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  1. It was a routine arrest mission - Tiria's squad, sometimes nicknamed the Flying Squad for how often it traveled across the sector, was sent to Telstrus 3 to arrest a rogue scientist. Dr. Alfred VanBuren, a weapons scientist, had been trading weapons with the Cardassians, which was fine, if he had a license and was trading export-approved weapons. He was not, and some of the weapons were illegal even to own in the Federation for *Starfleet*. The black haired woman looked at the planet, and was frowning. Telstrus 3, an older Federation world, had a standard climate control system, and she looked at the Constable handling the sensor readout. "Constable Lain, that weather looks.. unusual. Can you check the functioning of the climate control system and if it'd be safe to fly through it?" She requested, the precise Federation Standard accent still unusual in her ears, no matter how long she had practiced to arrive at it. "Yes, Detective-Inspector." The petite Andorian worked the panel, then frowned. "Ma'am, there's an odd interference. There-" A flash in the screen distracted the five man squad, and a beam from somewhere in the southeastern archipelago struck a satellite, then another, then another. The pilot of the shuttle, a Benzite, cursed, and rapidly moved away from orbit, but Tiria only had eyes for a rapidly forming mega hurricane, dominating the southern continent and spreading, with a gigantic eye. Another, Kazri, an Andorian sergeant sitting at the comm panel, cleared his throat, with a bit of a shaky voice. "We're detecting a message from the archipelago. It's our scientist, and this is apparently a test of a new weapon he's developing - one that can devastate worlds. If we don't guarantee him safe passage to neutral space, he says he placed a virus in another world that would do the same. Distress signals are spreading across the planet." Tiria took a deep breath, as she was the commanding officer on scene, and needed to prune a few options. "Send a signal to the USS Illinois, with a status report and include the message. Can we destroy the climate control system?" While that wasn't technically normal operations for Federation Security, she was trained - especially after the Siege of Resilion IV - to take more aggressive actions. Lain shook her head. "The interference would scatter our phasers - we'd need the power of a starship. Also, we can't destroy enough before the hurricane would reach the size of a continent. Whatever he's done.. we'll need a science ship to figure out." Tiria suspected that was the only reasonable explanation, but she could see with the magnification the sensors were providing them, the *350 km/h* winds tearing apart even reinforced structures. And sensors were suggesting that it was still increasing. Lain frowned. "But.. it looks like this requires a constant signal, and if we can cut it off.." The Andorian paled Tiria took a deep breath. "He'd likely trigger the second system, and without knowing where it is, we can't act." The words were ashes in her mouth. "Priority One distress signal, get Starfleet on scene now, and alert Federation Security." She looked at the strengthening hurricane destroying towns and houses across the continent and had to fight to keep her voice steady. "If anything comes up where we can stop this madness, tell me." The shuttle fell into deathly silence, as all of them silently witnessed the destruction.
  2. As part of a new series in the Poll of the Week, we're bringing you into the centre chair. When presented with a situation, how would you react? What would you do? The USS Penda has been sent out on convoy duty - escorting a merchant convoy back towards the Federation core. However, one of the merchants is hijacked in the time it takes you to fight off several pirate ships. Thanks to a nearby Galor-class ship, you were able to defeat most of the attackers, except for two who fled with the hijacked merchant ship. However, the pirates warn you that any attack will result in them killing the captured merchant if you send a team or attack their ship. The Gul is already turning to escort their convoy out of the sector, and will shortly be out of immediate range. Your convoy needs to be escorted to the Starbase at the edge of the sector, and after you send a message to Command, they warn you that the Quick Response Force is already deployed to deal with an issue with one of the colonies in the sector, and cannot come to your rescue. Still.. it seemed the Gul was unhappy with these attacks too, perhaps you could work something out?
  3. As part of a new series in the Poll of the Week, we're bringing you into the centre chair. When presented with a situation, how would you react? What would you do? The Admiral in charge of this sector has built outposts in all known colonies, and the QRF is being formed. However, this means that all patrols and responses are very delayed and will be until at least some of it is built. While the pirates are a major threat, they are a known threat, and you, the Captain of the USS Ngô Quyền, is being sent in to investigate the unknown threat in the Silent Zone. With all available ships on deployment, they warn you there are no reinforcements, although a Gul in charge of one of the Galor-classes nearby analyzing a nebula has offered assistance should they press you. The initial surveys of known outposts reveal destroyed outposts - usually by kinetic bombardment, with several planets undergoing nuclear winters. It isn't until week 2 of this survey, reaching the northwest edge of the sector, that you see anything of note - and it's a still intact Federation outpost, strangely devoid of people. The away team sent to investigate reported back urgently that there is a bioweapon there, and it is still active. One of them estimates they have only 18 hours left to live. Records show that it somehow can bypass current quarantine protocols, based on some data left in the record. You call an emergency meeting to determine your options. The away team has decided that they are willing to be left behind to save the lives of their crewmates.
  4. As part of a new series in the Poll of the Week;, we're bringing you into the centre chair, but this time, of an entire sector. When presented with a situation, how would you react? What would you do? The Eta and Theta sectors have been busy lately. As tensions rise between the three Romulan factions, Starfleet Command has informed you it would prefer you to minimise the resources and ships in your region. While the diplomatic summit held by the USS u Cơ, and one of the ambassadors, has successfully resolved the ongoing low level issues onboard Ferinoat IV, there are many other issues facing you. Evidence of a growing pirate issue as well as an unknown—likely hostile—power of a kind you can no longer afford to send the majority of your fleet out on single-ship missions. Although Command can spare one ship-of-the line and five Dakota-classes for escorts, you know that will not be enough to solve all of the problems at once. Calling a meeting of all of the ship commanding officers, as well as the stations throughout the sector, you come to the following conclusions: - There are thirty colonies scattered throughout the Enrothian region, many with no defenses of any kind. - The Cardassians have claimed several systems on the galactic southern edge of the region, but are as of now, too busy setting up Kerok Nor—a Nor-class starbase. Intelligence suggests they are more interested in maintaining peace with the Federation than causing trouble. - Pirate attacks on shipping are up 450% compared to a standard year ago. - While no one has heard of any aggressors like those who attacked the Gardner system, there are outposts and ships which have gone silent in the galactic northwest of the region. - Your ships, the Ambassador-class USS Æthelflæd, the Akira-class USS Penda, the Nebula class USS Æthelwulf, the Steamrunner-class USS u Cơ, the Dakota-class USS Kh'shia, the Ambassador-class USS Harald Hardrada urgently all need time in a drydock for minor refits or repairs. The USS Harald Hardrada is the most damaged, with the USS u Cơ least damaged. - Svann points out if you delay maintenance cycles too long, critical repair time will grow exponentially, where you will have very few combat-capable ships. In the meeting, you decide you can rotate a ship into drydock while leaving the other five on patrol routes designed to keep almost every colony within a day at high warp. Three of the reinforcing Dakota-classes will start convoys throughout space, while the ship of the line — the Sovereign-class USS Ngô Quyền — will investigate the pirates tasked with locating and destroying any of their bases. The other two Dakota-class ships can examine the "silent zone". At this moment, Command would rather you did not start any initiatives with your Cardassian counterpart, Gul Kerit, who has risen through the ranks due to her shrewdness and focus on strategy. For her part, she has limited her involvement to courtesy calls back and forth as both of you worked out a memorandum of understanding for zones of control. The next day, however, you are told you are no longer getting any of the Dakota-classes, and must transfer one of your existing ships out of the sector to receive the USS Ngô Quyền. Command needs the ships elsewhere to deal with rising troubles in the Romulan Badlands, and has decided your sector cannot exceed a certain quota of ships in the near future. What do you do? How do you protect all of the colonies and secure shipping?
  5. As part of a new series in the Poll of the Week, we're bringing you into the centre chair. When presented with a situation, how would you react? What would you do? Your ship, the Steamrunner class USS Âu Cơ, is on a routine diplomatic visit to the world of Ferinoat IV, in the Theta Sector. Newly allied to the Federation, this world is known for it's raw material shipments for what cannot be replicated, and there is a diplomatic push to get it as a full trading partner of the Federation. It is also a paradise world, with half of it's 1.4* Earth sphere given to extreme low impact business and eco friendly tourism. Upon arriving, the ship is hailed by the Chief Executive Officer of Ferinoat, Arcturan Nadarion, with an urgent request for aid against a paramilitary movement commiting actions of insurrection and terrorism, the Independence For Kel-Mora Republics. An officially proscribed organization since 2367, the organization had a political wing gathering power, unhappy with the allotment of resources and power given to non favoured component republics. Investigations by the Chief Tactical Officer reveal that the reason is an upcoming plebiscite that there is some doubt is entirely free - from either side, and the ship is contacted by one of the IFKR members, disguising themselves as an animated fox-girl. They claim that the Chief Executive's party has been subverting their contractual rights to free expression, free movement, and the right of licensed press to print the truth. Two days later, your senior staff assemble to pool the information gathered, revealing the following The Ferinoat system produces 45% of all raw tarsonium, a material used in starship construction. Reports have been filed by Federation and Starfleet Intelligence supporting both claims The contract granting the Ferinoat IV Colony, KSLC rights to incorporate by the Satikail Corporate Nations, also guarantees those rights, but also states that the planetary corporation must allow for severability and spinning off. While there have been few deaths so far, it is the opinion of your tactical officer and counselor that this will soon end, as there are clear signs of escalation on both sides. However, throwing your support behind either side would likely end the conflict without any more escalation. However, the time for debate ended abruptly with the arrival of a Satikail Battlecruiser. While they permit you to stay in orbit, you are warned in no uncertain terms not to interfere. After a trial back on Staikail Secundus (in absentia, which is legal under their laws), they intend to send down an management team and corporate security assets and perform mass arrests of anyone on either side. What do you do?
  6. As part of a new series in the <strong>Poll of the Week</strong>, we're bringing you into the centre chair. When presented with a situation, how would you react? What would you do?
  7. As part of a new series in the Poll of the Week, we're bringing you into the centre chair. When presented with a situation, how would you react? What would you do? Your ship, the Nebula class USS Æthelwulf, has responded to a distress signal, only to discover it was a trap set by pirates, who ambushed your ship at close range. While you destroyed three and drove off the four, your comm officer has picked up signal traffic indicating reinforcements will be there shorter than the relief delegation Starfleet has sent. Meanwhile, your ship is heavily damaged, and your warp drive cannot form a stable warp field. While your surviving crew is busy repairing the ship, you do not anticipate having more than one torpedo launcher, half of the phaser arrays and maybe shields at half strength before reinforcements return. Your tactical officer suggests they may try to capture your ship to use as part of a pirate fleet. Your XO disagrees, feeling they are just trying to weaken and destroy shipping escorts in the Eta sector. However, at a staff meeting, your crew has three separate plans proposed to you.
  8. Hm. That would be difficult in the format that 118 uses, but honestly, in a format like that, the point of the CO/GM is to step in and go "Please don't. Only warning." That said, there are solid thematic reasons to remove Section 31 entirely, depending on your view of Trek.
  9. I think the problem with Section 31 from a wider standpoint is that it's hard to write the "greater good" type missions without walking the tightrope of "when do you violate your morals and how do you avoid quoting Nietzsche all the time?" That said, I tend to agree that Section 31 is best used extremely sparingly, and not as an GMPC/PC or anything.
  10. Why am I doing this? What does this have to do with being in Starfleet? Oh, it's tradition..
  11. As was said by Q (TNG: Q Who?), the galaxy is wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross. From the discovery of space lifeforms in the very first episode of TNG, to a brilliant scientist igniting a star that had burned out, to the beauty of stellar phenomena, the galaxy is full of wonder. No less wondrous, and part of Trek, is the exploration of human potential, and the things that can be achieved when people of disparate ethics and believes work together. In many ways, from Kirk and Spock working out how to act, and encountering the strange on the frontier of the history of Trek, to Deep Space Nine, where the crew focused on defending the ideals of the Federation, to where Burnham fought to preserve the integrity of the Federation in a time of near certain defeat, to crews discovering new scientific mysteries across the franchise, and exploring new ways to think of life as we know it, Jim. Trek is both the exploration of the galaxy, and the exploration of potential and evolution, and across it's 54 years, 9 series, 13 episodes, and 780 episodes, has shown us many wonders and challenges. Which do you think the most wondrous part of the Trek franchise is?
  12. The Fenris Rangers - an organization that sprung up after the Federation withdrawal and the Romulan collapse to help bring justice to the oppressed, and to fight the warlordism that the region could descend to without an organization to bring peace to chaos. With its own ships, beacons and well known among people operating in the zone, good people and ne’er do wells. While many say that there is an organization within Starfleet that does a similar job, the Starfleet Rangers, any Fenris Ranger might argue that they're often too timid to do what must be done, and too bound by the fickle political will of the Federation and restrictive rules of engagement of Starfleet. Some officers left Starfleet to join the Fenris Rangers, such as Icheb and Seven of Nine, and while it has had mixed results, it was undoubtedly a force for stability within the former Romulan Neutral Zone and bordering sectors. Would you be one of these officers who leave Starfleet? To join an organization attempting to be justice in a dark galaxy by any means necessary? Or do you feel that vigilantism, even well-intentioned, is a danger to people as justice can become vengeance? Let us know in the comments!
  13. The nature of Starfleet is as a combined service within the universe, responding to not only exploration and scientific missions, but also crisis and emergencies. Starfleet Officers are called on to address multiple different situations, some of them intensely dangerous, and a lot tense. Some situations may be as innocent as freighting medicine to an outpost, or as dangerous as facing a battle group in one ship. But maybe none are more fraught with personal danger and worry as needing to rescue your Captain from hostage-takers. No series within the franchise did this better than Star Trek: The Next Generation. In the episode "Allegiance", unbeknownst to him, Picard was replaced with a doppelgänger when kidnapped from the Enterprise and held captive. It takes the crew of the Enterprise to realise he’s not the real Picard and together, they refuse to follow his orders, effectively removing him from command. We see this again later in the series, though to much greater repercussions, in the episode “The Best of Both Worlds” in which Picard is abducted and partially assimilated by the Borg, rescued by Data and Worf from the Borg Cube. And also in Voyager, in the episode "Renaissance Man", where the Doctor had to deceive the crew in order to rescue Janeway from the Hierarchy. This week, we want to know how your character would respond to a hostage situation. Would you go in guns blazing, or try to sneakily enlist your crew to help with the rescue? How would you deal with it?
  14. From https://groups.google.com/g/sb118-veritas/c/RXROESz-Iq8/m/fx2bhTvIBQAJ I snorted at this line in amusement
  15. Soverign here too. It's versatility would be a benefit over the Galaxy-class.
  16. Congratulations to the writers! It was a blast to judge, and I enjoyed reading every submission.
  17. I picked the Defiant-class because.. well, it's always reminded me a lot more of a purpose built ship, and it's limitations make it more interesting to me, since well, the Galaxy class can go on longer in deep space, but the Defiant has a time limit in how long it can be on mission. (That said, my second choice is the Nova-class) I can't say I like any of the others, but I'd like to see a modern refit of at least the Miranda-class. (Because, honestly, my favorite ship class is actually from STO.. <_<)
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