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  1. (( Corridors, USS Apollo-A )) :: Sun had just gotten done saying goodbye to her brother, she was going to miss him, but finding out that he held himself back to take care of the family made her feel bad. He didn't need to put his life on hold for them, their parents were adults and she was grown herself. She had been taking care of herself for a while. She moved to her Quarters and checked up her uniform, before heading towards Jalana's quarters. Her friend needed her, and she wanted to be there for her. :: :: Once she got to the quarters, she pressed the chime and waited for Jalana to answe
  2. When Guinan stabs Q's hand with a fork testing him.
  3. He scurried down the corridors with glee, like a kid in a shiny, chrome 1028 meters long candy store. :: Do we have candy store aboard? Better not, we have kids aboard.
  4. When the shuttle was approaching the station I coudn't peel my eyes from the window. I have never seen a station of this size and it scared me. It was ominous but beautiful. So many ships were moving around it, some going in some just orbited. 'Is one of this going to be my first ship?' Everyone wanted to serve on the big and powerful battleships, but some of us cadets will surely end on one of the transport ships. I listened them talking about the plans and wishes. I was more concerned with my own performance, in this final days of Academy and tests we have to pass than where I will end up.
  5. I did. I didn't fill the how I found you because I truly don't know. I did everything else. Story, too.
  6. Hi, I'm Coco. I'm unemployed father of 4. I love Star Trek.I'm very excited to try this, but I'm pretty scared.
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