipu’fari: Responses


    Rosek: ::nods:: A difficult choice.


    The elder chief gave a curt nod. 


    Katnar’fari: ::She picked up the mic for the radio transmitter:: Now, strike at them when they enter the caves. No more. We can’t let them dictate where we can and can’t live any longer. Do not kill them if you can help it. 


    The Mekra’fari set the mic down and watched as the image showed dozens of Mekra’fari suddenly emerging from shadows of caverns, taking down the security like ghosts. Or openly firing their disruptors at them. One even shrieked at a pair of soldiers when his weapon was damaged beyond use and disabled the pair from the sonic waves unleashed on them, though Katnar knew it would mean intense pain for that young warrior. It was a brutally fierce few dozen minutes, but when it was all over, all of the Feladoni were dispatched, with only a scant few casualties. 


    Qalipu’fari: Responses


    Katnar’fari: This is why we have taken you. This is what my people have lived with for centuries since the Feladoni realized that if they do not openly attack us, we won’t resist. Because they know they cannot beat us in battle. They never have. 


    Qalipu’fari: Responses


    Snow: I still don't get it…


    Levinson: I see. Yet I am still puzzled as to how... taking us would be of help.


    Rosek: ::pauses and turns to Katnar’fari and Qalipu’fari:: If I’m correct, you believe that we are here to aid the Feladoni? That we are a threat and the means by which the Feladoni can completely overpower you? 


    Qalipu’fari: response


    Katnar’fari: You arrive on our world shortly after we reach into the stars and have already spoken to the Feladoni in charge of the test flight. You clearly have technology and understanding beyond our own and I know the Feladoni would not willingly include us in talks with such visitors. We have to be sure we can protect our people, even if they won’t raise a hand to protect themselves. 


    Levinson: I see. ::Beat:: I suppose there is a logic in that.


    Snow: A few moments ago your people were complying with the Feladoni and wouldn’t resist. The Feladoni haven’t proceeded any differently, but you gave your people an order to fight back. Not that I disagree, it’s your world, but what changed? 


    Qalipu’fari: response 


    The chieftain gave the woman a warm, motherly child for a moment. She could tell there was innocence there behind the comment and the eyes staring at her. It reminded her of her own children. She wanted to give them a world where they could keep that innocence. 


    Katnar’fari: The Mekra’fari you saw fighting back were those who’ve chosen to risk being marked with dishonor in order to bring about change to our people. We are willing to become pariahs, ‘jit,  in order to give our children, my children and others, a chance for a life where we are not viewed as lesser. Or as pets. 


    Snow: And you didn’t fight back sooner because?


    She heard the tone and looked to the woman with a determined gaze. 


    Katnar’fari: Because some of us have had enough. I want my children to be able to live alongside Feladoni without being marginalized, only able to do the work that the Feladoni tell them they can do because they aren’t seen as smart enough, capable enough. Even though the willing take the metals we create to build their cities and use our scientists and engineers to build their Spacefold ship and the satellites in orbit to provide global communication. 


    Qalipu’fari / Levinson: Responses


    Snow: Apparently we have different definitions of violence and self-defense. 


    The frills along her neck rippled slightly causing the fur to bristle slightly at the intonation of the young woman’s comment. She wondered how this one could understand if she lived in a world where all were considered equal, she likely had never been viewed as anything ‘lesser.’ 


    Rosek: I admire you, Katnar’fari, for your integrity under duress. I cannot imagine it has been easy to hold to your beliefs given the circumstances. However, I hope you understand that it goes against the primary law governing myself and my officers to interfere in the natural development of a society. 


    Katnar’fari: I have had to sacrifice some of my beliefs to try and change things. I accept this. The dishonor I bring is my own. All of us here are among the dishonored now. But we will not sacrifice everything that we are if there’s a better way. I do not wish us to become like the Feladoni. ::She sighed softly:: Are you not interfering just by being here on our world? 


    Qalipu’fari / Snow / Levinson: Responses



    Rosek: ::inclines her head:: It prevents officers from abusing their position for personal gain. The Prime Directive has served us well over the centuries since its inception. 


    Katnar’fari: And if someone in that society asks for help? 


    Qalipu’fari / Snow / Levinson /  Rosek: Responses


    ((Mini Time Jump))


    Suddenly, the noise in the room beyond stopped. Katnar was keenly aware of it as were all of the Mekra’fari within as they were especially sensitive to changes in noise, sound and sonic vibrations. She tensed immediately and looked to the monitors, to her shock she saw unfamiliar faces. Clearly not Feladoni, perhaps more of these aliens. They must have used their advanced technology to find them and were trying to free them. 


    Snow/Levinson: Responses


    Rosek: ::nods:: Caraadians. But what are they doing here?


    The question from the alien leader was surprising and she looked to the glowing eyes of the female officer. 


    Katnar’fari: You say that as if these are not from your own people. Are they not from your crew here to rescue you?


    Qalipu’fari / Snow / Levinson / Rosek: Responses


    The revelation that they had a species of highly advanced peoples with a civilization of their own closeby Fari was as shocking and unnerving as seeing these aliens for the first time had been. She couldn’t have comprehended before just how large the universe was but she was beginning to see that they were just a small, small speck in a grander scheme. 


    Katnar’fari: They are armed. If they are not here for you, then why have they come? 


    Dozens of sub-harmonic vocalizations resounded through the chamber as word from one of their scouts reached them. Shortly after the unmistakable sound of a weapon discharge not their own echoed through the caves. One the monitors, she caught glimpse of one of their guards trying to make contact in warning for these Caraadians to halt and watched her being gunned down by several of them in a hail of energy discharges. Several gasps echoed through the cavern as they all watched the Mekra’fari not just die, but was completely reduced to ash. 


    Katnar had never witnessed such a weapon in use and she instantly felt a wave of panic and fear well up in her gut, causing her fur to bristle while she cried out in anguish. Their body was gone, destroyed, which meant their spirit could not be properly freed from the body. 


    Qalipu’fari / Snow / Levinson / Rosek: Responses


    Katnar’fari: Fari save us!!...they...they destroyed her. Her body...there’s nothing left for us to free her spirit. They destroyed her spirit. She can’t join our ancestors. 


    Qalipu’fari / Snow / Levinson / Rosek: Responses


    The sound of weapons fire echoed through the caves as her people fought back. Their sonic disruptors at least seemed effective against these aliens. But their weapons utterly destroyed those they struck and there were so many of them. She only had two dozen Mekra’fari with her in the camp. Holding her rifle weakly in her hands she looked to the glowing eyed woman. 


    Katnar’fari: Go, you’ve seen what the Feladoni don’t wish even their own kind to see. How they relocate us. You must survive to tell the truth..please. ::Her voice cracked slightly as she spoke, still in shock:: I know you said you cannot interfere, but please, if you die while under our care then it will bring even more destruction to our world. I would not wish to see Fari burn because your people might seek revenge or justice for your deaths. 


    Qalipu’fari / Snow / Levinson / Rosek: Responses



    Lofali’jit Katnar’fari

    Formal Tribal Leader

    Leader of the Mekra’fari Equality Movement


    As simmed humbly by 


    Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga 

    Second Officer/SOR Team Leader/Acting FO

    USS Chin'toka NCC-97187

    PodCast Team Member

    Training Team Member

    Chin'toka Staff Member

    Writer ID: A239410TR0



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  4. A fun little look at our lower decks by the Chin'toka's Noa Levinson. :) Thank you for an entertaining interlude, @Noa T'Nessa Levinson



    ((Port Observation Lounge, Deck 6, USS Chin’toka))


    Kisau was quite excited after her shift. While she wasn’t involved in that work directly, she’s heard some… curious chatter among the more superior officers. A first contact with a new species! Even without a lot of details, that was really exciting. She only graduated a few weeks ago and the ship was already getting ready for a first contact?! That was just awesome.


    She entered the lounge, still in uniform, and headed directly for the replicator to order something to eat. A burrito sounded good.


    With her food in hand, she spotted a familiar face she befriended. She waved at him with a smile.


    Pes: Oh hey, Brian! Mind if I sit with you?


    Stenner: ::Gesturing to the chair opposite:: Not at all, please.


    She quickly paced over to the table, and took a seat while placing the tray on the table.


    Pes: Thanks. ::Wrapping her right hand around her burrito:: You heard some of the first contact chatter going around?


    Stenner: ::With a wry grin:: Only hearsay and musings, though Doctor Snow did brief us before she left. She seemed particularly concerned about bringing back unknown pathogens, so I've been setting up the quarantine procedures all afternoon. Still - First contact with a brand new race! Very exciting.


    Pes: ::Grinning, obviously excited:: I know, right? I don’t even have a lot of details and it sounds awesome!


    Stenner: Did you just come off shift?


    Kisau nodded, still somewhat excited.


    Pes: Yep. Figured I’ll grab myself something to eat before catching some rest in my quarters.


    The two kept chatting a bit more about various subjects, including the first contact - she was still really excited by it, and she was sure it was gonna stay there for a while. She definitely looked forward to how it was going to turn out.


    Ensign Kisau Pes
    Science Officer
    USS Chin'toka
    As simmed by
    Lieutenant JG Noa T'Nessa Levinson
    Science Officer
    USS Chin'toka
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  5. A great post from Lephi introducing a new species for our current mission. The writer really does a fantastic job of setting things up and digging into what makes this race so unique. An enjoyable read. :D
    ((Mosh’ka Alet Camp, Eladar IV (Fari), Deep underground))
    The Mosh'ja Alet camp was quite stunning to see. The complex leant itself to a natural beauty, set deep under the surface. The camp was a labour of love that had been born of a desperate necessity. It was already well established by the time that Qalipu had first set foot in it, beckoned to the cause by Katnar'fari. Hesitation had never crossed his mind when the message came from the longstanding ally. He was tired of the Feladoni pushing his people around, and as he sat at a table in the strategic defense room, deep within the complex, he thought back to when he received her message.
    ((Flashback - 1.5 Years Ago - Awane'jit Reservation)) 
    Things had largely been calm as of late. It seemed the Feladoni had placed his people out of sight and out of mind. Unfortunately, it was not as easy for Qalipu to forget as he sat at his desk remembering the atrocities of Moving Day, which is what the Feladoni called the day they forcibly and bloodily relocated his people to this unforgiving subterranean land. The technology and knowledge they possessed made their living situation more palatable, but still Qalipu longed for the freedom he had not long ago experienced.
    Anger and frustration boiled dangerously close to the surface of the man. Aggression was frowned upon in their society, a fact which he routinely found himself at odds with. The Feladoni took advantage of their kind and trusting nature to exploit them for their own gain, and he was tired of it. He stared down at the message that had come through for him from Katnar'fari, a leader from a long trusted and allied tribe. It was vague, but he was intrigued and knew he had to reach out to her for answers. His people deserved as much.
    ((Two days later)) 
    He had gathered his most trusted associates together to say his goodbyes. He picked up his satchel, containing the few belongings he planned to bring with him on the trek, and addressed the crowd that had assembled.
    Qalipu'fari: Friends, loved ones. I go, not of desire, but of necessity. I cannot promise that major change will come from this. Jiptug (hopefully) this changes things for us. Though I hope to see you all again, I know I may never. 
    He walked towards the door, the crowd parting for him as he passed. Once he reached the entrance, he turned back to face them all once more.
    Qalipu'fari: Welaʼlin, nigmaq (Thank you, my family) 
    He turned and walked out, deeper into the caverns. 
    ((End flashback)) 

    As he freed himself from the memories he was experiencing, Qalipu stood and headed to the main chamber of the camp. He decided that some socializing would do him good, after the negative memories. He found the room bustling with activity.

    Ethas’fari: The launch was successful and the pilot returned to the Spacefold Travel Complex. ::They seemed marginally excited:: They are cheering in the streets, but there is no mention of our contributions at all. None! 
    Katnar’fari: Did you expect there to be, Ethas? ::She said sagely:: We only mined the metals they crafted it from. We only helped them make the proper calculations to manage such a thing and the satellites are of our design.
    The calmness with which his compatriot spoke to the younger Mekra’fari delivering the news was equal parts inspiring and frustrating to him. They were all among friends here, she shouldn't need to censor herself as she spoke. He knew that despite her outward appearances, she was just as frustrated as he was.
    Katnar’fari: Do not be saddened entirely. Despite the Feladoni’s nature, this is a historic and momentous occasion to be proud of. They may not be willing to openly voice our contributions, but we have done a grand thing together. Fari willing, much good will come of this day.
    Qalipu'fari: Fari willing, the Feladoni will come to regret leaving us out, subjugating us, treating us this way.

    Katnar'fari: Response 

    Qalipu'fari: The time for passive hopes is passed. We are hidden down here in the shadows while they hog all of the glory! 

    Katnar'fari: Response 

    Qalipu'fari: They can't keep getting away with this, Katnar. How many more of us have to lose our freedom, how many more lives are to be lost before you acknowledge the anger within? 

    Katnar'fari: Response 

    Awane'jit Qalipu'fari
    Awane'jit Tribal Leader
    Mekra’fari Equality Movement
    As simmed by,
    Lieutenant JG Lephi
    Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
    USS Chin’toka NCC-97187
    Community History Team Member 
    Chat Team Member
    Wiki Team Member
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  6. Some great characterization. :)
    ((Deck 3, Conference Room, USS Chin’toka))
    Taking a seat, Amuro drank his coffee. Briefings have always bored him to no end. He'd rather get an assignment and straight to it but these are the trials of an officer.
    Serala: Thank you all for coming. As you know, the Captain has been called away and has left me in charge. Meanwhile, however, our duties have not stopped. Starfleet Command has asked us to go on an exploration mission to a section of space just outside the Expanse, in an area that has been nicknamed the Uncharted Regions.
    Raga: Interesting. We’ve never ventured there before.
    Amuro brought up the map of the region and took a look at what they were going into. Since it was uncharted, it was a large blank spot on the map with a lot of question marks.


    Peters: Response
    Rosek: ::grins:: About time Starfleet Command gave us something relaxing. Just think. We’ll be one of the first, if not the first, Starfleet ships to map the region.
    Azorius: Indeed, the prospect of exploring a new area would increase the morale aboard the Chin’toka. It is, after all, why many of her crew joined Starfleet in the first place.
    Nar: Yes, um, I’ll make sure we’re ready to go in the lower decks science labs.


    Kiax: I’m sure Stellar Cartography are going to be having champagne parties when they hear the good news. ::She chuckled.:: Two mapping assignments in a row!
    Lephi: It's an exciting time to be onboard. We'll make sure we're ready for anything down in the bowels.

    McKnight: There's a lot of space to cover, ma'am. Uncharted could mean a lot of things.

    Any: Responses
    Serala: Yes, it should be quite exciting to visit a region that few have ever been to. :: turning to Peters :: Our current course should bring us near the Drovna system. From there, we should be able to cut across Larokon space to Tigelis and then pick up the Homar route, which should enable us to kick it up to warp seven for a while.
    Peters: Response
    Serala brought up an image of the region they were to explore a few moments later. The conference room display was able to project the vastness of the uncharted space better. On 2D paper, the scope of an area can be misleading.
    Serala: This is our destination. A wedge of space lying between two of the more powerful Houses in the Caraadian Republic.
    Azorius: The Caraadian are a people from planet Oscion, is that right?
    Raga: More or less. Oscion is their capital system, but it’s not their home world. The Caraadians are not native to the Expanse. They’ve merely taken up residence over the centuries after being forced out of their home world if I recall. They don’t even know where they come from at this point.
    McKnight: I can relate. ::He mutters to himself. Then looked up to see if anyone heard him.::
    Peters / Any: Responses
    Serala: Correct, we will reach the terminus of the route at Tegedaar and proceed from there to Tiraan, then on to our destination. A small sector lying in a wedge between Beruna Province and Barahn Province, but not claimed by either as far as we know.
    Raga: Most of our dealings with the Houses have been either the Larokon, or Beruna at this point. The Atlantis’ first mission after her recommission was to Devron. Most of our current crew got our first taste of the politics of the region in that mission.
    McKnight: oO You mean getting shot at. Oo
    Any: Responses
    Rosek: ::pauses:: Do we know if there’s anything we should be careful of in the region? Anything that could affect the ship’s functioning?
    Serala: Well, since it’s in uncharted space, we really don’t know what to expect there. That’s part of the reason we are going there. I would say, be prepared for anything. At the very least, we should keep the Science Department pretty busy. That’s where you will come in, Lieutenant Levinson. I would like you to oversee the science portion of the mission. :: turning to Ensign Ylsin :: Ensign, I am assigning you to assist her.
    Levinson: Response
    Nar: Oh!  Uh, yes, Commander.  And uh, Ensign Nar, not Ylsin, please.  Bajoran custom is for family names first, the individual's second. 
    Serala: Response
    Kiax: The long range sensors will be quite… Fuzzy… Toward the upper-middle of their range – though that is a problem we’re working to correct. The Astrometric lab won’t be much use until we do.
    Levinson / Nar / Any: Response
    Serala: Commander Kiax, please make sure our sensors are at full operating capability once we arrive. The trip through the Expanse might play a little havoc with them. :: turning to Rosek :: Same for the engineering systems, Commander.
    Rosek: ::nods:: Understood, Commander.
    Kiax: Will do.
    Lephi picked her PADD up and hastily began making notes on which systems needed the most attention, it made it easier for her to prioritize things that way. 
    Serala: Very well, then. Does anyone have any questions or comments?
    Azorius: Do we expect any hostility between the two provinces, any war of territorial claim, or rivalry?
    Raga: That’s a good question, Ensign. ::He smiled:: At the moment, both House Beruna and House Barahn are allies to one another. Beruna is the second largest of the Houses, Larokon being the first. The three of which make up the majority of votes in their Council. So, there shouldn’t be any conflicts in that regard, but the Houses aren’t entirely unified for a reason. I’m sure each is always looking to their own interests first and foremost. 
    Serala / Peters: Response
    Kiax: For once I actually have one thing to table while we’re all here… Lieutenant Levinson and I have been working on a way to combat some of the uncertainty that travelling beyond the confines of the trade lanes brings, though the technology could use a sounding out before we put it to use… We’ve been exploring the application of low-yield dampening fields to help filter out, beyond the capabilities of the normal sensor filters, some of the background noise that they’re subjected to when we try and push the range of them beyond a kind of medium range. Sort of like squelching RF signals, I suppose. So far, we’ve been able to extend range by about 20,000 kilometres at the cost of quality and fidelity, but it’s given us the ability to garner some more accurate predictions when it comes to establishing a pattern in the stellar debris drift.
    Any: Response
    Levinson: Response
    Lephi: That's quite impressive, Commander. How are you modulating the dampening fields to achieve that effect?
    Kiax: The dampening fields are being modulated by two factors; our own outgoing sensor frequencies, and previously obtained data on the incoming background noise from the usual detritus that is floating around the Expanse. By shielding the sensor clusters with the dampening fields, we can essentially screen out the interference. It’s not a perfect solution though. The constantly changing nature of the debris means that predicting what interference patterns to screen out is almost impossible – but, the more data we gather, the better the computer will get at predicting what kind of shifts will occur, which will ultimately give us longer and longer ranges at higher resolutions.
    Lephi: Impressive indeed! I for one am looking forward to seeing how you fare with this.
    Any: Response
    Levinson / Snow / Logan / Rosek: Responses
    Raga: Commander Logan. I want you and Lieutenant McKnight to make sure our tactical systems are ready and up to anything. Since this is literally uncharted space for us, we can’t know what we might expect. ::He looked to each of them:: We may have had a shakedown against a Valcarian cruiser already, but let’s be sure if we need to we’re prepared for a fight but hope we won’t.
    Logan: response
    McKnight: Working on that already, boss. ::Amuro had pulled up everything they knew about who they could go up against, even from the side that is supposed to be friendly. Best to know what everyone in the region is packing.:: I'll request checks on all defense systems.
    Raga: Good. ::He looked to Snow:: I’d like the medical department to be on alert as well. Who knows what we might discover on this, perhaps something that might help advance our medical understanding or medicines. So, I’d like you on the bridge and keeping an eye on our sensors.
    Serala / Snow : responses
    Kiax: One final note from me – you’ll probably come across the notification in the computer regarding the Type 7 compliment eventually, but I figured I’d tell you all now to be sure. Until further notice they’re grounded while we work out an issue with their sensor suites and auto-guidance processors. Hopefully they’ll be back in action by the time we get to our destination, but for the time being consider using the Nines for whatever plans you submit through mission ops, if you need smaller shuttlecraft. The runabouts and Argos are available as well, if you need larger transports.
    Azorius: I believe that with the crew facing new challenges, new prospects and the unknown, now would be a good time for me to begin offering the crew one on one appointments for counselling. I’ll post a schedule later today and the crew can request to see me. This is of course in addition to my mandatory crew evaluations which are planned to occur semi-frequently.  Is there anything else I can do to be of use for now, or shall I head to my office?
    Any: Response
    ((ooc: Continue as needed!!))

    Serala: Well, if there is nothing else then, let’s get to work.
    Rosek: ::nods:: Yes, Commander.
    Azorius: Aye, Sir.
    Lephi: Aye, sir.
    McKnight: Aye aye, oh captain, my captain. ::He smiled as he went off with Raga::
    Any: Response
    Amuro walked with Raga and Logan as they head to the assignments.
    McKnight: I'll do a once over on our weapons and shields. Coordinate with Security. I've already messaged Tactical to check on our defenses.
    McKnight: Alright, let's make sure our bracers are synced so we're on the same clock.
    Amuro held his bracer up and made sure they're synced. He then remembered something else.
    McKnight: Alright. Got work to do. ::He raised his hand to gesture to them to wait.:: Hold on.
    Amuro walked over to Peters, pulling out another bracer.
    McKnight: Pilot, sir. ::He called over.::
    Amuro tossed the helmsman the spare bracer for him to use.
    McKnight: You break it, you buy it, sir.

    Lieutenant Amuro McKnight

    Deputy Team Leader SORT

    USS Chin'toka


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  7. Lephi did such an amazing job with Ozu's characterization. :) It's added some impressive depth to our current storyline and I just had to share.

    ((Conference Room, Planetary Defense Command Center Keibrom, Tibro))

    Dehan was stressed. The Grand Admiral was convinced a Starfleet presence was necessary, but he had personally seen the unrest it had caused among the people the last time. It made him nervous as to how much the Starfleeters returning could escalate the already existing tension between the Grand Admiral’s supporters and the General’s supporters.

    His brow furrowed as he studied the reports coming in from regions across Tibro. So far only small incidents were breaking out and security and military forces had managed to keep them from escalating beyond a few loud words. It seemed that the Grand Admiral’s name still carried some weight even in the current political climate.

    Vet'od grumbled to himself as he made his way into the conference room. The orders had come down that they were to expect Starfleet personnel to arrive soon. Another weakness the Admiral had, he thought as he smirked to himself. No self-respecting Valcarian should so openly welcome interlopers, especially not ones who have proven as troublesome as these.

    As he entered the room, he laid eyes on Dehan, who he was to be working with throughout this endeavor. He made a conscious effort to bury any personal feelings he had at the moment, it wouldn't serve him any purpose to lose his calm and collected demeanor while there was work to be done.

    Ozu: Greetings, Dehan.

    Dehan turned at Vet’od’s arrival, sparing the man a brief smile before his attention returned to the electronic writing tablet in his hand. The man had always seemed pleasant enough and did his job with no complaints. It was all Dehan could ask in the present climate. Everyone was under some sort of stress, but admittedly his current position was much less stressful than his previous one in any number of ways. He’d been grateful that the Grand Admiral had accepted him as her aide. 

    Strin: Good day, Vet’od. ::looks up from his electronic writing tablet:: I trust the preparations for the Starfleeters arrival are going well?

    The question bothered Vet'od more than it should have. Not because it reminded him of the impending arrival of those uniformed menaces, but because of the underlying message in it that called the quality of his work into question. He was a proud Valcarian, and took great pride in all of his work. The man standing in front of him reading reports from electronic writing tablets should know that better than most, given their work history together.

    Ozu: As good as they can be, I suppose. Hopefully the new security measures we're putting in place will help ease worries and tensions from both sides. ::slight pause:: Are those the latest reports? How does it look?

    The question was innocent enough, Vet'od didn't know a single Valcarian who didn't have some sort of vested interest in the rising conflict levels in the region. That they were likely hoping for two different outcomes was a minor detail in the grand scheme of things, and one that didn't bother him too much. 

    If it had been anyone else, Dehan might have sworn he detected offense in the man’s expression. He mentally shook the thought from his mind and refocused his attention on what Vet’od had been saying. The security measures. Yes. They’d spent several late nights together with other key personnel developing the contingencies. 

    He offered the man the electronic writing tablet to view for himself.

    Strin: Minor breakouts, but nothing our teams haven’t been able to handle so far. ::pauses:: But then the majority of the population has no idea that we’re expecting the Starfleeters. When they show up and word gets around, I expect things will get interesting.

    Interesting was a word that Vet'od could agree with. There was no way of knowing quite what to expect when word got out, but he knew it would be foolish to expect anything remotely peaceful to come of it. He had spent far too much time going over the different possible outcomes to be this naive.

    As he took the electronic writing tablet from his colleague and began perusing the contents, he couldn't help feeling a little disheartened at the words he was hearing. Of course, by all outward appearances, he was displeased. He wouldn't be in the position he was if he hadn't learned to control his expressions. That the Grand Admiral’s fleet was able to make such easy work of the General’s ships did not bode well for his future. He handed the electronic writing tablet back to the man.

    Ozu: Quite right, interesting indeed. I'd like to believe we've prepared for every possibility, but one never knows when it comes to the Starfleeters. They always seem full of surprises. 

    A wry, unamused grin crossed Dehan’s lips and he nodded. That much he could agree. Before he’d deflected and cozied up to the Grand Admiral, he’d served in the unit sent to hunt down the Grand Admiral and the Starfleeters with her. They’d underestimated the cleverness of their enemy and had failed to achieve their mission objective. That day, he’d learned Starfleeters were adaptable, making them rather formidable for anyone who opposed them.

    Strin: ::huffs softly:: A kind way of putting it. I certainly wouldn’t want to cross their captain. oO Been there, no desire to go there again. Oo

    Vet'od took a minor step back, before considering the ramifications of such a move and covered it by reaching for a electronic writing tablet that was sitting on the conference room table. If he didn't know any better, he'd say that was a threat. No matter though, all Starfleeters were the same to him, merely troublesome interlopers to be snuffed out at the earliest convenience. He took two steps forward towards Dehan, to compensate for the ground he had conceded moments before. 

    Ozu: The preparations are well underway on my side. I trust your team is ready as well? Given the tensions, I think we can all agree that it is important this goes well. 

    Strin: ::nods:: Yes, absolutely. The last thing we need is to give either side ammunition or a motive to cast the first stone to spark a civil war. Our culture and ways wouldn’t survive such a major planetary division.

    Ozu: ::glances at Dehan curiously:: Interesting choice of words, my friend. There are some among us who might say the Valcarian Empire is already at war with itself. ::pause for effect:: Wouldn't you agree?

    Dehan’s brows furrowed. While there was already infighting, he didn’t believe it had quite reached the level of civil war. He’d seen war in his time with Tibro’s 1st Special Forces Batallion. What they were seeing was a walk in the park by comparison, but could quickly escalate if they weren’t careful. It was his job as the Grand Admiral’s aide to make sure that didn’t happen.

    Strin: Not quite. It could get far worse.

    He watched as Dehan reacted to the question that was posed. You can tell a lot from a man by the way he reacts to having his world view questioned, and Vet'od just learned that the man standing in front of him did not take General Asil and his forces seriously. He made a mental note about that, the information could prove quite useful in the near future.

    Osu: Are you really concerned over a few ships, even with the addition of the interlopers surely they're no match for the Grand Admiral’s powerful supporters? 

    Dehan eyed the man for a moment. He’d never been a fool and something about Vet’od’s words was throwing him off. He wasn’t one to underestimate General Asil, especially having followed orders handed down the chain from the General himself. The man was ruthless at times and he wouldn’t put it past him to have his own set of plans. 

    It was part of why the Starfleeters’ arrival had been kept such a secret. The Grand Admiral had been concerned about what the General would do if he found out. If Asil was able to gather the resources, he could pose a threat to the Grand Admiral in more ways than one. All they could do was hope the government structure would prevent him from rallying the support he needed to overthrow Del’san.

    Strin: I have never and will never make the mistake of underestimating General Asil. He very much believes in his cause and has very little to lose. That makes him even more dangerous.

    The look that Dehan was giving him as he eyed Vet'od was almost enough to send a chill down his spine, and he worried for a split second that he may have overstepped and tipped his hand. The words that followed however, quickly assured him that his fear was unfounded. Everyone in the Republic knew that General Asil was a man of strong conviction, and that was precisely why he was so dangerous. He had little to lose, and a reputation to maintain, a deadly combination Vet'od's eyes. 

    Ozu: I am glad to hear that. I'd hate for there to be any trouble over the next few days, least of all trouble that could have been prevented by taking threats seriously. 

    His words may have been vague, but the tone made it clear that he was talking both about Valcarian threats, as well as that of the interlopers.

    Strin: ::gaze drops and he grabs a nearby electronic writing tablet:: I really should get back to these reports. The Grand Admiral will want a condensed version should she decide to present to the captain of the Starfleet vessel. It won’t be long before they arrive in orbit and I need to also finish composing the documents containing an overview of the new protocols.

    Ozu: Ever the Grand Admiral’s workhorse. What would she do without you, my friend? I will leave you to it though. I have preparations to finish as well. ::short pause:: Plus, I should rather like to enjoy my last few moments of relative peace before those Starfleeters arrive and put a delicate balance at risk. Good day, Dehan.

    With a smile he made his way to the door and left the Aide to his work. 

    For a moment, Dehan watched Vet’od leave. The man’s curious behavior certainly had him wondering, but he dismissed it. No. The man had worked just as hard on these protocols as he had. It didn’t make sense that the man would do all of that if he didn’t truly have Tibro’s best interests at heart. 

    He entered notes into the tablet in his hand, his expression thoughtful as he composed the message to the captain of the Starfleet vessel. Hopefully, the man would be wise enough to read the document in its entirety. Everything that they were working for could depend on it.


    MSNPC Dehan Strin
    Grand Admiral’s Aide
    MSNPC Vet'od Ozu 
    Diplomatic Liaison 


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  8. I have to give props to @Elizabeth Snow. Such a hard scene to write, but written so well. :) One of our up and comers. ;) Best keep an eye on her. She's a keeper for sure.



    OOC: This post contains content that might be emotionally distressing for the reader. Continue with caution. 


    ((Morgue, Deck 10, USS Chin’toka))

    {{Time Index: Day 27 of Shoreleave, Evening}}


    Elizabeth watched as the Captain's body was brought in. A white sheet covered him. She stared at the sheet as she approached the table. She knew what awaited her once she was to pull the sheet back. The pain of having to do an autopsy was almost unbearable. She wasn't sure if she had the strength to look at him as she cut him open and examined him. 


    She glanced up as she heard the doors slide open. Iska had come to help her. It didn't make the task any easier. But she was glad for the extra set of eyes and expertise. Elizabeth hoped that together they would uncover the mystery of what happened. 


    She took a deep breath through her mask, her body was shaking from all the emotions that were flowing through it. Her hands trembled as she reached out to pull down the sheet, stopping just shy of it as she hesitated.


    Ishka entered the room serious and business-like. To someone who didn’t know better, it would have looked like she didn’t care that she was about to cut into her late Captain’s body. Just the opposite. It disturbed her to the core of her being. But the only way she would get through this was by pretending he was just another dead body, like the dozens she’d autopsied in her career.


    She washed her hands in the nearby sonic sink, using a liberal amount of soap clean up to her elbows before donning a pair of latex gloves. She’d dressed in scrubs before entering to avoid bodily fluids and such getting on her uniform. She approached the sterilized table, her gaze flickering to Snow. 


    Reaching for the sheet, she pulled it down, not looking at his face.


    Elizabeth did her best not to look at the face of the Captain as she helped pull the sheet down to his waistline. But it was inevitable. This would be the last time she would lay eyes on his face. A face that she would absolutely miss seeing around the ship.


    She looked at Ishka not exactly ready to begin the procedure, but it had to be done.


    Snow: Are you ready? 


    Journs: oO Not remotely. Oo ::nods:: Ready.


    She reached over to the nearby console and entered the series of commands that would start the audio recording. Though the morgue had various cameras and audio devices, it seemed different using the console to record.


    Journs: Autopsy, Stardate 239710.08, Time Index 2232 hours. Leading doctor Elizabeth Snow with Doctor Ishkabela Journs assisting. Patient is a Human Caucasian male approximately 27 years of age.


    She turned to Elizabeth and motioned for her to begin her examination of the body.


    Snow: ::nods:: Proceeding with the autopsy of Captain Jarred Thoran. Starting with the outside of the body to try to determine the cause of death. Beginning at the head. 


    She began examining Thoran's head, looking for any signs of trauma or needle/[...] marks. Elizabeth examined the inside of his mouth, eyes, behind his ears, neck, and looked through all of his hair. But came up empty. 


    Snow: The examination of the subject's head turned up no evidence. Moving on to the torso. 


    As Elizabeth continued her work, Ishka stepped up and leaned forward, studying the body for any kind of inconsistency. Her gaze flickered to the area of his abdomen where she’d performed emergency surgery scant weeks ago. She felt the anxiety creeping in, so she shook the thought away. In this room, he was just another body on the table. Thinking any other way could cloud her judgement.


    She knew Toryn and others had their own ideas on what had happened because it was their way of processing the unexplained. As a physician, she knew there were sometimes mysteries that would never be solved. Even after centuries of studying how the body worked, there were things that they just didn’t understand.


    Shaking the thoughts from her head, Ishka refocused on examining the exterior of the body for anything out of the ordinary.


    She proceeded to examine the torso area, again nothing. They moved onto his arms, his legs, his feet, they covered every inch of his body and still had no answers. There was no visible sign of foul play or trauma on his outer body. oO Maybe the answers lie within.. Oo


    Elizabeth prepped his chest area to be sliced open. She grabbed the exoscalpel and looked at Ishka to make sure she was ready to begin the procedure. 


    A final scan revealed nothing new since Ishka had performed the surgery. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Elizabeth standing ready with the surgical implement and nodded.


    Journs: Doctor Journs. I agree with Doctor Snow’s assessment. No signs of anything on the exterior of the body that could indicate cause of death. ::looks at Snow:: Proceeding with interior examination. 


    Elizabeth took a deep breath and proceeded to make the incision. Her hands were surprisingly steady. Once the incision was made, she set the instrument aside.


    Journs: Doctor Snow is making a y-incision in the chest to open the breastplate.


    Snow: Pulling back the layer of skin.


    After they pulled back the skin and pinned it, Elizabeth scanned the area for any anomalies that could have contributed or caused the mystery on their hands. After finding none, she began cutting the breastbone and opening the rib cage to gain access to his heart and lungs. 


    Snow: Removing breastbone now.


    Elizabeth carefully handed the breastbone off to Ishka and they began the examination of the inner body, beginning with the heart.


    Ishka accepted the removed bone, placing it in the tin tray as Elizabeth continued her examination. While the other woman studied the interior, she scanned the breastbone for any unusual chips or markings that would indicate possible cause of death. The fact that it was whole made it less likely, but she had to be thorough. Her pride in her profession demanded nothing less. Besides which, she owed it to Serala and the rest of the crew to explore every avenue, no matter how minute or absurd.


    Not surprised when she found nothing of note, she returned her attention to Elizabeth as the woman continued the internal study.


    Even with the breastbone removed it was still a hit tight examining and scanning the internal areas of his body. Elizabeth focused her mind on the tasks at hand, keeping a clear head as she was determined to find answers.


    Snow: Could you hand me the clamps, please, Doctor Journs? 


    She nodded and retrieved the clamps that would hold the chest cavity open for the woman to take a closer look. As each organ was removed, studied and then handed to her, she placed it on the digital scale and took note of it on her PADD. She also took note of Elizabeth’s observations and entered those in the notes section for each organ as well.


    After putting the clamps in place she began scanning the inside of the body. She removed each organ one at a time. Careful not to damage them in any way as she observed them for answers before she handed them off to Ishka. She would pause in between them giving Ishka time to assess them as well.


    Elizabeth was beginning to feel another sensation of defeat creep in as they had examined many organs already and were still left with no cause of death. But she shook it off. There were still many areas left to examine and they would certainly double check their work. Possibly even triple check or keep working until someone ordered them to quit. 


    She knew that sometimes there weren't any answers. No visible sign for the cause of death. Some deaths would remain a mystery. But she didn't want that for their Captain. She wanted answers. For herself. For their friends. For his family if he had any. She wanted justice to be served for him if foul play was involved.


    The examination was more disturbing with each passing moment, neither of them any closer to understanding what had happened than they’d been in Sickbay. She hadn’t missed Serala’s distress. The woman had hidden it well—for someone who didn’t know her better. She hadn’t resisted when Toryn had hugged and fussed over her, something that had shaken Ishka to her core. It had only intensified the feelings of defeat and guilt when Elizabeth had announced time of death.


    With the examination and holophotographs of the organs complete, Ishka handed Elizabeth the exoscapel and the tin tray for the next part of the process—examination of the stomach contents. It was Ishka’s least favorite part of an autopsy and it often made her nauseous. She didn’t consider herself squeamish, but something about the bile and a person’s half digested meal set her stomach turning. Thankfully, that duty fell to Elizabeth.


    It was a good thing Elizabeth hadn't visited the snack bar before the emergency or those snacks surely would have found their way back up during the next procedure. One she wasn't looking forward to. The thought alone made her stomach churn as she took the exoscalpel and the tin tray. Her eyes caught sight of Ishka looking at her. 


    Journs: ::gaze flickers to Snows and murmurs:: Better you than me.


    She grimaced as she realized how the statement must sound. Neither of them wanted to be doing this. But they were duty-bound to discharge even this most gruesome task to the best of their ability.


    Snow: Ha ha.. 


    Elizabeth prepared herself for what was to come. Making sure her face shield hadn't slipped and that the rest of her was still completely covered. Even still, she would most definitely be showering after she left the morgue. She placed the stomach in the big tin tray and sucked in the last bit of fresh air.


    Snow: Beginning incision to examine the contents of the stomach.


    Once the incision was made, the contents slid their way out of the opening into the tray. Elizabeth looked away and held her breath as they did. Taking a moment to regain herself.


    She turned her attention back to the tray and began scanning and sorting through the pieces. The scans revealed nothing new as did her self examination. Anger coursed through her body. They had been at this for a few hours now and had nothing to show for it. 


    The frustration in Snow’s features was clear and Ishka had to bite down her own. As much as it already was personal, they couldn’t allow that fact to influence them. They needed to remain objective. She paused, laying a comforting, bandaged hand on Elizabeth’s shoulder, but said nothing. Instead, she offered a soft smile that she hoped was reassuring. The curve of her lips felt unnatural, as though it shouldn’t be there, but she held it just the same.


    She’d been fighting to restrain her own anger and hurt at the situation after shattering the window of the CMO’s office. Her hand reminded her constantly of her lost control and the price she’d paid. 


    Turning toward the tray, she grabbed one of the sample containers and offered it to Elizabeth.


    Elizabeth felt Ishka's hand on her shoulder in a comforting manner. She turned to look at the other Doctor to see a slight smile on the woman's face. Elizabeth hadn't realized she had let any emotions show. She returned the slight smile and checked her emotions. 


    She took the offered sample containers. Using the Microtome, she cut samples of each organ and the stomach contents. Elizabeth then put the samples she had cut in their individual containers. Then she moved on to the bodily fluids and put them in their respected containers. Once she completed the sample collecting, she handed them back to Ishka for testing. 


    Setting the container aside, Ishka mentally prepared for the next stage: examining the head and the brain. Her throat tightened and she struggled to keep her breathing even. This was the most invasive part of this procedure. The other organs were just that--organs. For the most part, they were the same in every humanoid with only minute differences. 


    But the brain was something else altogether. It held everything that made their Captain him. She almost felt like they were desecrating something sacred by dissecting it like he was some common animal for their curiosity. There was also a finality to it. By removing it, they were closing the door on hope. 


    The autopsy was so soon after his passing and she hadn’t had time to fully comprehend that he wasn’t coming back. It was making this the hardest such procedure of her career. Exhaling a shaky breath, she first studied the head for any external injuries or markings of note, comparing them briefly against his medical records. With them recording on the PADD, she reached for the exoscalpel that had been set to the side earlier and her gaze locked with Elizabeth’s. 


    She was certain the other woman could see the maelstrom of emotions in her eyes as she slowly held the tool out for Elizabeth to take. Her gaze flickered to the Captain’s head before again meeting the other woman’s.


    After Elizabeth handed off the samples, she realized they were done with his torso. oO The head is the next part. Oo It gave her pause as the words ran through her mind. But she had come this far, there was no stopping now. She took a deep breath and pressed on.


    She put a block under his head to support it as they worked. Then she reached for the offered exoscalpel. Her eyes locked with Ishka’s and she could tell Ishka was fighting an emotional battle within herself. She squeezed Ishka's uninjured hand to comfort her. This was certainly tough for Elizabeth, but she could only imagine how much more difficult it was for the Doctor assisting her. Ishka had certainly known the Captain longer and was no doubt close to him. She wished she could have saved him to spare the ones who knew him best the heartache they were all experiencing. The least she could do now is give them answers as to what happened, but the way things were looking she may not even be able to give them that.


    After taking the exoscalpel, Elizabeth made a cut across the crown of his head, from one ear to the other. She then cut open his cranium and handed the piece to Dr. Journs. Elizabeth sat the exoscalpel aside and began the examination of his brain.


    Again nothing. The autopsy itself was a strange one. Something had caused the Captain's body to shut down, but they couldn't find out what. Elizabeth removed his brain to be weighed and examined further. Though she had become doubtful they would find anything. She shook them off, she couldn't afford to think like that. She couldn't let this mystery get to her. She needed to be patient. The answers would come and if they didn't. Then that would be something she would have to learn to accept. 


    Ishka visibly shuddered as she carefully accepted the piece of bone and flesh. It took everything she had not to drop it. Her hands shook as she placed it delicately into the nearby tin tray. That had been more disturbing than she’d expected, the room spinning around her for a moment. She closed her eyes to push the sensation away, focusing on keeping her breathing even.


    Eventually, the dizziness faded and she did her best to avoid looking at his head, instead focusing on entering notes into the PADD connected to the console. She noticed the recording was still going, but that they’d stopped talking at some point. It was a testament to how difficult it had been on both of them to perform this particular autopsy. 


    Ishka knew she herself had struggled with maintaining her focus and professionalism. She’d be more than glad when this was over, though she’d likely relive memories of this in her dreams. She grimaced at the thought.


    Journs: Anything?


    The question stung a bit. oO Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Oo 


    Snow: I'm afraid not.


    She didn't look at Ishka when she responded. Instead she was looking down at the table. Not at the body or anything particular. She was lost in thought for the moment. Asking herself again what happened? What did she miss? She was searching her mind for some clue, something she might have seen, but it didn't register at the time. Something just slightly out of the ordinary. 


    Maybe someone had slipped him a new form of bio weapon that took months, maybe weeks or days to take effect. One that would leave no trace in the body. Maybe one that took minutes or seconds to act. But she couldn't think of anyone at the celebration that would want to harm the Captain. Which brought her back to the months. Could he have contracted something from Illara Prime? Perhaps during the conference? He had been injured. But she would need evidence of that.. No concrete proof of any kind. She had other theories as well. That’s all they were though. Theories. 


    Ishka nodded. She’d expected as much. Of course, she’d hoped for something to offer the crew...something to give them closure. But it looked like they weren’t going to get more than the mystery they’d had prior to the autopsy.


    Journs: ::pauses:: Do you want me to go with you when you present your findings to Commander Serala?


    She half expected it to be a short conversation. As she didn't have anything to present to the Commander. Ishka had performed admirably and Elizabeth was pretty sure she could handle the next step without her. 


    Snow: I think I can manage that part alone. I'm sure if the Commander needs you, she will call. 


    She smiled and nodded, laying a hand on the woman’s shoulder in a gesture of both comfort and support.


    Journs: I know this was no easy task, especially given how new you are to the ship. You did very well under the circumstances. This crew is fortunate to have you aboard.


    Elizabeth smiled. The words meant a lot to her. Especially under the circumstances. She just wished she could have done more. 


    Snow: Thank you, Ishka. That means a lot. You did admirably yourself and I'm glad I had you at my side through this. I know it wasn't easy for you and if you ever need a friend, know that you have one right here. 


    Journs: ::smiles wanly:: I appreciate that. I think all I really need--all most of us really need right now--is time.


    Snow: ::nods:: I agree. ::beat:: I'll finish up here and meet with Commander Serala. I'm sure your other half is awaiting your arrival.


    Once upon a time, it would have given her pause for someone to be so aware of her personal relationships. Somehow that didn’t seem as important in light of the present circumstances. In fact, it gave her a pleasing amount of confidence in the fact that most aboard this ship were monogamous and knew Toryn was hers. Though there were those that wouldn’t be bothered by that fact, she could at least rest in knowing that the senior staff and most of the junior officers wouldn’t be making any passes at him.


    She smiled and nodded, exiting the room.


    As Ishka left the room, Elizabeth prepped the Captain for transport to his family so they could have a proper burial for him. She placed the organs in individual bags, so they wouldn't leak, and put them back inside. Once everything was back in the proper place she closed him up and washed the body of any bodily fluids. She pulled the sheet back over his body and paused when she got to his head. 


    Snow: Safe travels, Sir, and I hope you're enjoying your view. 


    With that she covered his head and put him in a drawer to store him until time for his departure back home. 


    She cleaned up the autopsy area and then herself a bit before returning to sickbay. Happy to be back in her dress whites. She made her way into the CMO's office and updated his death certificate. Then she set out to find Commander Serala. 




    Lieutenant JG Elizabeth Snow

    Assistant Chief Medical Officer

    USS Chin’toka NCC-97187





    PNPC Lieutenant Ishkabela Journs, XnP/GS

    Medical Officer 

    USS Chin'toka, NCC-97187


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  9. Oh my goodness! The masterfulness of this is beyond words. XD So good. It's not hard to immensely dislike. Well crafted, @Toryn Raga

    ((Mephinii Spaceport, Illara Prime))

    Zhelrad: Oh. Look. More Starfleet. Are you renovating the Administrator's office in preparation for your invasion? ::She spat at the Atlanteans, then glanced to the Naylari:: There you are Brex. I believe you've been avoiding me Representative. 


    Brex: ::smiles:: Of course not, Ambassador. I very much enjoyed our conversation earlier. I was simply consulting with the Federation officers on important matters.


    Ganarvuss: There’s no invasion here, Minister. We have been assisting Representative Brex with conference security, as requested by the Freeworld Council prior to our arrival on Ilara.


    Marie: ::Nodding her head in agreement:: We are only here to help. Minister nothing more. ::Smiles:: 


    While the meddlesome Starfleeters attempted to assuage her with platitudes of their honest intent, the Minister scowled at them all. She'd seen the reports on this Atlantis. She knew what had happened on Tibro. Of their involvement in inciting a coup between the Grand Admiral turned 'ambassador' and other decent Valcarians. The facade of good intentions and honor, selflessness was something she could see through. All of it was nothing more than a polite means of conquest. But it wouldn't be the Federation that would own the Expanse. No, the Valcarian Empire had the divine right to rule over all. 


    Brex: I apologize, Minister, that these matters have resulted in me being indisposed. However, as soon as the situation has been resolved, I would be happy to speak with you on whatever topic you’d like.


    Logan: response


    Zhelrad: This is a trade conference. And we are both trade representatives, are we not? It's in poor form for such proceedings to ignore your duties lax my dear Brex. We can't have you following Treyla's example here. ::She said, taking another jab at her aide:: 


    Treyla remained silent, but glared daggers at the Valcarian's back.  


    Marie: ::glance in Lephi direction and then to the others:: Let us just create some distance and please refrain from snide comments.


    The young junior officer's comment elicited a derisive scowl from the Valcarian woman. She looked the brown haired Terran up and down slowly, the way one might eye an unruly pet that was doing something out of turn. That the low ranked individual would even deign to speak to her as if they were anywhere near equal status was an affront itself. 


    Ganaravuss: On the contrary, Minister, Representative Brex has been attending to his duties as security liaison exceptionally well, especially given the absence of the station’s security director.


    Logan: response


    Zhelrad: Convenient that the Administrator is suddenly unavailable right after the Federation shows up. 


    Marie: ::speaking softly to Zhelrad:: Do you not think any negotiation would be better in the open?  where no words can be taken as insult.


    Lephi:  ::muttering:: We can probably handle this without you, Representative.


    The Valcarian was now actively ignoring the brunette in teal uniform. She was of the lowest rank to be considered an officer among her own organization and as such, not worthy of speaking with such an illustrious personage such as Myrine Zhelrad. She didn't see a single Starfleeter of appropriate rank among those assembled. Unless the scant few pips on their collars marked any of them for Admirals, or Commodores. Even a Captain would be something. So she kept her focus on the Naylari. 


    Ganarvuss: Indeed, Representative. I would certainly prefer to question the Minister’s staff without her watching over their shoulders.


    Brex: ::steps forward:: Now, let us all take a step back. I’m certain Minister Zhelrad is just as concerned with ascertaining what has happened here. ::to Zhelrad:: If you would be so kind, we would like to speak with each member of your staff separately.


    Zhelrad: I care not for the excuses of lesser beings. ::She glares at Logan:: I'm here to talk trade. Now, shall we find some place to converse away from unscrupulous eyes, or do the Naylar have no interest in commerce? ::She gave a hard look at Ganarvuss:: And you'll do no such thing. My staff are barely competent as it is without being detained from their duties by the likes of you. 


    Brex: ::inclines his head:: We do have others we are looking to speak with as well. However, as this is still an ongoing investigation, I’m not at liberty to reveal who these individuals are. I’m certain you understand, Minister. ::smiles:: We wouldn’t want any perceptions of bias nor would we want to risk tipping off the party actually responsible should they be nearby listening.


    The Valcarian's brow raised but that irate scowl did not diminish in the slightest. 


    Lephi: Representative Brex has been a boon to our investigation so far, I'm certain that once this is resolved, commerce discussions can be held in a good natured way. For now, please let us work.


    Marie: ::Gently placing her hand on minster shoulder:: Indeed. We only wish to figure what has happened here. Surely you can understand that?


    The instant she felt the woman's hand on her shoulder she recoiled as if she had been burned by acid. The sheer look of incredulity on her face spoke volumes. If it wasn't evident before, the woman considered herself of a station far beyond all of them and to be touched by one of them unwarranted was akin to being bitten by a stray animal. 


    Zhelrad: You'd do well to keep your hands to yourself, girl. ::She sneered:: You may fool the others but I know what's going on here. Using these disturbances to assert yourselves in these proceedings. The Empire will not take such interference lightly. 


    Logan: Response


    Ganarvuss: Regarding the safety of the conference and the whereabouts of its security director. Surely nothing that concerns someone of such pomp and circumstance as yourself, Minister Myrine Zhelrad.


    Myrine's gaze snapped to the woman in the gold collar and her brow furrowed, gaze narrowing on the woman. She knew a condescending comment when she heard one, the Minister had loosed more than her share in her lifetime. 



    Brex: I believe we have wasted enough of your precious time, Minister. Certainly you have more pressing matters to attend to. ::glances at Treyla:: We will speak with your aide first I think.



    Zhelrad: I will not forget this insult. ::She said in a cold tone, glancing to all of them in turn:: Fine. Take her. She barely does her job as it is, I'll hardly notice she'd absent. 


    With that the Valcarian Minister stormed down the corridor in a huff. These Starfleeter's were an insidious and encroaching weed, threatening to ruin the Empire's divine rule. Someone would have to rip them out before long. Myrine left Treyla and the others behind and went back into the common area. Perhaps she could still salvage this day and arrange some trade deals. And when she was done, she'd have to send a communique back to the homeworld. The Emperor must be told of just how much of a threat this Federation was to his divine rule. 




    Minister Myrine Zhelrad 

    Valcarian Trade Representative





    Treyla Vosh

    Illaran Adjunct and Assistant to Minister Myrine Zhelrad


    simmed by


    Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga 

    Mission Specialist/Second Officer

    USS Atlantis NCC-74682

    PodCast Team Member

    Training Team Member

    Atlantis Staff Member

    Writer ID: A239410TR0



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  10. This came from our newest Engineer on the Atlantis and it cracked me up. 😂 Hope you all enjoy as much as I did.

    ((Security Director’s Office, Mephinii Spaceport, Illara Prime))
    Lephi made her way way back over to the console, working away on her PADD as she went and muttering to herself about the faces on the screen in front of her. As she set it down to inspect the environmental controls she heard Yogan speak up.
    Yalu:  Thoron particles.
    Ganarvuss: What about them?
    Yalu:  There are very faint residual thoron particles in the room.  ::sweeping his tricorder in a wide arc at hip-level::  Thoron radiation has a pretty short half-life, but I’m definitely reading decaying thorium isotopes right around here.
    Lephi: Thoron particles? Any chance the readings are picking up on older radiation?
    Anyone: response(s)?
    Yalu:  If a medical thoron generator was used, the rate of decay would suggest it was fairly recent.
    Brex: ::brow furrows:: Could this be connected to the projector your Ensign Lephi spoke of earlier?
    oO Is this how it's going to be while I'm an Ensign? I'm standing right here! Ask me! Oo 
    Lephi tried to shake the rage she felt at being ignored and talked about like she wasn't in the room at all. It brought back many memories of females trying to integrate into regular society on Ferenginar. 
    Logan: response
    Yalu:  I’m not sure.  I’ve only ever used a thoron generator for medical treatments.  What else could it be used for?
    Lephi continued to work away at the console. It wasn't exactly the most user friendly for a Ferengi, but she was making it work as best she could. She looked up at Yogan to answer his question.
    Ganarvuss: Blocking our scans. Thoron radiation can interfere with tricorder functions. It doesn’t have to be concentrated, just unexpected. The question is what were they hiding?
    Lephi: Yeah, it's a real pain in the lobes to try to get accurate information from the readings with that stuff floating around.
    Immediately after Gararvuss spoke, the room was plunged into a momentary darkness.  
    Lephi: When it thloppers it really glebbens. We've got to get these systems functioning again.
    Logan: Responses
    Ganarvuss: What’s the situation with the environmental controls, Lephi?
    Lephi: There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the actual controls that I can tell. It seems that there's some fluctuations in the power that might be having an impact causing it to get warmer since the system can't constantly monitor like normal. 
    Logan: Response
    Ganarvuss: Could someone be tampering with the power grid?
    Lephi: It's definitely possible. No offense to the people of the Freeworlds, but system security doesn't appear to be a strong suit.
    Logan: Responses
    Lephi turned her attention back to the console in front of her. If someone was tampering with the system they were either too stupid to siphon a continuous amount, or they were stealing power for something in bursts to try to remain under the radar. Either way, she was determined to figure out the secrets the system held.
    Ganarvuss: Give me the short list of our suspects. I don’t think time is on our side.
    Lephi looked up and watched as Yogan handed the PADD containing the four shortlisted names to Ensign Ganarvuss.
    Brex: I apologize for the interruption, but this artifact. ::motions to the broken artifact:: Caught my attention. ::motions to the shelf:: It appears to be the only artifact that was disturbed in whatever ensued. Also, it is unusual in that it’s not something I would expect to find in the office of an Ilaran Security director.
    Lephi glanced in Brex's direction to see what he was referring to. She couldn't see what all the fuss was about, the thing looked like it might fetch a few bars of latinum on the market but was otherwise not interesting to her. She still thought it strange that other species measure value so differently and subjectively.
    She turned her attention back to her work. She was having greater success with the system since the lights flickered. It was responding to her input faster and putting up less of a hassle as she navigated through it. It didn't take her long after that to stabilize the environmental controls.
    Lephi: Looks like whatever that power fluctuation was that turned out the lights seems to have fixed the environmental controls. 
    Anyone: Response(s) 
    Ganarvuss/Logan: Responses
    Brex: Ensign Ganarvuss, there is something inside. 
    At the mention of something being hidden inside of the artifact, Lephi's interest was peaked. People didn't hide routine items very often in her experience. She left her post at the console and headed over to get a closer look.
    Lephi: Could it be the source of the thoron radiation?
    Ganarvuss/Logan: Responses
    Brex: ::shakes his head:: I can’t determine that without disturbing the artifact further and I don’t have the protective equipment to examine it properly without potentially tainting it. Does one of you perhaps have gloves of some sort?
    Yalu:  I do.
    Lephi watched Yogan dig out a pair of Federation standard gloves from his med kit for the Representative.
    Yalu:  ::handing over the gloves::  Here you are.
    Lephi: Do be careful, Brex. It might be valuable ::speech falters:: I mean, it could be important to the situation at hand here.
    Ganarvuss/Logan: Responses
    Brex: ::pauses:: Is it possible this is why our culprit was here?
    Lephi: Seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through for something so small.
    Anyone: Responses 
    Ganarvuss/Logan: Responses
    Lephi: Do you think it's valuable?
    Anyone: Responses
    Ensign Lephi
    Engineering Officer
    USS Atlantis NCC-74682
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  11. This is an awesome example of two writers who let their characters shine together. :D Great job @G'var and @CharlenaVanlith. 


    ((Deck 4, USS Veritas))

    Charlena pulled her hair tighter into a ponytail as she made her way to G'var's door. She was nervous and excited all at once. She hoped she'd be able to keep up with G'var but she also trusted her friend to not harm her.

    She tugged slightly at her outfit making sure it was just right for fighting as she lifted her hand to the chime by the door.

    As the door chime sounded, G'var took one last look in the mirror. Nodding her head in approval that her hair was braided tight to her head, G'var grabbed her bat’leth and opened the door. Raising a brow in surprise at Vee’s matching hair.

    G'var:::smirking:: why little sister, I see you've finally taken my advice and put your hair up. 

    Vanlith: ::chuckling:: well I've got to at least have unobstructed sight as an advantage.

    G'var:::throwing a thumb over her shoulder:: Oh really, maybe I should get my clippers then? I’ll give you a nice buzz cut, ::winking:: very fashionable, everyone on the parrises squares Team had them. 

    Vanlith: You wouldn't. ::Glares slightly:: 

    G'var:::hands on hips:: I know how much your hair means to you Vee, I wouldn't dare. ::quickly spinning her bat’leth up:: or perhaps I could just take a bit of the top.

    Vanlith: Good because otherwise when I get good at this. 

    G'var::: Laughing:: well make a mental note to remind me to teach you how to defend against that. 

    Vanlith: Sounds like a plan. Actually G I'm a little nervous. 

    G'var:::smacking Vee on the shoulder:: Don't worry, today is all about your stance, you cannot learn to fight without knowing how to stand first. 

    Vanlith: Well I think I can handle that. Lead the way. 

    G'var:::placing her arm around Vee:: That's the spirit Sister! Today you begin your journey to becoming a Warrior.

    Charlena followed G'var. She was aware that her strength and height did put her at a disadvantage if they did fight today so she was thankful that it was just the stance. 

    G’var:::raising a brow:: I must admit, I was a bit surprised by your request to do this. ::chuckling:: even Wil won't join me for a sparring session.

    Vanlith: I know it's a bit random but I guess I just thought it would be something different I could do. I mean I am a little worried I won’t even be able to hold one for a long period of time. 

    G’var:::shoulder bumping Vee:: Oh don't give me that, They’ll write songs about the  Sisters of Km’Tek. Trust me Vee, if you truly want to learn to use the Bat’leth, then I shall teach, it's all about repetition and not being afraid to take a hit. 

    Vanlith: I push myself hard enough at the gym without you joining ::chuckles:: 

    G’var:::laughing:: Good, then you won't mind if I join you at the gym. ::pinching Vee’s arm:: We’ll get you stronger in no time. 

    Vanlith: ::chuckling:: How am I even going to consider keeping up with that? 

    G'var:::[...]ing her head:: Well, you said you weren't strong enough. So we have to start you on a regimented plan of diet and exercise as well.

    Vanlith: ::gulping:: You're not going to fully convert my diet are you? I'm not sure I can handle that much.

    G'var:::Laughing:: No Sister, you don't have to eat gagh or targ heart. Though we will have to up your caloric intake, increase your protein consumption.

    Vanlith: Increase? How on earth am I going to do that? 

    G'var:::smirking:: It won't be that bad, we can work with Lex on a nutrition plan. ::winking:: then you can start meeting me in the gym at 0500 each day.

    Vanlith: I mean that's only an hour earlier than normal. I'm sure I'll cope.

    G'var:::shoulder checking Vee:: Come on let's get to the Holodeck, we've got a lot of work to do this morning. I hope you hydrated like I told you too.

    Vanlith: Of course I did. Not a chance I wouldn't take your advice on this. 

    ((Holodeck 2, Deck 5))

    After an hour of working with Vee, G'var was impressed by the other woman's tenacity. She remembered her own hard lessons from the Dahar Master on Boreth. G'var had been no less demanding of Vee than he had of her, and so far she had not disappointed. Taking a short break so Vee could tape up her toes and ankles, G'var had to smile, her little Sister had definitely not disappointed her. 

    G'var:::swinging her bat’leth:: You truly have the heart of a Warrior, you bring more Honor to your House than you could possibly know Sister.

    Charlena looked up as she finished fastening the tape. She couldn't help but smile. This felt good, she felt like she was actually in control. She was so proud that G'var had said that to her even if her lungs were burning just a little. 

    Vanlith: ::sincerely:: It's all down to you.  

    G'var:::raising a brow::Me? ::cradling her bat’leth in the crook of her arm:: No, today is about you Vee. Your Courage and Honor have brought you here. 

    Vanlith: Honestly. Without your help and support I don't know how well I would have lasted here. 

    G'var:::taking a breath:: V...Charlena...You are stronger than you know, you have more than earned your place here. This is your Home Sister.

    Vanlith: I'm so proud to have you call me your sister. 

    G'var:::bowing her head:: You do me the Honor of allowing me to call you Sister Charlena. 

    Charlena rose to her feet and whilst she was nowhere near the height of the impressive woman opposite her she didn't feel small, weak or intimidated. Instead she felt empowered and ready to take on anything. She could feel the determination fall across her face. 

    Vanlith: So what can you show me next? 

    G'var:::spinning the bat’leth over Charlena’s head:: You still need to work on your footing and posture. ::smirking:: However, if you are feeling up to it I will show you the First Stroke. 

    Vanlith: ::Ducking slightly in shock.:: Now that sounds like fun. 

    G'var:::tapping Vee’s leg with her bat’leth:: come them, show me Kri’StAk! Position one!

    Vanlith: ::Reading her feet and holding her posture:: Well then G. Let's see what you've got. 

    G'var:::winking:: As you wish Sister ::swing her blade down towards Vee’s head:: Defend yourself!

    Vanlith: Oh I will ::preparing herself for the impact and adjusting her weight slightly to be behind the blade::

    Swinging her blade down, G'var let a large smile spread across her face as Vee brought her own blade up to meet hers. With a loud KLANG, the two blades met each other. Pressing the attack, G'var began to slowly press the tip of her blade down towards Vee’s head.

    Vanlith: You really are as strong as you look.

    G'var:::Smiling:: WwanHa' rur D’loK! (bend like the reed)

    Vanlith: ::Smiling:: Like this?

    Somehow Char had managed to move her weight and feet enough to get out from under the blow in doing so pushing G back away from herself.

    G'var:::twirling her blade:: Good...very good ::holding the Bat'leth at the ready position:: remember to not lock your thumbs out. ::snapping her fingers:: otherwise...

    Vanlith: I mean I don't know if that's right but it worked ::shrugging.::

    G'var:::raising a brow:: worked? ::smiling:: you mean you don't have my bat’leth sticking in your head ::chuckling:: besides your thumbs, how did it feel?

    Vanlith: It just felt natural. It made sense.

    G'var:::slapping Vee’s arm:: Natural is good, you and the blade are one then. ::rubbing her chin:: someone your size needs to rely on cunning and speed more than brute strength. You and your blade need to become one. Only then will you be unstoppable.

    Vanlith: Unstoppable. I like the sound of that.

    G'var::Swinging out her bat’leth:: Now back to Kri’StAK one. We have a lot of practice to do today. You ready little Sister?

    Vanlith: Ready as ever. Thank you for this.

    G'var:::Laughing:: Don't thank me yet Sister, you've got years of this to go before you can call yourself a Master.

    Vanlith: Master? Now that does seem a way away especially as I still need to remember not to lock my thumbs.

    G'var:::winking:: I'll be with you every step of your journey. A piece of me will always be in your heart. Wherever your life leads you take me with you. ::Swinging her blade down:: Now defend yourself!

    Vanlith: With pleasure Sister.

    Charlena made a careful attempt not to lock her thumbs this time as she made another evasive move to get out from underneath G'vars blade.

    G'var:::bringing her blade down:: Excellent! Remember to stay loose

    Vanlith: :: chuckling:: Now this is what I call fun.

    G'var:::snarling:: Fun! Let's see if you find it fun when you wake up in the morning ::snarlaughing::

    Vanlith: Did I lock my thumbs that time I tried not to?

    G'var:::raising a brow:: No you didn't, top marks on your form. Now we just have to practice, practice, practice ::tapping Vee’s Blade with hers::

    Vanlith: ::smiling proud of herself:: Well I've fixed one thing at least.

    G'var:::smiling:: let's keep going lil’Sister, back to Form 1 ::sweeping her Bat'leth in front of her:: Aftward this we can go for a steam and a Raktajino.

    Vanlith: Now that sounds like a brilliant plan. ::Readying her stance:: Ready when you are.

    Charlena couldn’t wipe the smile off her face as she kept her feet light and moving, adjusting her stance and positioning of the weapon in response to G without hesitation.

    G’var:::growling::Keep that smile on your face Vee ::bringing her blade down towards the crown of Charlene’s head:: it will make your opponents uncomfortable knowing you find joy in killing them! A very useful distraction!

    Charlenas smile broadened as she thought she saw an opening and went on the counter attack. Somehow it is much more successful than she could have imagined.

    Vanlith: You mean like that? ::Chuckling light-heartedly::

    G'var hadn't expected Vee to be as fast as she was and narrowly avoided getting her side cut opened. Looking back at the smaller woman, G'var had to admit to herself that she may have created a Monster.

    G'var: oO By Kah’less, just what the Ship needs, another Combat Monster...I guess I set too good an example. Oo

    G'var:::dodging to the side:: Yes…:::looking at the tear in her gi’s side::exactly like that...You're slicker than a greased Targ! ::pointing her the tip of her blade at Vee:: let's see you try that again Quicksilver!

    Vanlith: Not sure I could try it again. ::Laughing:: but I can give it a go.

    Charlena readied her stance again and their spar continued. She had never had so much fun in any form of combat training before and she wasn’t sure what about this was so enjoyable but she wouldn’t change it for the world. Although she wasn’t sure that this wasn’t fun just because it was G and it wasn’t real.

    G’var:::sweeping out with her blade:: Again, Youneed to rely on your cunning and speed lil sister. ::stepping around a riposte from Vee:: you've got a long way to go to be able to match strength with an opponent. We need to work on your agility, dexterity. and flexibility.

    Vanlith: ::someone dodging the move but losing her grip on her blade:: Agility, dexterity and flexibility right ok.

    G'var:::pinning Vee's blade to the mat:: If you truly want to learn to be a Warrior, I will teach you ::holding up a finger:: but to not take this oath lightly Charlena. The Path will be demanding and long. ::smiling:: Though I would be honored to walk beside you on your Journey.

    Vanlith: Yes. I want to learn. Please G’var.

    G'var:::slapping her fist to her chest:: Very well then Sister. ::cutting the palm of her hand:: pong Doq 'Ip jIH 'e' ghojmoHwI' pa' qeylIS SuvwI' ::holding her bloody hand out:: (On my Honor I swear to be your Teacher. By Kahless, you will be a Warrior)

    Vanlith: ::holding out her hand cutting her palm in the same way trying to keep a straight face:: Thank you sister. ::smiling:: I will make you proud. ::shaking G’var’s  hand::


    Lieutenant G'var
    Assistant Chief of Security
    USS Veritas NCC-95035


    LT. JG Charlena Vanlith
    Engineering Officer
    USS Veritas


  12. Ishka couldn’t make any sense of where she was. It was home, and yet, it wasn’t. Something about the scents that assailed her nostrils was off. Most things on Leya-I didn’t give off strong odors like this, especially plants. In desperation, she looked around the meadow of sun-kissed Kazuri for some clue as to why she was here. 

    Scant moments ago, she’d been floating in space in an EVA suit with her oxygen supply nearly depleted. She paused. Was she dead? Is that what this was? Al-Leyans didn’t believe in an afterlife, but if she could imagine one place she’d like to spend eternity, it would be the beautiful landscapes of Leya-I. Though she had wanted nothing more than to escape, that had always been more about the people.

    Fighting against the sudden surge of apprehension and uncertainty, she took one step forward. And then another. And then another. Before long, she was wandering the field of lovely plants, her feet scarcely touching the ground as she did. She didn’t know how much time had passed, but she didn’t really care. She was home. For the first time in years, she was home. 

    A sound at the other end of the field caused her to tense and instinct took over. Her distant ancestors had once been easy prey for any large animal that sustained itself on flesh, so it was only natural that her fight or flight response would engage in the presence of the unknown. She didn’t truly know anything about this place or what to expect here. What should have been a haven was a strange land to her.

    She listened, expecting her keen hearing to pick up the sound again. As she strained her ears, she made out the subtle, rhythmic shift of the grasses that alerted her to the approach of someone or something. Not knowing its intentions, she shifted her stance to brace for a fight. With no weapon to help her, she’d have to rely on her strength alone.

    The feeling of what she believed to be a hand on her shoulder caused her to jump and she instantly grabbed the hand, using the creature’s momentum to flip it over her shoulder. She barely registered the surprised yelp as the creature landed on its back with a resounding thud. Moving quickly, she sat atop it, pinning it with a hand at its throat, the other hand ready to deliver the killing blow. 


    The familiar voice and pet name made her freeze. Only one person had ever called her that. Her hand briefly tightened around the being’s throat as she grappled with what she was experiencing. No. No, it wasn’t him. He’d died years ago. This was some imposter. Her temper flared. How dare someone impersonate him.

    “Who are you?” she growled.

    A soft smile crossed the man’s lips even as his hand came up to the one gripping his throat. “Ishie, it’s me,” the man rasped.

    She growled louder, warring with what she knew to be true and what her eyes were showing her. Despite the fact that her grip was likely cutting off his air, he made no move to stop her nor did he give any indication that he was afraid. 

    Tears sprang to her eyes, sliding down her cheeks, as she released the man’s throat and stood abruptly. She ran her hands through her hair, tugging hard at the strands, even as the man gasped for air beside her, rubbing his throat.

    “Wake up,” she muttered. “This is an asphyxiation-induced reaction. Your brain is trying to make sense of what’s happening. Wake up.”

    Again, she felt his hand, and she tensed. “I’m here, Ishie,” he rasped. “I’m here.”

    She turned to him, anguish twisting her expression. “No! You died!”

    The man didn’t respond, allowing them both to lapse into momentary silence as she processed what was happening. Taking a deep breath and exhaling it, she broke the silence, her native Esperanto flowing with ease.

    “What is this place?” she breathed.

    A smile that she couldn’t quite discern the meaning of slid across his lips as he studied her. “Home, Ishie. We’re home.”

    That simple statement held so much meaning that she wasn’t certain she could unpack all of it even given an eternity. There was something about the way he said it that made her believe him without question. For the first time since encountering him here, her gaze met his. 

    What she saw caused her chest and throat to tighten, the tears beginning anew. She could scarcely draw breath, each exhalation requiring supreme effort as she wrapped her mind around the fact that she was looking into her uncle’s eyes the same way she’d used to before.

    How is this possible?

    “Uncle,” she whispered.

    She dropped her mental guard entirely, allowing herself to fully feel his presence even as she stumbled forward to embrace him in one of the tightest hugs she’d given in her years. Burying her face in his shoulder, she smiled as the subtle yet familiar scent of the many blossoms he’d enjoyed tending to invaded her senses. It felt like an eternity that she stood there, embracing him and refusing to let go. She was almost afraid to, convinced she’d lose him again and she’d never get him back.

    It was soft at first but gradually grew in intensity. A beeping sound that didn’t match her current surroundings had her pulling back and she furrowed her brow in confusion.

    “Do you hear that?” she asked.

    Her uncle smiled sadly, cradling her face in his hand as though to bring her attention back to him. “Hear what, Ishie?”

    She shook her head. “That beeping. I--It sounds familiar.”

    Gradually it grew louder and she realized that the world around her was becoming fuzzy. In a panic, she reached for her uncle only to watch him disappear right before her eyes. The rest of the scene faded away rapidly and she found herself again staring through the visor of the EVA suit out at the black of space with a splitting headache. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she did her best not to sob because it would only deplete her oxygen faster.

    “Please,” she whisper-prayed to whatever deity was listening. “I want to go back to him. Please.”

    But no one seemed to hear her. She remained stuck in the EVA suit, waiting for the Atlantis crew to eventually find her. 


    Lieutenant Ishkabela Journs
    Assistant Chief Medical Officer
    USS Atlantis

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  13. ((Sickbay Complex - Deck 5, USS Atlantis))

    ((Time Index: First day of shore leave, 0700 Hours Ship’s Time.))


    Being limited to touch telepathy meant that she couldn’t be sure what Journs had been thinking when their Antosian chief nurse had casually brought up her romantic feelings towards Commander Raga. However, based on facial expressions she had guessed that it was somewhere between “I’d rather discuss anything else” and “I’m about to jump into the nearest escape pod and go far away from here”. Either way, she was worried about making her fellow medical officer uncomfortable.


    G’Renn: I do apologize if Lieutenant Avae discussing it in front of me made you uncomfortable.


    Journs: ::pauses:: I tend to be fairly private about my intimate partners, but I’m not ashamed of it. We were just being careful about how many people knew until we could prove that our personal relationship wouldn’t interfere with our working relationship.


    The Columbia sickbay had been very light on gossip. Which made plenty of sense. Captain’s yeoman Rolla Haneer didn’t work in sickbay. Despite the ship gossip’s absence, there were still whispers of the latest events and relationships aboard the ship. For the most part, Anath had always tried to ignore them.


    G’Renn: I try to not get involved in anybody’s social life if they don’t want me to. You can keep as much or as little as your personal life out of sickbay gossip as you wish. So long as it doesn’t impact sickbay operations.


    Journs: ::nods:: I understand, ma’am. It was part of why Toryn and I have been making such an effort to keep our intimate life so discreet. We want to be judged by our professional attitudes rather than our personal ones. ::smiles wanly:: He and I have that in common it seems.


    G’Renn: ::She finished updating Journs’ chart.:: There’s only one thing I’ll say on the matter, and I’m sure you can guess what it is.


    It wasn’t an exact rule, but it was a common recommendation of medical ethics and one that she had always lived by. Feelings, even for a half-Vulcan versed in emotional suppression, could interfere with objective analysis. It was the reason that Savok had always received any medical treatment or medication that he needed from Doctor Giles on the Columbia.


    G’Renn: Treating our family members and our partners is almost never a good idea. It hurts objectivity and can prevent us from giving the care that needs to be given. And if you make a mistake… I’ve always left any medical care for Savok to other medical officers. I’d suggest you consider leaving any non-emergency care for Commander Raga to myself or one of the other medical officers. ::She paused and looked down at the PADD in her hands. Was she really about to ask what she was about to ask next?:: He hasn’t mentioned having a problem with me, has he?


    It had been a small detail that she’d barely picked up on, but she had noticed it nonetheless. And it had been bothering her ever since. If there was some issue she would like to know about it and try to remedy it right away. But it was also possible that she was just reading too much into things.


    Journs: ::pauses:: He hasn’t mentioned anything, no.


    G’Renn: It was when I was first beamed aboard the shuttle on Tibro. The commander seemed to tense up a little. After a second it was gone, but I did pick up on it. I didn’t know if it was just the stress of the mission or if I’d done something.


    Anath suspected that it could have something to do with her being half Klingon. To say that the Klingon side of her lineage had been unkind to the Al-Leyans would be a gross understatement. But she didn’t want to say that. Especially since she couldn’t be certain that it wasn’t something else that she had done. Just assuming all Al-Leyans had a problem with Klingons was just as wrong as someone judging her on no evidence but her forehead ridges.


    Journs: ::smiles wanly:: I wouldn’t take it personally. There’s been a good deal of bad blood between Al-Leyans and Klingons. For some, the biases are more deeply ingrained than others. Knowing what I do about Toryn, he would never transfer that bias to you personally. It’s likely an instinctive reaction to Klingons in general.


    So her suspicions had been more or less accurate. It was understandable, but still difficult to hear.


    G’Renn: It’s good to know that it’s only an instinctive reaction to only half of me. I take it you do not have a similar reaction?


    Journs: ::nods:: Given my medical background and what I’ve experienced in my life, I don’t hold the bias as much as others of my people who haven’t seen a different side to Klingons as I have. 


    G’Renn: That’s good...


    She’d regretted asking already. The conversation had started awkwardly enough with a discussion of Lieutenant Journs’ relationships. Then it set sail on a collision course with the nasty subject of Al-Leyan/Klingon history and the prejudices created therein.


    Journs: I have the utmost respect for you...and not just because you’re my department head and my superior officer. You are clearly a person of strong moral character and integrity. That experience allows me to see past your physiology and into the core of who you are.


    That comment definitely earned a look of mild confusion bordering on disgust. She was still Klingon. Being half Klingon was something that had caused a lot of pain and upset for her, but it wasn’t some physiological defect that needed to be looked past. It was part of the essence of her being. She was a vegetarian doctor, but she also loved Klingon opera, brought a d’k tahg with her family seal on every assignment in her Stafleet career, and carried the name of a Klingon colonel and her great grandmother as her last name.


    G’Renn: I’m very glad to hear that.


    Journs: ::nods:: That’s why I’m certain Toryn feels the same way. ::smiles:: You and he are kindred souls in a way. You both put a lot of stock in honorable actions and you both care a great deal for the well being of others. ::pauses:: Feel free, to borrow a Human expression, take it worth a grain of salt. However, as someone who has seen the deeper parts of his mind--


    The words were left to hang in the air for a moment. Anath didn’t need to ask for any clarification.


    G’Renn: It would be nice if there was nothing to look past in the physiology at all. I’m not just a Vulcan with unfortunate Klingon forehead ridges. ::She sighed and leaned against the wall near the biobed in frustration.:: Can’t fit in anywhere, can I?


    Journs: Response


    Questions of her “Klingonness” were bringing back some very upsetting memories from her past. When she was fourteen she had almost the opposite conversation with her father’s brother O’Trel. He had taken the opinion that despite looking like one she was not a real Klingon at all and that she should consider having the Klingon forehead ridges removed so as not to dishonor the rest of their species by association.


    G’Renn: Never accepted by the Klignons in the family as a hybrid freak. Too chaotic and emotional to fit in with the Vulcans. My behavior is seen as weird when it would be accepted from a full Vulcan. ::Pause:: And all that some people see are my forehead ridges.


    Journs: Response


    G’Renn: If you’ll excuse me, I have other patients to check on.


    Her voice was starting to break and she wanted to get out of the conversation as quickly as possible.


    Journs: Response


    Anath signed off on the record, put the PADD back next to the biobed, and walked away from the biobed. Rather than continuing her checks on the other patients she crossed sickbay, going past the other biobeds and the CMO’s office. She entered the empty morgue and took a deep breath. It was taking a concerted effort not to cry.


    The question of her own identity had always been a sore spot for her. What was she? A Klingon, a Vulcan, both, or neither? Sometimes she felt that she was at least mostly accepted as Vulcan. Then she was reminded of how her Vulcan demeanor and pointed ears were easily unnoticed, but her Klingon side was there for everyone she met to see. Almost everyone saw her as Klingon. Except for the Klingons, of course.



    Lieutenant Commander Anath G'Renn

    Chief Medical Officer, USS Atlantis


  14. ((Security Complex, Deck 4, USS Atlantis))


    The last few days had been a blur for Maddi after the scene of Esa running off she decided to just leave it alone and give Esa space. 


    oO Was it me? I don’t know, but I’m going to leave it alone. Oo


    The best way for Maddi to forget it was to immerse herself in her work. It was the best medicine Maddi had and at the moment it was the only thing keeping her sane. She had been told that an important guest was coming. She had pulled all of her security forces to the complex for a briefing. She had prepared the presentation and the room was full of yellow uniformed men and women. 


    oO This is really happening I’m Chief. Oo


    Hyden: Good morning everyone! I have called you here to prepare for the arrival of the Valcarians Ambassador. The security of the ship is of the utmost importance. Regardless of our relationship with the Valcarians it is our job to make sure the guests are safe and protected, but also that the ships vital areas are sealed off from prying eyes. As this is an important dignitary and we do not know how long they will be with us we will be working on continuous shifts. When they arrive I want Security to be on high alert. All systems are calibrated and set. The security complex will be locked to any and all guest unless properly escorted. If I am on the bridge I expect teams Alpha, Beta, and Charlie to be patrolling and guarding as shown on your PADDS. 


    Maddi stopped for a minute scanning the room to see if there was any looks of confusion, as none were present she opened the floor to questions. 


    Anyone: Response


    ((OOC: Happy to add to this part if security people want to jump in.))


    ((Short Timeskip))


    The briefing went extraordinarily well especially considering it was her first time doing it by herself. She didn’t have time to pat herself on the back though she had to go through and recheck all the vital security systems on the ship. 


    She trusted the other personnel, but as Chief she wanted to make sure everything was set for the arrival of the ambassador. She headed to the armory and pulled out her PADD. She kept a strict inventory of the weapons on the ship and she was going to make sure that those numbers matched. It took her a considerable amount of time to check that the numbers were right, but after a few hours she felt sure her numbers were correct. She locked the lockers and made sure the security measures were in place before departing. 


    She was running late to her next check, but then again there was no exact schedule; however it was one she adhered too and wanted to make sure she kept. She headed to the transporter room and began scanning the security measures in place, as the security chief she opened the consoles security measures and checked the systems everything was running correctly except the console was not recognizing the officer on duty. Maddi decided to help him out, as she looked through the systems it appeared the man had been somehow deleted from the system. It took Maddi a few minutes, but she reintegrated him into the security system and he was able to work the transporter. After checking the perimeter of the room for any anomalies and being satisfied there was not she moved on.


    oO Gosh I could really use some food. Oo 


    Her stomach growled as the thought registered with the rest of her body. She needed something to eat, but she had so much to do she wasn’t sure she could take the time for food, but there was something she always had time for. She swung by the mess hall and replicated a mug of chocolate milk on the go. As she took a sip the sugary taste gave her a boost to continue. She quickly headed out of the mess hall and headed for the shuttlebay.


    The Valcarians were picky on the use of transporters and Maddi was unsure which one they would prefer to use so she would check both. She began her initial checks of the shuttlebay which brought up a few small issues. She was big on making sure the security measures of doors and interfaces were calibrated correctly. The security display showed discrepancies between the profiles allowed and the profiles restricted. As she scrolled through the list she noticed some officers of the restricted list and some guest who should not be accessing the shuttlebay granted access. 


    oO I’m sure it’s just a mistake, but it’s one that needs fixed. Oo 


    She began the tedious task of reassigning the permissions to the correct profiles. That task was easy, but tedious it took a lot of concentration and many drinks of her chocolate milk to get her through. A few officers had walked through while she was working and had given her a puzzled look. She smiled politely and continued her work. After a short while the profiles were set correctly and she was satisfied with the recheck of diagnostics. 


    She looked at the time the day had flown by her time had been used appropriately, but it was nearing the end of her shift, but she still had to go look over the shuttle, check the systems on the bridge, and hand the final assessment to Thoran. 


    oO Hopefully the shuttle doesn’t pose any real problems. Oo 


    She headed to the shuttle and began the deep inspection of its systems. The initial checks were great, but the security systems on the ship had been rearranged to the specifications of the pilot who had been flying it. Maddi understood that sometimes the systems in place were a difficult barrier, but their reasons for being there were important and unfortunately it made Maddi have to do her job even when it wasn’t what she wanted to do. 


    Hyden: =/\= Hyden to Teravalis. Could you come to shuttlebay two? =/\= 


    Teravalis: =/\= Response =/\= 


    Hyden: =/\= Thank you. =/\= 


    ((Short Timeskip))


    Maddi had decided to wait before resetting the systems to the correct setting. She was going to wait for Teravalis. She waited for a few minutes before the pilot slowly approached her looking slightly scared. 


    Hyden: Hello Ensign! 


    Teravalis: Response


    Hyden: There’s Nothing to be scared about just something you need to know. I was reviewing the Security protocols and saw you has changed a few to better accommodate you while you fly. As there are ways to help you it is not suggested to mess with the default settings. They’re in place for your safety.


    Teravalis: Response


    Maddi listened to the inflection of her voice and being able to tell she was sorry for what she did. Maddi also listens to her reasoning and decided to work with the woman. 


    Hyden: Well let's see what I can do for you. I understand the reasoning behind why you did it and can see why it’s easier, but maybe we can change a few things, but keep the setting in the proper protocols. 


    Maddi changed a few setting that she thought might make it easier for the pilot.


    Hyden: How’s that?


    Teravalis: Response 


    Hyden: Excellent! Thanks for understanding if you need anything else just let me know! I will make sure this is implemented on all the shuttle for you. You’re dismissed. 


    She smiled as the woman departed the shuttle. 


    oO She is definitely skilled and I’m glad I can help her. Oo 


    Maddi tried to take a sip of chocolate milk, but there was none in the cup she quickly replicated more and took a sip which gave her another boost of energy. 


    oO This is probably not the best way to keep energy, but it tastes so good. Oo 


    She finished up the checks after making sure the few changes were set in the shuttle and locked under her codes only, but she would inform the Captain in her report. She stopped and added this part to her report that was rather lengthy on the PADD. 


    She was starting to feel tired, but she would press on. She headed for the bridge, but when she arrived it was empty except for the night crew. She smiled sheepishly to the group and casually slid into the security consoles spot. She began the lvl 3 diagnostics of all the ships security systems. The check came back good and everything was perfect on the bridge. It took her around 45 minutes to complete the task, but after completing it and feeling satisfied with the result. She headed back to her office to finish her report. 


    She arrived at her office moments later, but the exhaustion began to sweep in and the hunger was worse than before. She had to eat if she was going to stay up. She went over to her replicator and requested a bacon cheeseburger and a giant glass of more milk. 


    She ate the sandwich and began her report. It was much more detailed than she had expected, but that was how her job went and she made sure that all the information was apparent in the report. She stopped for a minute and Esa slipped into her mind, but Maddi continued her work.


    oO She needs space. I just hope she will talk to me. I miss her. She really laid into me that night. Oo 


    She continued working on her report, as well as the many other that had stacked up on her desk. After hours of work she was done. She had finished all her backlogged work and the report for the Captain. 


    She looked at the time it was already morning and she was pretty sure the Commander would be in his office. So she headed to his ready room.


    She took a deep breath to try and fight the exhaustion in her body. She waited after activating the chime to hear the words to enter the room. 


    She entered the room and smile with the PADD tucked under her arms.


    Hyden: Hello Commander, I have finished my security assessment for the arrival of the Ambassador and the systems of the ship for you.


    Thoran: Response

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  15. Congratulations to all of you! I'm both honored and humbled to see so many wonderful members of our community recognized for their contributions. I love this time of year because it really does show the core of what 118 is all about--loving and supporting each other.


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