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  • Birthday 03/02/1987

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    In Training/Unassigned/On Leave
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    Helm/Comms Officer

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    U.S.S. Discovery-C
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    Kendo, Martial Arts, Building Model Starships.

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About Me


My name is Mike and I play Kevin Marks. I put a lot of myself into my characters, so most of what you'll read in Kevin's sims are really aspects of my personal life. His demeanor, his mannerisms, even the way he responds to social situations. It's all based on my personal perception. How I see myself. I do this because it is easier to think how I would react, rather then develop a persona not my own. I do make up some details though. I'm not really claustrophobic...

For more information on Marks, go ahead and check out the full bio on the SB 118 Wiki.

Later days. ;)

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