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  1. Congratulations all! Special shout out to my fellows from the Thor - great haul gang and richly deserved.
  2. Congratulations all. Hugely deserved and a credit to the 118 community.
  3. "A shield against the comings darkness...and the light shone in the darkness...and the darkness comprehended it not." - Alexus "Hammersmite" Brodarian
  4. A close run thing but I've gone transporters over replicators although they go hand in hand. Minimizing environmental impact of air/sea/land travel by being able to instantaneously move people and materials from location to location would be a great boost. Maybe I've been in lockdown too long and I'm just craving travel...although we've already seen how reductions in air/road travel have dropped greenhouse emissions. The same is, of course, true of replicators. Being able to resolve issues such as hunger and medicine shortages (and then instantly move them to where they need to be) would improve the quality of life for many around the globe. Warp drives are a great thing but should probably get our own house in order first.
  5. I tend to mix it up a little - typically for character building sims or the like I try and show off some little known areas of ships/bases. Try and help expand on the ship and add the odd detail here and there.
  6. Congratulations to all award recipients and immense thanks to all the staff members across the fleet who make 118 the fun, welcoming and inclusive place that it is.
  7. Huge congratulations to everyone and especially to my fellow shipmates Alieth and Teller on their respective awards.
  8. Always liked the Danube class runabout. They didn't have the sleekest hull but they looked...tough...like they really could operate alone and hold their own against a larger vessel. I'd like to give special mention to the Bajoran Interceptor too - always liked that ship.
  9. “Alexander Brodie: Prologue” ((Observation Lounge, Starbase 118)) ::Alex sat back in quiet corner he had found reading though his orientation notes. Four years of work and study saw him, a man in his late forties with definitely more white than brown left in his hair, sat waiting to take his final cadet commissioning exam – and he was nervous.:: ::He shouldn’t be, he’d led a pretty life up until this point. He’d studied hard, he’d worked for years in a mixture of academia and in the public sector. He’d seen the very best in humanity and the very worst. He’d been married, helped raise a child, got divorced. Therefore, there was no reason that he should be nervous.:: ::But he was.:: ::He knew what it represented, beyond it all, when the uniform and insignia, the ships and space travel were all paired back. He knew that this was what he needed to do and it was that need that was gnawing away at him and the knowledge that the best laid plans would be made or broken by the upcoming assessment.:: ::He glanced up at the room, it was early but a station like this was never really quiet. Shifts were always changing, people arriving and departing the station. They called it the observation lounge because of its view out over the stars but to him the most important action was going on inside the station. ::He turned back to the PADD and flicked his finger across it to the next screen. He leant back and scratched his beard as he addressed his reflection in the black mirror of the device.:: Brodie: Are you sure you want to do this? ::He thought for a moment and smiled, replying in his strong native Scottish accent.:: Brodie: No…but it’s a bit late to back out now. ::Standing:: I guess I should make a start... ::Alexander Brodie picked up his bag from beside the seat he was in and placed the PADD inside. He stood, and then began the walk to his destination.
  10. I think I'd have to give it Kai Winn. Her personal adgenda masked behind her faith. I think DS9, as a whole, had some top quality villains (Gul Dukat, Kai Winn, The Dominion, Sloan - and may minor ones besides) and these were able to be developed a little more due to the shows static nature. I'd also like to give an honourable mention to 'The Holodeck' - as the collective 'it' seems to cause no end of trouble for just about everyone who uses it. Also to the M-113 'Salt Vampire' - mostly as it's the first one a really remember atching the show as a kid.
  11. The admissions point for the transport from Earth was a bustle of activity. Bryan MacRae cast his eyes over the assembled throng of individuals. He could make out traders, civilians and several Starfleet cadet uniforms – extremely similar to the one he had within his luggage. He had arrived on Starbase One-One-Eight to attend his cadet cruise but had chosen to arrive a few days earlier to get accustomed to the station – the sights, the sounds and, more importantly, the people...and this was far easier when not dressed as a Starfleet cadet. He was just going to be another average human amongst the crowd. MacRae approached the security station and handed him the PADD with his travel authorization. “Here you go.” “Thank you, sir. Please, this way.” The guard directed him to the retina scanner. MacRae placed one of his grey-blue eyes against the unit and saw the rapid flash of the scanner beam. He blinked away the momentary spots in his vision and turned back towards the security officer who was looking at a security console displaying what should be matching identity documents. “Can you confirm your date of birth for me please, sir?” “Stardate two-three-six-two, zero-one point two-four. Is everything alright?” MacRae asked as the guard handed back his PADD. He stowed it back in his luggage. “Yeah, it's just you weren't expected for a few days.” “I thought I'd try and get a feel for the station. I'm told it's quite the hive of activity.” “That might be understating things a bit, always something going on.” The guard responded. “Anything you can recommend?” “Depends what you're after. The Promenade has just about everything you might want...or there's The Dungeon – but I'm sure that wouldn't interest you.” “Dungeon, huh? Well, I'm sure I'll find my way. Thank you.” MacRae re-shouldered his bag and made his way to the turbolift. He squeezed his way in and began his decent to the commercial sector of the base. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Compared to the promenade the bustle of the docking bay seemed like a morgue. Even compared to some of the busier sections of San Francisco it was incredible - such a melting pot of races, cultures, languages and people. He noted a bar with seating facing out onto the concourse and took a seat. He sat, resting his elbow on the counter and his chin in his hand, and observed the crowd moving and shifting as if it was one massive organism. There was something about people and the way they behaved that simply fascinated him. So different and yet so very much the same, you just had to look closely and learn the science - and he had learnt the science. The waitress came over and took his order for a drink, an Andorian ale - maybe it should have been a whisky but he was sure he'd find a nice taste of home somewhere. She returned moments later with the drink and placed it down in front of him. “You're new to the station aren't you?” She enquired. “Is it that obvious?” “You're carrying a bag and I don't recognize you.” He looked down at the bag. “Well spotted. I guess you must do a lot of people watching in your job?” “It's the only way to really know what's going on.” She said with a wink. “Amen.” MacRae replied, raising his glass. “Thanks for the drink.” “You're welcome...welcome to Starbase One-One-Eight.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cadet Bryan MacRae Currently Aboard Starbase 118
  12. Well, hi there everyone. New memeber here enjoying what feels like his first day off in months...oh wait...it is. Anyway. I'm Ben and I live in the delightful north east of Scotland. 29 and 24 months old (cough::cough) and I'm a geoscientist. Returning to simming after about five years away from it and really looking forward to getting to know you all and having fun here at SB:118 as one of the latest 'Lemmings' Bryan MacRae.
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