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  1. Maybe it could be a reunion of a whole month if there are too less cadets staying around. Though they didn't play together, they would have been part of SB118 for the same amount of time (in the most cases).
  2. Well, I am pretty sure that it was not just me enjoying the time at the Academy course. I thought that some kind of "class reunion" after a year or maybe even more would be great. If this seriously done all that were part of the training mission would be invited, including the mock cadets and the Academy tutors, but only those who would like to take part in this and have time would accept. Someone (maybe the one with the highest rank among the volunteers) would need to create a mailing list and a basic setting. Then, for some weeks all would have fun and afterwards everyone would be going seperate ways, again. After all it's just the proposal of someone who has joined this community lately. Maybe it's unnecessary, hard to realize or whatever. It was just an idea I had
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