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  1. Ally's not the only one having a giggle fit.
  2. - Richard Matthews Tiam pulled the same trick during training.
  3. Why thank you! I think Tiam and Falcon may have that same, let's call it, adventurous streak in them... This could mean trouble for Ops xD
  4. ::The alert was just one more flash on a panel that was flashing in so many places that it looked like a rock concert run by a lighting designer on speed, whose favorite color was ‘red alert red’:: I'm cracking up over this imagery!
  5. oO I can see stars. Oo ::He'd acknowledged that.:: oO This is unusual. Oo ::He was dimly aware of this also.:: oO ... Because there's normally a wall in the way? Oo ::He was getting somewhere now, he could feel it.:: (Sylvain Marchaud simmed by Necessity James)
  6. If no one makes a graphic of this, I will be so disappointed xD
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