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  1. The USS Raven had been dispatched to drop Will off at Starbase 118 on its way to Qo'nos. The XO had informed Will of their appending arrival so he was now walking down the corridor to the transporter room. He entered the room as the doors parted and the transporter chief looked up and smiled. "Ready when you are." he said to Will. Will nodded and stepped up onto the pad. "Good luck." added the chief. "Thank you, sir." Will replied just as he felt the beaming effect. A moment later, he found himself standing in the transporter room of the base. "Welcome Cadet." said the operator. "If you would
  2. So I guess this is where I put my first post....Here goes...... My real name is Jim. I am originally from Florida and currently live in Nevada. I found SB118 by just googling Star Trek RPG sites. I was on a very inactive board site for 6 years and wanted something more active and new so I thought I would try a PBEM site. (So bear with me ....) I currently work as a service tech for a truck rental company. I just joined on 11/22/12 and while loknig over the site meet some very freindly and helpful folks. Thanks for getting me started. I can't wait.
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