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  1. Both @Lephi and @Toryn Raga have done such a beautiful job at developing this culture from an idea on paper into a living, breathing complexity of life. Yet another fine example of the deepening of who these people are by @Lephi. Keep up the amazing work! ---- ((ooc: Warning, this sim deals with some difficult subjects of oppression and colonialism. Read at your own preference.)) ((Mosh’ka Alet Camp, Eladar IV (Fari), Deep underground)) Qalipu’fari had walked the visiting aliens out of the main cavern. The caves all around him filled with screams of despai
  2. I just love the glimpse we get at the emotional rollercoaster Noa goes through as she works through what she's seeing and hearing. Such a beautifully complex character. Amazing, @Noa T'Nessa Levinson. Keep up the amazing writing. ---- ((Ladonnik Nature Preserve, Eladar IV)) Katnar’fari: This is why we have taken you. This is what my people have lived with for centuries since the Feladoni realized that if they do not openly attack us, we won’t resist. Because they know they cannot beat us in battle. They never have. Noa nodded once again. She believed she coul
  3. There has been some truly amazing writing for our current mission, but this was so beautifully written. It really hit me in the feels. 😢 ---- ((ooc: Warning, this sim deals with some difficult subjects of oppression and colonialism. Read at your own preference.)) ((Mosh’ka Alet Camp, Eladar IV (Fari), Deep underground)) She noted how their leader remained silent, likely just letting them slake their own curiosity rather than asking her own questions. The reserved nature of this woman further confirmed her belief that she must be some sort of Chief among her people.
  4. A fun little look at our lower decks by the Chin'toka's Noa Levinson. Thank you for an entertaining interlude, @Noa T'Nessa Levinson ---- ((Port Observation Lounge, Deck 6, USS Chin’toka)) Kisau was quite excited after her shift. While she wasn’t involved in that work directly, she’s heard some… curious chatter among the more superior officers. A first contact with a new species! Even without a lot of details, that was really exciting. She only graduated a few weeks ago and the ship was already getting ready for a first contact?! That was just awesome.
  5. A great post from Lephi introducing a new species for our current mission. The writer really does a fantastic job of setting things up and digging into what makes this race so unique. An enjoyable read. ((Mosh’ka Alet Camp, Eladar IV (Fari), Deep underground)) The Mosh'ja Alet camp was quite stunning to see. The complex leant itself to a natural beauty, set deep under the surface. The camp was a labour of love that had been born of a desperate necessity. It was already well established by the time that Qalipu had first set foot in it, beckoned to the cause by Katnar'fari. He
  6. Some great characterization. ((Deck 3, Conference Room, USS Chin’toka)) Taking a seat, Amuro drank his coffee. Briefings have always bored him to no end. He'd rather get an assignment and straight to it but these are the trials of an officer. Serala: Thank you all for coming. As you know, the Captain has been called away and has left me in charge. Meanwhile, however, our duties have not stopped. Starfleet Command has asked us to go on an exploration mission to a section of space just outside the Expanse, in an area that has been nicknamed the Uncharted Regions.
  7. Lephi did such an amazing job with Ozu's characterization. It's added some impressive depth to our current storyline and I just had to share. ((Conference Room, Planetary Defense Command Center Keibrom, Tibro)) Dehan was stressed. The Grand Admiral was convinced a Starfleet presence was necessary, but he had personally seen the unrest it had caused among the people the last time. It made him nervous as to how much the Starfleeters returning could escalate the already existing tension between the Grand Admiral’s supporters and the General’s supporters. His brow furrowed as he st
  8. I have to give props to @Elizabeth Snow. Such a hard scene to write, but written so well. One of our up and comers. Best keep an eye on her. She's a keeper for sure. ----- OOC: This post contains content that might be emotionally distressing for the reader. Continue with caution. ((Morgue, Deck 10, USS Chin’toka)) {{Time Index: Day 27 of Shoreleave, Evening}} Elizabeth watched as the Captain's body was brought in. A white sheet covered him. She stared at the sheet as she approached the table. She knew what awaited her once she was to pull the sh
  9. Oh my goodness! The masterfulness of this is beyond words. XD So good. It's not hard to immensely dislike. Well crafted, @Toryn Raga ((Mephinii Spaceport, Illara Prime)) Zhelrad: Oh. Look. More Starfleet. Are you renovating the Administrator's office in preparation for your invasion? ::She spat at the Atlanteans, then glanced to the Naylari:: There you are Brex. I believe you've been avoiding me Representative. Brex: ::smiles:: Of course not, Ambassador. I very much enjoyed our conversation earlier. I was simply consulting with the Federation officers on important matter
  10. Congratulations to everyone! Our community is privileged to have you.
  11. This came from our newest Engineer on the Atlantis and it cracked me up. 😂 Hope you all enjoy as much as I did. ((Security Director’s Office, Mephinii Spaceport, Illara Prime)) Lephi made her way way back over to the console, working away on her PADD as she went and muttering to herself about the faces on the screen in front of her. As she set it down to inspect the environmental controls she heard Yogan speak up. Yalu: Thoron particles. Ganarvuss: What about them? Yalu: There are very faint residual thoron particles in the room. ::sweeping his tricorder
  12. Loving the silver fox look on Cade in your banner @Sal Taybrim.
  13. Here's Ishka rocking it in a stunning emerald green halter number.
  14. So sweet and heartbreaking at the same time. 😭
  15. I miss my Captain. *hugs* You're such an amazing writer.
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