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  1. Honestly, I don't know how I wasn't awarded this before now either. I am happy to receive it. I congratulate all of the recipients. @Sal Taybrim - I look forward to writing another cameo on a subspace call if needed. As for meeting TIm, I think we can arrange for it. I'll talk to you more off-list.
  2. I hope the competition continues. I really enjoy reading all the entries.
  3. As the white light consumed the screen, Chythar instinctively raised a hand to protect his eyes until the light faded. When it did, there was nothing -- he was no longer the bridge of his ship, there was nothing on the viewscreen in front of him. It looked like a big, blank space for a moment before it shifted to Skyfire Beach. Near the waterline, the only occupant of the shore was a redhead in a red Starfleet uniform. It wasn’t until she turned around to face him that Chythar made the connection in that he’d seen this woman before -- captain’s pips, red hair, eyes of a similar color to his o
  4. If it were Chris Harrington or Chythar, probably a Raktajino / Brew Continuum franchise. Tobian: Wine. Definitely wine. He grew up on a vineyard, after all. Carter or Cadfael: Um...parts shop? No other characters defined at this time for "entrepreneur" status.
  5. I chose Enterprise because it has pockets. Now, for some, that may not be a big deal; but anyone with any sense knows that pockets are super useful for anything. Tricorders go in pockets. Black holsters like on TNG don't work well without a belt that doesn't have pockets. Pockets for the win. Zippered pockets are better.
  6. Just so you know, for displaying your anniversary badge, the code is:
  7. Chythar's idea of a good time is going down Skyfire Beach with Devlin (his therapy dog).
  8. Probably something similar to the Horizon class, honestly. Though I will admit, the Blackwell is also tempting.
  9. That exchange was rather cute. You're welcome.
  10. I voted Harry Kim because seriously, who gets stuck serving as an ensign for 7 years? That's just rotten luck right there. Eternal Ensign is like "eternal cub" in a Werewolf game. You can get away with everything and your sins are swept under the rug by your superiors.
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