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  1. Welcome Luke and welcome back Mike . You and I just missed each other back in November on the Starbase. Good to see you around again.
  2. Hi there Haddi! Welcome to Starbase 118! This is a pretty great place, full of fun and excitement. It's wonderful to see a new face. ~ Kat (Who plays Dany Rose, Counselor, Starbase 118/USS Victory)
  3. I enjoyed the movie. It had its issues, but the acting was good, it was neat to look at, and it was Star Trek. The problems I had were mostly two things (and maybe someone can explain how they make sense if they do and I'm being silly): 1) Kahn transported from Earth to Qo'noS-- that was my understanding anyway. If this was possible, why have ships? Harrison used Scotty's transwarp beaming which is for transporting an object/person between adjacent ships or planets. Wouldn't that be Earth to Mars? Qo'noS is not adjacent (as a planet) to Earth. It might be in a solar system adjacent to ours but
  4. Hi everyone! ::waves:: I'm Kat, from the Pacific Northwest and am a personal trainer and writer. I've pretty much been a trek fan since I was born but have never gotten into simming. I think I found Starbase 118 through StarTrek.com's forums, but it might have been a google search . So far I'm really enjoying the training mission we are doing, though it's really weird to go from writing my own stories to sharing one with a group lol. But it's a good weird. Hope to see you all around.
  5. Dany stepped off the turbolift and out onto the carpeted walkway. The dome of the Commercial Sector rose up and over a giant city, though standing on the walkway it looked less like a dome and more like a blue sky with fluffy clouds. Here and there a cloud would move just right and the metal grid of the dome flitted in and out of view. Hitching her duffle over her shoulder, Dany walked along the walkway, passing shops and pedestrians (civilians and Starfleet alike) as she made her way to a small park with a fountain about two hundred meters away. Starbase 118 was large and sprawling. And it ha
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