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  1. 4 hours ago, Ishani Kasun said:

    At this point they are on series 'a number to large and cumbersome to say so we either round to the nearest easy to say number or make up something too huge and ridiculous to be real'.

    Just so long as David Caruso and his sunglasses do not show up I'm good to go LOL.... (not your grandma's CSI) hahaha 

  2. Major Tatash's whole dressing down and square your self away lines.... Perfection...  Took me right back to boot camp and a little of OCS lol.

    In boot camp I was the last class of a Master Chief Petty Offers that was bent on having a blast, a blast for him meant a lot of pain for us.  I will admit it, 16 years later I am still terrified if that smoky the bear hat lol...


    Nice Awesome post Major Tom :-)

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  3. 12 hours ago, Tatash said:

    Oh that's some shady shade right there!


    Although he's totally right. Tatash has been known to secretly blast out a bit of Abba in his quarters.


    Mrs. Anders thought she'd pulled my tail once, it was only the smile on my face that told her otherwise. And you wonder why she likes me so much... ;)

    I am so hurting right now from laughing 

  4. Flynn: “I understand, and thanks.” ::He stood and offered another smile. He knew it would be strange for a while, especially with Baylen being such a large part of both of their lives. Thankfully, Antero had already come to terms with where they stood, and had no plans of standing outside Theo's quarters with a boom box.::

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