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  1. The Next Gen is, I think the Aegis is still the best ship. The Aegis' stealth ability is a huge boost. My gamer tag on PSN is BQUIDI feel free to add me.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm Brandon, I live in the Chicago area. I used to write as Jack Shepard back in my late teens and tried to get back in the swing of things as Scott. It just didn't work out with military. I have been out of the Navy for a few years and drill in the National Guard one weekend a month. My full time job is a police officer in a decent sized town. I'm looking forward to get the creative juices going again with a totally new character. Hope to sim with you all again soon.
  3. Hello Everyone! Looks like I'm slated for the next academy class. I'm looking forward to it. Here is a small intro. ((Shuttlecraft Free Flight) Alex was not a stranger to space flight. He was a Starfleet brat and had been aboard a few ships in his lifetime. His family tried to give him a stable childhood, but the life of Starfleet officer was an adventurous one. His father, an accomplished science officer, always wanted Alex to fit into his shoes as a scientist. Alex was more like his mother and had a knack for piloting and weapons. Alex did not lack a scientific aptitude, but i
  4. Just waiting for the welcome letter. Excited to start simming with them again :)

  5. Oh and thanks Evanna! :)

  6. Whenever this class ends. lol I actually need one more post to fill the requirement. We haven't posted Bios yet, ugh!

  7. Fantastic, its going to be great! Thanks!
  8. Hey guys! Probibly just being antsy. I sent an application for re admitance sometime last week and haven't got word back. I'm hoping I didn't give the wrong e-mail. Here's hoping for a class
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