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  1. I havent been here awhile but I don't remember if I ever got a an application approval whether I got denied or not?
  2. Slowly he looks down and pulls out a pad. With a quick stride he starts for the door.
  3. A lonely ragged Science vessel pulls into port and launches a shuttlecraft. With a slow sputtering it slides into shuttle bay 9 and unloads one passenger. A young Vulcan with a odd grin on his face. Not in a way to be sinister, but logic dictated that all Vulcans were known to suppress their emotions. Hence the reason why it was odd. His long lanky frame on streched up to about 1.75 meters. Brown hair placed in a ponytail and wearing an outdated cadet uniform, he stood admiring the bay area.
  4. In the cold dark reaches of Space, a long lost Vulcan science vessel, slides between the Federation and Romunlan border. Its dark journey, unknown to all except for Star Fleet Adminstration and Federation Presidency lost gone. A voice breaks thru the subspace using an old security protocol. "StarFleet, this is the VSS Imagine. Request permission to return home.
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