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  1. Excellent, thank you both. I've submitted my application to the group.
  2. Just to confirm, am I signed up for everything I need to be? I'm not part of a yahoo group.
  3. Hey all, So its 5:15 on Monday (where I am), and my inbox is empty. When is the "Welcome to Training" email sent? Am I signed up everywhere I need to be? I followed all the links from the emails and everything. Or does the Welcome Email just get sent out later at night? If so when should I expect it, roughly? Thanks, Alden Cuthbert Cadet
  4. ((Docking bay)) ::Cadet Alden Cuthbert stepped off the ramp of his shuttle and took his first breath of space. Clean, almost nauseatingly clean, the interior of the space-station yawned before him, like a beast with open maw, waiting to consume the young cadet. He had wanted to join Starfleet all his life--and now he was finally here. His mother was a doctor in a human colony--formerly Starfleet personnel, now retired and a civilian. His father, on the other hand, had never been a military man--he never had the dedication it would take. He had left after Alden's birth, hitching a ride on the n
  5. Greetings, all. My (real) name is Lucas, and my character name is Alden Cuthbert. I currently live in Kentucky, and I'm a full-time student (about to start sophomore year in High School, so I'm only 15). I'm a huge D&D and Fantasy fan (LotR, etc), and for most of my life was a Star Wars fan (and proud of it)--only recently have I become a fan of Star Trek, through watching Benedict Cumberbatch on Sherlock and then his presence having me watch Into Darkness, which really spawned my conversion. I had minor experience before that, primarily through my dad making me watch TNG to experience the
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