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  1. Excellent, thank you both. I've submitted my application to the group.
  2. Just to confirm, am I signed up for everything I need to be? I'm not part of a yahoo group.
  3. Hey all, So its 5:15 on Monday (where I am), and my inbox is empty. When is the "Welcome to Training" email sent? Am I signed up everywhere I need to be? I followed all the links from the emails and everything. Or does the Welcome Email just get sent out later at night? If so when should I expect it, roughly? Thanks, Alden Cuthbert Cadet
  4. ((Docking bay)) ::Cadet Alden Cuthbert stepped off the ramp of his shuttle and took his first breath of space. Clean, almost nauseatingly clean, the interior of the space-station yawned before him, like a beast with open maw, waiting to consume the young cadet. He had wanted to join Starfleet all his life--and now he was finally here. His mother was a doctor in a human colony--formerly Starfleet personnel, now retired and a civilian. His father, on the other hand, had never been a military man--he never had the dedication it would take. He had left after Alden's birth, hitching a ride on the next passing cruiser, unwilling to have the responsibility of a child, and his son had never met him. His mother, heartbroken, had dropped out of the service after her husband's departure, and settled in a colony to raise her child. Alden would make her proud.:: ::He was a cadet now, he reminded himself, standing alone in the docking bay as the shuttle rose into the air to return to space--four years in Starfleet Academy, training to go into Security, minoring in Engineering, just in case.:: oO Starfleet always needs engineers. Oo ::Security was his dream, but it'd be better to join as an engineer than to not get in at all. He took an unsteady few steps out towards the door that marked the entrance into a new life--one lived fully in space. His breath hitched--he had studied all the manuals, all the prep books, and read all the reports on the usual Cadet cruises, from the Leian to the Altaris. He knew the basic scenarios of each, but he knew that they would change with each group--no retelling of the story would be exactly the same. Still, he was prepared, or as prepared as he could be. He wouldn't fail now. He wouldn't.:: Cadet Alden Cuthbert
  5. Greetings, all. My (real) name is Lucas, and my character name is Alden Cuthbert. I currently live in Kentucky, and I'm a full-time student (about to start sophomore year in High School, so I'm only 15). I'm a huge D&D and Fantasy fan (LotR, etc), and for most of my life was a Star Wars fan (and proud of it)--only recently have I become a fan of Star Trek, through watching Benedict Cumberbatch on Sherlock and then his presence having me watch Into Darkness, which really spawned my conversion. I had minor experience before that, primarily through my dad making me watch TNG to experience the differences between Trek and Star Wars, and I'm still struggling with which I prefer (it is no longer clear-cut Star Wars). I've seen some of TOS, most of TNG, and the pilot of ENT. Movie-wise, only Wrath of Khan and the new ones (the 2009 and Into Darkness). As I don't have the time to sink watching all of them (yet), if you guys have a favorite episode or movie or story arc, recommendations are welcome. Excited to begin!
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