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  1. “Frack!”, David cursed, under his breath as he checked the time. He was late. The blue-eyed cadet quickly jumped off the bed and started putting his uniform on. He was halfway through when a female voice echoed the room. “Hey...Are you trying to sneak out on me?” He turned back toward the bed to face the blonde freshman cadet laying there, his eyes wide-open, just as if he had been caught doing something wrong. “Don't be silly, I just have a transport to get”, he said, as he went back to putting on his boots, “It's my final exercise today. Don't you remember what we were celebrating?” “I take
  2. Hello, my name's Sebastian, AKA Baz. Like many here, you can trace my Trek roots back to my teen years. I hadn't been in touch with the franchise for a while, but then I started watching Enterprise and got hooked again. Got back to watching Voyager a few weeks ago, with a little extra free time in my hands and ended up bumping into simming. I've never simmed before, but I'm kind of the journal type - and don't you dare laugh! - so I'm pretty used to writing, even though I don't keep journals anymore. I'm also a real fast learner and will probably be able to catch up in no time. As for my livin
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